owlet sock not charging when plugged in

Owlet sock not charging when plugged in and you’re looking for a solution? No problem!

If your Owlet sock refuses to charge even when connecting to the charging station, the problem could be related to several factors.

We will go through all possibilities for the issue and come up with the best troubleshooting guide for you to work with.

To fix your Owlet sock’s charging, first, check if the sensor cable is attached properly. Next, reconnect your base station from the power and clean the charging outlets on your sock and base station. Lastly, perform a reset on the base station.

Let’s review what could be the problem with the Owlet sock issue you’re experiencing before we move on to the troubleshooting part.

Why Is My Owlet Not Charging?

why owlet not charging

The issue can vary all the way from faulty Owlet sock battery, to incomplete power flow within your Owlet charging station.

We will start ruling out the potential causes for this problem one by one so you could figure out what has gone wrong with your Owlet sock.

Here are the problems that could be appearing with your setup:

1. Charging Cable Issues

A problem either with the cable that connects to your sock’s sensor or the base station’s cable itself might be the problem.

2. Base Station Issue

A problematic base station might be the reason that your Owlet sock isn’t charging at all.

3. Worn-Out Sock Battery

There are chances that your Owlet sock’s battery has gone faulty and this is the reason why it isn’t charging.

4. Sensor Issue

a sensor issue

When having the sensor disconnected from the sock, you must have attached it to the charging station appropriately in order for it to charge.

5. Hardware Malfunction

Problematic hardware of your sensor or base station might be the problem you’re facing.

Those were the possible causes for the charging problem you’re experiencing with your Owlet sock.

Having the hardware failure possibility aside we’ll attempt to solve all of these potential causes until you find the true reason behind the problem.

How To Fix Owlet Sock Not Charging When Plugged In?

how to fix owlet socket

The solutions that are coming up are designed to troubleshoot both your sock and base station consecutively.

Ensure that you follow the order of our solutions for the best effects at the troubleshooting in the end.

Here’s how to fix your Owlet sock that refuses to charge:

Solution #1 Turn On Base Station From App

If the sock isn’t charging appropriately, there’s a high chance that the base station isn’t running.

You must have the device enabled for charging the sock, through the Owlet application, which can configure both of your station and sock if required.

Here’s how to enable your Owlet base station for charging through the application in easy-to-follow steps and instructions:

  1. On your smartphone, access the Owlet application.
  2. Tap on the Home screen to go there.
  3. Browse down a little until you see a section named “Base station”.
  4. Tap on it once and an option will occur labeled, “enable base station”.
Note: Make sure that during the time that you’re enabling the base station, you have the sensor of your Owlet sock connected to the port on the device to determine if the issue has been solved.

Solution #2 Replace Owlet Station Cables

replace station cables

The next thing you should attempt if enabling the base station didn’t work is replacing the cables of your charging station.

There’s a high chance that either the cable that connects to the sock is faulty or the power adapter of your base station isn’t leading electricity.

In that regard, follow the steps that are coming up to learn how to replace the cables of your Owlet base station:

  1. First, shut down the Owlet base station with the power button.
  2. Disconnect the sock if you have it plugged in by now.
  3. Detach the power adapter of the base station, along with the other sensor cable.
  4. Have them replaced with new units.
  5. Connect your sock to the new sensor cable.
  6. Test.

If you don’t want to test with both of the cables replaced at first, attempt to replace only the sock sensor cable that charges the sock.

Note: The base station uses standard cables that can be acquired from a nearby technical store for an approachable price.

Solution #3 Connect Owlet To A 2.4 GHz Network

conenct owlet to a network

There’s a high chance that your sock is not enabled to work at all.

It must be connected to your mobile application via the 2.4GHz network of your household and this is the only way for the device to start functioning properly.

Here’s how you should connect your Owlet sock to the 2.4GHz WiFi network:

  1. In your Owlet app, go to the “Devices” tab.
  2. Locate your Owlet sock and tap on “Disconnect”.
  3. Once done, press the “+icon and reconnect your Owlet sock.
  4. This time, select your 2.4GHz network from the list of available WiFis.
  5. Enter the passcode and you’re good to go!

What If I Don’t Have A 2.4GHz Network?

dont have 2.4ghz network

If that’s the case, there’s an easy way for you to create one. We will now guide you through the entire setup of a 2.4GHz WiFi network on your router:

  1. Open the CMD on PC or laptop.
  2. Do “ipconfig” and find your Network default gateway.
  3. Paste the following code in your browser.
  4. Use “admin” & “admin” for login credentials.
  5. Go to the networking tab and enable a network with the “add” button.
  6. Set the name, password, sand pecifications for the WiFi and the GHz.
Note: Don’t connect your Owlet sock before creating the network.

Solution #4 Replace Owlet Sensor

replace the owlet sensor

What you should do next is replace the sensor of your Owlet sock.

If that issue hasn’t been solved by now, you should replace the part that charges from the base station, since it has most likely gotten faulty.

For that purpose, you will want to purchase a new sensor at an approachable price, based on the source which you’re buying it from.

We recommend purchasing one from Amazon, at an average of $19,99, once again based on the model of your Owlet sock.

Note: Make sure to charge the new sensor before having it attached to the Owlet sock.

Solution #5 Reset Base Station & Sock

reset the base satation

When resetting the base station, you will also practically revert the defaults on your Owlet sock too.

In that regard, what you should do next is perform a reset on your base station and re-attempt the charging.

Here’s how to reset your Owlet base station:

  1. Unplug the base station from the outlet along with the sock.
  2. Press and hold the base station button.
  3. Wait for the 4 times to chirp and release the button.
  4. Your base station is now reset.
Note: Once the base station is reset, you will want to reconnect your Owlet sock to it so you could finalize the process.

Thus, to fix an Owlet sock that won’t charge, first power cycle the base station and replace the cables that are used to power your station. Replace the Owlet sensor and perform a reset on the base station along with the sock altogether.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Owlet sock not charging when plugged in and supposedly how to fix the issue, we hope we were of any assistance to you.

If you still run into troubles when charging the device, consider contacting Owlet for additional assistance!

Nicole B