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Onn tablet not charging and you’re wondering why? Keep reading!

There are quite a few obvious reasons why a tablet won’t start charging and several not-that-obvious causes.

In this guide, we’ll explore ALL possibilities and make sure to cover everything that you need to know to be able to solve the problem in no time!

Let’s learn more!

When the Onn tablet is not charging, the first step is to inspect the charging equipment and replace the power source. Then, the charging port of the Onn tablet should be cleaned and, if necessary, the charging type-C cable, replaced.

Onn Tablet Charging Equipment?

tablet charging equipment

Before moving on to resolving this problem, you must first make sure that you’re using the correct equipment to charge your tablet.

Your tablet’s charger consists of two components:

  • A type-C cable
  • A standard power adapter

The charging port on the tablet is only type-C and no other cable will manage to connect and charge the tablet.

It’s important to consider the functionality of the charging cable before proceeding further to make sure to avoid such an obvious failure.

Let’s now explore what can prevent your Onn tablet from receiving a charge:

Why Is My Onn Tablet Not Charging?

the onn tablet not charging

If your Onn tablet refuses to charge, there could be several explanations for this problem.

We will describe ALL of the possible causes for this problem and provide you with the best recommendations and solutions proven to work by other Onn tablet users.

Let’s start reviewing the scenarios where your Onn tablet will be unable to receive charge:

Problem With The Charging Equipment

First of all, your charging equipment may be faulty. Your Onn tablet’s charger consists of a power source adapter, along with a type C cable.

Those components should be intact for the Onn tablet to be able to charge.

Issue With The Tablet’s Port

The port of your Onn tablet is either faulty or obstructed by dust, hair, or other debris.

If something blocks the tip of the charging cable from going all the way in, your tablet will not be able to receive a charge.

Problematic Power Source

The power source is also something that must be taken into consideration. If it is installed improperly, or there’s an electricity problem, this will also result in your tablet being unable to charge.

The best approach is to test with a different power source.

And now, let’s learn how to resolve the problem with your Onn tablet:

How To Fix When Onn Tablet Not Charging?

how to fix tablet not charging

To solve the problem, we’re going to follow a chronological list of solutions:

Solution #1 Start The Tablet And Charge

You should first identify if your Onn tablet can turn on at all. If you’re attempting to charge the device while it is turned off, you may need to wait a while for the device to turn ON.

Leave the device plugged in for at least 3-4 minutes before attempting to hold the power button.

To start your Onn tablet, hold the power button for 60 seconds.

If your Onn tablet’s battery has depleted completely and the device won’t turn on, check if the low battery indicator will appear on the screen.

If the tablet doesn’t charge even when turned on, move on to the next solution.

Note: Make sure that the charging adapter and cable are connected securely on both ends!

Solution #2 Plug To A Different Source

plug to the different source

If you’re attempting to charge your tablet via a portable battery or a power strip, you should test with a different source.

However, if you’re already plugging your tablet into a wall outlet, test using an alternative one.

Assuming that you’re already familiar with how to set up your tablet’s charging equipment, move the tablet along with the power adapter and the cable.

Locate another source that is proven to work and connect your tablet there.

Charge the table for a couple of minutes and observe the charging indicator!

Tip: Test the power source by plugging in another device!

Solution #3 Clean The Tablet’s Charging Port

clean the charging port

As we’ve already mentioned, your tablet’s charging port could be obstructed.

This will potentially prevent the charging cable from going all the way in and therefore contacting the poles. This will stop charging.

The type C port can be obstructed by debris, hair, and dust, so here’s how to clean it:

  1. Grab an ear stick along with a toothpick for solids inside the port.
  2. Use the toothpick to clean the pins and make sure that they are free of debris.
  3. Collect the remaining dust inside of the port using the ear stick.
  4. Attempt to plug the type C cable and ensure that it goes all the way in.
  5. Connect the type C cable to an adapter and check if the tablet would now charge.
Tip: To make sure that the charging pins are free of debris, perform circular movements with the toothpick.

Solution #4 Replace The Power Adapter

replace a power adapter

Before getting the type C cable replaced, you should first attempt to charge your tablet using an alternative adapter.

Adapters can easily go faulty after a while of usage and have to be replaced in order for your tablet to keep on charging.

Follow these instructions to get your charging equipment’s charging cable replaced:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter along with the cable from the power source.
  2. Detach the type C cable from the current power adapter.
  3. Grab a new power adapter that you’re going to use for the type C cable.
  4. Connect the type C cable to the new power adapter.
  5. Connect the adapter to the power source.
  6. Plug the Type C cable into the Onn tablet.
  7. Test if the charging is going to work now.
Notice: It’s recommended to use a brand-new charging adapter for your Onn tablet since second-hand units may not function properly.

Solution #5 Test With Different Type C Cable

test with different type c charger

If replacing the adapter that connects to the source didn’t help, you should test with an alternative type-C cable.

Now that you’ve replaced the adapter and you know that the device is working, get a different type C cable and plug it into the adapter.

Once you have the new type-C cable, connect it to the adapter and then plug the adapter into the power source.

Connect the new type-C cable to the device and check if your Onn tablet would receive a charge now.

Solution #6 Attempt Wireless Charging

try the wireless charging

Fortunately, your tablet supports wireless pad charging. The wireless charging device is a small pad that can wirelessly charge devices you put on top.

Your Onn tablet’s back panel also supports wireless charging, which is a pretty easy way to charge your device.

You can get a wireless charging mat from Amazon at an approachable price from around $5 to $10.

The wireless charging is safe for the device’s battery so you shouldn’t be worried.

Once you have the wireless charger at your disposal, connect its adapter to a source and simply put the tablet on top. Make sure that the tablet doesn’t have any cases equipped.

Note: Make sure you purchase a wireless charger with a larger mat since tablets require a bigger surface.

How To Fix When My Onn Tablet Won’t Turn On Or Charge?

 fix onn tablet not turn on

If your Onn tablet refuses to turn on and charge, then the problem is internal.

Since you’ve already resolved any problems with the charging equipment, if the device also doesn’t turn on you will want to look inside the tablet for the problem.

Unfortunately, Onn tablets are not designed for users to take apart. You will only void your warranty if you attempt to open the device.

The best approach is professional servicing for your tablet, where you can be confident that things will work out.

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Quick Recap:

Hence, when the Onn tablet won’t charge, users need to inspect the charging port and test with a different power source. In case the problem is persistent, the charging cable (type-C) should be replaced in order for the device to start charging.

Final Thoughts:

Here we’ve learned why the Onn tablet not charging and how to identify and solve the problem in no time.

In case the problem is still there, scroll up and make sure to apply all steps so you can be confident that you’ve attempted everything possible on your side!

We hope that you’ve learned something new today. More relevant guides in our blog!

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