onkyo receiver stuck in standby mode

If you find your Onkyo receiver stuck in standby mode, and you can’t find material on how you can fix it, you’re lucky.

In this guide, we will do a complete walkthrough on how you can get out of it!

Our tutorial will be focusing on everything about getting your receiver out of standby mode. This would include the causes of your receiver going into standby mode and what it’s for!

If your Onkyo receiver is stuck in standby mode, unplug the power cord from the wall for at least one (1) hour. Then, test each of the transistors and look for the one that does not have resistance and replace it.

After that, reconnect the power cord and turn the volume of the receiver at maximum level.

Before we get to the fix process, let’s first try to divulge the reason why your Onkyo is stuck on standby. Let’s figure out what standby mode is for in the first place.

What is the Purpose of Standby Mode?

Putting your Onkyo receiver on standby mode is done if you’re not going to use it when you don’t want to disconnect it completely from the mains.

The primary use of it is for you to be able to access or turn it on easier after disengaging the power.

But what if I didn’t purposely set it to standby mode? What reasons does it have that it goes into standby mode itself?

Why is My Onkyo Receiver Going Into Standby Mode?

This problem is known and deemed as a common problem across Onkyo receivers, so don’t panic if you experience it.

There are various reasons as to why your Onkyo receiver is going into standby mode even if you don’t initiate it.

Among the most common ones include:

  • To protect its internal components
  • There’s a problem with the power supply
  • The circuit could be overheated
  • There are frayed wires within the board
  • There’s a shortage in the output power

Now that we’re aware of the common reasons, let’s now go deep into the topic.

Let’s now learn the complete process of how you fix your Onkyo receiver stuck in hybrid standby mode!

How to Fix Onkyo Receiver Stuck in Standby Mode? – Complete Steps

fix onkyo receiver stuck in standby mode

What you’ll learn in this guide is something that you can use not only for your Onkyo receiver but for other brands of receivers as well!

Step #1: Unplug the Receiver From Power

The first thing you need to do is to unplug your Onkyo receiver from power to drain all its energy from the device.

This is an important part of the process because you wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot it if your receiver is receiving power from the mains or the wall outlet.

So, take off the receiver from power by unplugging it from the wall outlet or from the mains.

Step #2: Remove the Receiver’s Back Cover

After that, the next thing you want to do is to take the back cover of the receiver off.

This method is effective and efficient because you’ll have to look for the transistors that aren’t showing any resistance.

What this means is your transistor is not able to get enough power for it to work and function normally.

This is what causes the receiver to be stuck in standby mode.

NOTE: You’ll know that a transistor within the receiver is showing resistance from what the voltage tester is telling or showing you.

You can take out or remove the back cover of the transistor by unscrewing the frame or parts of the braces on the receiver.

Step #3: Test the Transistors

This opens up the next step, which is to test and examine the transistors that are in your Onkyo receiver.

The transistors are the parts/components that are programmed to transmit the energy or power that flows through the device.

Should you see that there are transistors not getting enough power to light your device up, you already know where the problem is.

Here’s the process of how you can test the transistors of your Onkyo receiver:

  1. Place the lead or the prod of the multimeter to the transistor’s base.
  2. Then, hook the negative meter to the transistor’s emitter.
  3. On your multimeter, you should see voltage that’s within the range of the receiver.
  4. If it’s less or more than what’s recommended, then the problem is with the transistors.

Step #4: Replace Faulty Transistors

In the event you find out that the problem is with the transistors of your receiver, replace the transistors immediately.

So, if you’re unsure how you can replace your Onkyo receiver’s transistors, follow this quick and easy step by step guide:

  1. Find a transistor that’s close to the ratings of the current ones you have.
  2. Then, remove the base transistor from the circuit.
  3. After that, connect the new transistor’s gate to the voltage source through soldering.

NOTE: The positive energy supply needs to be connected to any of the load terminals. Then, the source of the new transistor should be earthed or grounded.

Step #5: Turn the Receiver’s Volume to Max

When you’re sure that you were able to connect or attach the new transistors to the device, reassemble the receiver back up again and try the process out.

Most people would jump to the conclusion that the device is already fixed, but, we can’t be so sure.

To test it out even further, turn the receiver on, and set it to the maximum volume setting for about 30 seconds to one (1) full minute.

During this time, your receiver should function and work normally again. So, on your part, you just need to turn or set your Onkyo receiver to the normal volume setting where it originally was.

When it doesn’t turn off or when nothing happens, finalize the troubleshooting process by performing the following:

  1. Unplug the receiver from the wall outlet.
  2. Reconnect all devices (speakers, amplifiers, etc.) to the TV.
  3. Plug the device back in again and test it for the last time.

After doing this 5-step process, your receiver should now be fine and powered up!

Your problem of it being stuck in standby mode should now be completely resolved!

My Receiver is Still in Standby Mode, What Should I Do?

Should the problems persist even after you’ve thoroughly followed the steps, contact Onkyo right away.

What we detailed to you would be the only DIY steps you can do; anything further requires the intervention of an expert.

Give them complete detail of the troubleshooting steps you’ve done. This way, they’ll be aware of the further actions they can do to help you in solving the problem.

If you’re troubled by your Onkyo receiver being stuck in standby mode, unplug it from power, and then test the transistors at the back of the board. Install new and working transistors, and try turning it on or activating it again with the volume at max.

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Bottom Line

Many people come to think that when they find their Onkyo receiver stuck in standby mode, the unit is already depleted.

But with our tutorial here, you can put a permanent fix to this specific problem! 

You can easily perform these troubleshooting steps to get to the bottom of it! Unlike other guides online, ours will be complete to the extent that you don’t need other sources any longer!

Nicole B