onkyo receiver no sound after reset

If your Onkyo receiver no sound after reset, we have the best solution for you!

By the end of this post, you’ll learn why the reset has impacted your receiver and how other users managed to solve the exact same problem!

To fix an Onkyo receiver that produces no sound you should first power cycle the device and then inspect the wiring. Next, you should assign the correct digital input format and make sure your receiver and TV are not muted.

Let’s first take a look at the potential reasons why your sound would be gone after a reset and then do everything possible to solve the problem.

Why Onkyo Receiver No Sound After Factory Reset?

If you’ve just executed a reset and there is no sound on your receiver, there are quite a few things that might have happened.

First of all, we suggest restarting the receiver just in case your sound problems are temporary.

If the problem is still there, here are the potential suspects:

1. Source Problem

The reset could have refreshed the source configuration, thus your receiver will not produce any sound.

2. Power Malfunction

It is possible that your receiver developed a power malfunction after the reset and now certain functionalities like the sound might be not working.

3. Sound Device Problem

Any connected devices to your receiver might be altering the sound configuration and interrupt the sound.

4. Wiring Issue

Lastly, a wiring issue is a major suspect of this issue since a potential fault with the HDMI can utterly disrupt the sound produced by your receiver.

Once you’ve taken a better look at these causes reported by the Onkyo users, we shall proceed with the best solutions available!

How To Fix Onkyo Receiver No Sound After Reset?

fix onkyo receiver no sound after reset

There are many ways to troubleshoot your receiver sound problems, but if your issue is not related to the reset, it might be harder to resolve.

In that regard, our solutions are designed to target almost any possibility so if you apply them in order, your sound should be back by the end of this post.

Having that in mind, you can start with our first solution.

Solution #1 Discharge Receiver

To discharge your receiver, you’ll need to unplug it from the power source and wait for about 5 minutes to cool down.

This approach is also referred to as hard reset or power cycle and it has proven to be really helpful in cases where there are temporary audio problems.

While you’re waiting for the device to discharge, you can make sure that there are no other devices plugged in your receiver, especially soundbars and headphones.

Temporary unplug ALL devices hooked up to your TV and receiver until you solve the sound problem so you can exclude this possibility.

Note: In addition, we recommend changing the power outlet, and removing any dividers to provide a direct connection.

Solution #2 Secure the HDMI Cable

It is possible that after the reset, the HDMI connection got suppressed and this is the reason why your Onkyo receiver is not producing any sound.

Here are some steps to troubleshooting your HDMI connection for potential faults:

  1. Turn OFF your Onkyo receiver.
  2. Unplug both ends of your HDMI cable.
  3. Check for any dust around the connectors.
  4. Switch its sides and plug it into the ports.
  5. Tighten the connection by applying mild force.

Once ready, you can turn on your receiver and check if the problem is still there. In case the issue persists, make sure that your TV is not muted!

Tip: If you’ve got another HDMI cable at your disposal, make sure to replace it just to exclude the possibility of a faulty cable.

Solution #3 Unmute Your Receiver and Turn Up Volume

It is possible that your receiver is muted, or the volume is lowered down to the minimum.

Before you continue make sure that there are some media with audio playing so you can hear it if it suddenly comes back.

To make sure you’re doing everything right, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the VOL+ button on your remote 5 times.
  2. Press the mute button once and check if the sound has come back.
  3. Press the VOL+ button another 5 times and the mute button twice.

Solution #4 Configure the Digital Input Assignment

If your digital input is not assigned to “Auto” your receiver might be sending your sound elsewhere but not through the default speakers.

To fix this you’ll need to reach in the menu settings and set the setting correctly.

Here is how to reach the digital audio settings and make the correct assignment:

  1. Open the Menu on your Onkyo receiver.
  2. Go to Input Assign.
  3. Choose Digital Input Format.
  4. Set the input signal to “Auto”.

Once done, restart the receiver and test if the audio will be there. In addition, while you’re still here, try changing the Source on your TV and then go back to the receiver’s source.

By doing this “refresh” the audio might appear.

Solution #5 Remove Magnet Interference

If you have installed a new device nearby your receiver recently, it is possible that interference has formed, thus disabling your audio.

Interference could also appear in case you’ve put large metal objects in front, behind, or on top of your receiver.

We recommend removing any potential objects that could be interfering with your receiver, then restarting the device and testing again. If the issue is still there, simply continue with the next solution.

Solution #6 Try A Reset Again

Lastly, if nothing worked, we recommend performing a factory reset on your receiver once again.

Perhaps, you did something wrong during the reset which could be suppressing your receiver’s sound.

Here is a quick recap of how to factory reset your Onkyo:

  1. Press and hold the 2HOME button on your remote.
  2. Wait until the 3 remote indicators light up after an average of 3 seconds.
  3. Within the next 30 seconds, press the 1RCV button again to finish.

Your receiver should take up to several minutes now to finish and once it is done, test the sound again.

Onkyo Receiver Still Has No Sound…

If your Onkyo receiver still cannot produce sound even after applying all of our solutions, you might be experiencing an issue related to something more complex.

You should know that Onkyo has reported that some models made between 2009 and 2012, have a faulty chip that disables their audio (not in all cases) after a certain time of usage.

In that regard, we highly recommend contacting Onkyo customer service for additional help with solving this problem, or at least finding out where the problem is coming from.

To fix an Onkyo receiver that doesn’t produce sound after reset, try hard resetting the device and inspect the HDMI connections and ports. Then make sure that you haven’t muted it or lowered the volume and assign the correct digital input format.

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Bottom Line:

We hope that you managed to solve the Onkyo receiver no sound after reset issue following our solutions.

If unfortunately, the audio problem is still there, we suggest advising Onkyo on how to proceed.

If you’re having any other difficulties with your setup, make sure to check our blog and discover many potential solutions just like in this post.

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