nanoleaf keeps disconnecting

Your Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting without a proper reason? Let’s find out why!

This is a problem that has commonly occurred with Nanoleaf Light Panels and is not so easy to deal with.

However, there are quite a few widely-known and clever ways to address this problem and in this guide, we’ll explore all about them and how to address the issue properly!

When your Nanoleaf is disconnecting constantly, reconnect the device to the router once and if it unpairs again, reinstall the Nanoleaf app.

After that, lower the security of your network, inspect your panel for power problems and lastly, Factory Reset the device.

Proceed further into the guide to learn more details about the WiFi problem of your Nanoleaf!

Why Does Nanoleaf Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi?

why nanoleaf disconnects from wifi

To make your troubleshooting more efficient, we shall first learn about the details of the problem and what causes it to occur.

This is only possible by closely inspecting the causes of the issue and exploring as many as possible user opinions on the topic.

Here’s why your Nanoleaf Light Panel keeps disconnecting so randomly:

  • A Pairing Problem with the Setup Wizard
  • An Issue with the Network/WiFi Thread
  • Problems with the Installation of the Light Panel
  • Malfunction with the Nanoleaf Mobile Application
  • Throttle in the Connection Speed/Outage

We’ll proceed with the steps to troubleshoot your Nanoleaf Light Panel consecutively and come up with an effective solution!

How to Fix When Nanoleaf Keeps Disconnecting?

fix when nanoleaf keeps disconnecting

We’ve learned more about the problem of your Nanoleaf and what causes it to constantly unpair from your WiFi Network.

We’ll now jump into the solutions and start troubleshooting your Nanoleaf setup to resolve the problem.

Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Reconnect the Light Panel Correctly

In our first solution, we’ll try something rather simple, such as reconnecting the Nanoleaf light panel.

If this was a one-time problem, it is likely that you’ll be able to solve this issue by simply reconnecting the lights back to your WiFi network.

For example, if there was an outage with your router (from the ISP or on your end) and now the internet has come back, you should get the lights reconnected.

reconnect the light panel correctly

Here’s how:

  1. Launch the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app on your mobile.
  2. Select the “More” tab.
  3. Choose “My Devices”.
  4. Press on the “+” button to Add a New Device.
  5. Select the type of your light panel.
  6. Press on “Start Pairing”.
  7. Once you have identified the setup, your phone’s camera will open.
  8. Scan the Pairing Code on the back of your panel to pair.
  9. Select your WiFi Network from the list of available connections.
  10. Follow the remaining instructions…

When you’ve scanned the code on the back of your light panel, you’ll be brought to the WiFi screen, where you must connect the light panel to WiFi.

Select your home WiFi network if it is available from the list and type down the security password.

Alert: Make sure the WiFi password is spelled correctly, in order to connect the light panels.

Solution #2 Reboot your Network Router

reboot yoour network router

If your Nanoleaf Light Panel is yet again disconnected, this is probably a malfunction with your network router, rather than the device itself.

The next method we’ll approach this problem with is a reboot on the network router, to clear out any software bugs with the device.

Here’s how to reboot your network router in easy steps:

  1. Press the Power Button on the device to power it down.
  2. Wait until the router completely shuts down (ALL LEDs OFF).
  3. Disconnect the Power Adapter of the router, from the electrical outlet.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes, while the router is unplugged to discharge.
  5. Re-attach the power cord of the unit, to its respective power source.
  6. Turn on the router and test whether your Nanoleaf will disconnect.
Note: You’ll need to re-establish the connection through the Nanoleaf app!

Solution #3 Reinstall the Nanoleaf Application!

reinstall the nanoleaf application

Another reason for your Nanoleaf Light Panel to constantly disconnects is a problem with the mobile application.

Since the app is the manager of the connection between your router and the light panel, it must be working correctly.

  • To settle issues with the Nanoleaf app, it’s best to cleanly reinstall the app!

Here’s how to universally reinstall applications on your mobile devices:

  1. Head into the Settings of your mobile device.
  2. Launch the Storage Settings from the general menu.
  3. Go to the “Applications” section (can also be “Storage”).
  4. Locate the Nanoleaf Smarter Series app.
  5. Highlight the app and choose “Uninstall”.
  6. Wait for the app to be removed from your device.
  7. Head into the Google Play/App Store of your mobile device.
  8. Search for the “Nanoleaf Smarter Series” app and download it again.

Keep in mind that removing the Nanoleaf application will disconnect all associated devices. That means if you had any other Nanoleaf devices connected, they’ll also unpair.

Notice: Once the app is reinstalled, hop back into your account and reconnect the panel.

Solution #4 Inspect the Light’s Power Supply

inspect the light's power supply

If your Nanoleaf Light Panel is constantly powering down, it would also disconnect from your network’s WiFi.

With each shutdown, the wireless connection between the panel and the Nanoleaf Smarter Application will be interrupted.

There are several clever methods to address issues with the power of your Nanoleaf panel and we’re about to list them!

Here’s how to fix the power of your Nanoleaf power supply:

  • Hard Reset – disconnect the light panel from power and wait for 5 minutes
  • Use a Different Source – connect the Nanoleaf Light Panel to a different source
  • Tighten the Connection – secure the power adapter’s connection on both ends

Thereby, all of the following methods should fix power problems with your Nanoleaf Light Panel.

If the problem persists, examine the power cable closely and try to spot any damages, that include rips, cuts, or exposed wires on the cable.

Alert: If the power adapter of the panel is damaged, you should get it replaced by the merchant.

Solution #5 Lower the Network’ Security

lower the network's security

High Network Security could also be causing your Nanoleaf Light Panel to unpair from the WiFi constantly.

There’s a way to reduce the security of your WiFi network that could be the reason why your Nanoleaf always ends up disconnected.

For that purpose, you must gain access control panel of your router. Feel free to search online for the fastest way to access your own router’s settings!

Here’s how to lower the security of your network:

  1. Using admin/admin, sign into your router’s Control Panel
  2. Head to the “Network Security” tab.
  3. At the “Level of Defence” field and select “Medium”. 
  4. Save the changes and exit the tab.

This won’t impact your network or make it vulnerable from the outside, instead, it would allow more devices to stay connected to the WiFi for longer.

In case you don’t feel like changing any of the network settings in your setup, skip this solution and jump right into the next one!

Note: After adjusting the network security, reconnect your light panel to the WiFi.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Nanoleaf Panel

factory reset the nanoleaf panel

If your Nanoleaf Light Panel is still refusing to connect securely, you should perform a Factory Reset on the device.

This will refresh the software of the device and help with any functionality, feature, and settings problems that are disconnecting the unit from WiFi.

  • To factory reset your Nanoleaf Panel, you must hold a combination of buttons!

Here’s how to factory reset your Nanoleaf Light Panel in easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the panel is plugged in and working.
  2. Locate the Power and the Brighten buttons.
  3. Hold both of the buttons tightly for 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for the controller of the light panel’s LED to start blinking.
  5. After seeing the light indication, you can release the buttons.
  6. Wait for the LEDs to flash for a final time to indicate the reset.

Once the LED lights of your panel have blinked in an unusual pattern to indicate the reset, wait for the process to be completed.

The reset may take between 1 – 2 minutes before the light panel starts working again.

So be patient and don’t interact with the device in the meantime!

Quick Recap:

To fix when Nanoleaf keeps disconnecting, start by reconnecting the panel first and reinstalling the mobile Nanoleaf application.

After that, lower the security of the network, troubleshoot the Nanoleaf panel for power problems and lastly, Factory Reset the device!

We hope that this Nanoleaf guide was informational so follow us for more!

Nicole B