nanoleaf accessory not found

Wondering why is Nanoleaf accessory not found? Let’s find out together!

Typically, the “Accessory not found” error on Nanoleaf appears when the devices are having communication issues with the Nanoleaf hub.

Continue reading this guide to learn how to fix it!

The Nanoleaf accessory, not found error appears due to connectivity issues or software glitches preventing the discovery.

The solution only requires inspecting the network and carrying out a power circulation on your Nanoleaf and performing a general inspection.

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Nanoleaf Accessory Not Reachable / Not Found Error?

The Nanoleaf “Accessory not reachable” error appears on the app when the devices are experiencing connectivity issues.

The exact “not found” error appears only when the Nanoleaf devices are unable to communicate with the hub, hence there are many different factors!

reasons for accessory not found error

Let’s explore all involved aspects:

  • Different networks on the Hub and your mobile 
  • Hub is not getting internet via Ethernet Cable
  • Router or Hub is having software-related issues
  • Outdated version of the Nanoleaf application
  • Nanoleaf Hub is facing network or software issues

Now that we have determined that this error appears due to a network or system issue, let’s quickly begin the troubleshooting on Nanoleaf devices!

How To Fix When a Nanoleaf Accessory Not Found?

Note: If you are experiencing the “Accessory not found” error on the Nanoleaf app, apply the steps below in chronological order!

1. Power Cycle Nanoleaf Controller!

It is normal for Nanoleaf devices to develop technical or system bugs, which will eventually prevent the devices from communicating with the hub.

Don’t worry; by power cycling your Nanoleaf controller, you can quickly remove such bugs. 

powercycle nanoleaf controller

Here is how to power cycle the Nanoleaf controller:

  1. Unplug the Nanoleaf controllers and panels from the power outlet.
  2. Press the two buttons from the controller.
  3. Plug the controller into the power outlet while holding the buttons.
  4. Release the buttons when the light on the controller starts flashing.

After power cycling, see if the lights turn on or if you still get the “Accessory not found” error prompt.

If you’ll get it, then try the other solutions!

2. Refresh your Internet & WiFi

Next, restart your home WiFi router because it’s possible that your Nanoleaf devices or app are experiencing connectivity issues and that’s why the accessory is not found.

Here, we’re going to take this step to the next level and also perform a power circulation!

refresh internet and wifi

Here is how to power cycle any WiFi router:

  1. Use the power button to turn off the router.
  2. Unplug the WiFi router from the power outlet.
  3. Disconnect the connected wires from the router.
  4. Wait for about 3 minutes for the device to discharge.
  5. Then connect all the wires back to their ports (tightly).


We also recommend checking whether your WiFi is currently intact by connecting to another device and attempting to surf the web.

If you’re concerned that your internet might be the actual culprit, you should verify this by performing an internet speed test online for free.

Important: Check if the Ethernet cable from the router to the hub is securely connected! 

3. Connect the Device to the Same Network!

The next step is one of the most important factors to inspect. Nanoleaf devices can only connect to networks with 2.4 GHz frequency.

So, if your router is set to a dual-band, then you need to make sure that you’re not connecting your mobile or Nanoleaf to the 5 GHz frequency WiFi.

connect device to same network

How To Recognize WiFi Frequency?

You can use your mobile to check which is the 2.4 GHz WiFi and which is the 5 GHz broadband.

Simply go to Settings, enter the WiFi tab, and click on the currently connected network to see the basic information. Based on your findings reconnect your devices to the supported WiFi.

Tip: The SSIDs of the WiFi on dual-band routers typically contain “2.4” or “5”, for easier recognition.

4. Force Close the Nanoleaf App

If you are still experiencing the “accessory not found Nanoleaf“ error prompt on the app, then perhaps the issue comes from the application.

The solution is simple, you only need to sign out and fully close the app, which would be enough to refresh all services.

Here is how to relog and force close the Nanoleaf app:

  1. Open the Nanoleaf app on your mobile.
  2. Tap on your account, then Sign out.
  3. Close the app on your mobile (fully).
  4. Open the Nanoleaf app and Signin.
  5. Test whether the accessories are found.
nanoleaf app download
Note: In addition, feel free to test whether you will be able to discover and connect to the accessory with the Nanoleaf app installed on a different device.

5. Update the Nanoleaf Application

When your Nanoleaf app is outdated, this is one of the primary factors that cause connectivity issues between devices.

It’s important to check for Nanoleaf app updates, and if an update is available, upgrade the app as soon as possible!

Here is how to update the Nanoleaf app:

  1. On your mobile (host) device for the app.
  2. Navigate to the Play Store or App Store.
  3. Search for the Nanoleaf app from the search bar.
  4. Tap on the app and check if the Update button is there.
  5. Tap on the Update button and wait for the process.
  6. Launch the Nanoleaf app and perform a test.

One More Thing!

update nanoleaf app

The reason why the accessory is not found in the Nanoleaf app might be due to an outdated version on your host device.

So it’s best to go to Settings > System > Update and check!

Tip: Enable the “Automatic Updates” in the app store to keep your apps up to date!

6. Delete the Nanoleaf Hub!

It’s possible that the Nanoleaf hub is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable, but there may be a network or system bug in the hub that prevents the app from accessing.

The solution is to simply delete the hub from the app and again re-attempt the pairing to refresh the services.

delete the nanoleaf hub

Here is how to delete the Nanoleaf hub from the app:

  1. Open the Nanoleaf app.
  2. Navigate to the app Settings.
  3. Go to the Manage Accessories.
  4. Tap on the settings Gear icon.
  5. Delete the Hub from the app.
Info: After deleting the hub from the app, then go back to the app and check for the hub under the “Unpaired Accessories” section. 

If the hub is listed there, then again pair the hub again!

7. Factory Reset the Nanoleaf Hub!

If deleting the Nanoleaf hub from the app doesn’t fix the “accessory not found” error from the app, then perform a soft or factory reset on the hub to refresh all configurations.

Alert: Some of the steps below lead to a permanent in-app data loss!
factory reset nanoleaf hub
  1. Ensure that the Nanoleaf device is plugged into the power.
  2. Locate the two buttons on the Nanoleaf-controlled pad.
  3. Press and hold the two buttons for at least 10 seconds.
  4. Release the buttons when the Nanoleaf device flashes.
Note: After the reset, provided in the steps above, the Nanoleaf hub will reset, disconnect from the app and refresh so you would need to carry out the initial setup.

8. Factory Reset the Nanoleaf (Lights)

If, after factory resetting the Nanoleaf hub, the app is still giving the “Accessory not found” prompt, then there is one final method that you should attempt.

This method is extremely helpful for Nanoleaf bulbs but the process also works with any sort of Nanoleaf lights accessories!

  • Reset any Nanoleaf lights by rapidly turning them ON and OFF 8 times!

While turning on and off the lights, make sure that you turn the switch quickly without a second break.

When the reset is done, then the lights will start to flash for the indication. Then, simply connect the bulbs to the hub and pair the hub with the app.

Need More Help?

If you’ve tried all of the steps from the aforementioned guide but nothing helped, well, the best next step is to seek professional assistance.

For further help, contact Nanoleaf Support if you still experience accessory issues.

Tip: Don’t forget to share all of the steps that you’ve attempted in this guide to save time!

Quick Recap:

Whenever you experience a “Nanoleaf accessory not found” error, reboot the controller and router, connect devices to the same network, and update the Nanoleaf app.

Also, you should remove and re-add the hub from the app, or ultimately do a system restoration!

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