myQ hub yellow light blinking

When the myQ hub yellow light blinking there is nothing to worry about.

The yellow light on your myQ hub only indicates something so let’s learn what…

The yellow light on myQ is not a warning sign, instead, it only shows that the device has entered a mode that you can easily disable. To stop the yellow light users need to clear the Hub channels and re-add the device to the application.

Let’s now learn more about what the blinking yellow light on myQ hub means:

What Does Yellow Light On myQ Hub Mean?

what does yellow light means

When your myQ hub yellow LED blinks, the Gateway is in “learn mode”. The yellow light replaces the Blue LED which on the other hand indicates the “WiFi setup mode”.

The learning mode is used to program various settings with the opener, including memory, travel, and force adjustments.

The yellow light does not really represent a problem with your garage myQ hub, but it is something that you may find frustrating over time.

We’ve made a list of methods below that will help you remove the yellow light:

How To Fix When myQ Hub Yellow Light Blinking?

how to fix myq hub

As we’ve already mentioned, the yellow light on your myQ hub doesn’t represent an issue and you shouldn’t be concerned.

Instead, it only means that your hub is in learning mode, which is something essential for garage door opener assistants.

To remove the yellow light (learn mode) attempt the methods below:

Method #1 Power Reset The Hub

The easiest way to stop the yellow light is to power reset the hub.

Since the learn mode is triggered manually from the hub, by restarting the device, you should be able to stop the mode, thus the yellow light.

Here’s how you can power reset your myQ hub in easy steps:

  1. Locate where the device is plugged to power.
  2. Disconnect the adapter of the hub.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the cable is disconnected.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter of the myQ hub.
  5. Turn on the device and test if the issue is solved.

The yellow light should no longer be blinking. In case it does, proceed with the next method.

Note: After restarting your myQ hub, the blue light should be static.

Method #2 Clear The Hub’s Channels

clear the hubs channel

In the back of your myQ hub, there are three buttons that you can press. Two of these three buttons are designed for controlling your hub’s channels, respectively, channels one and two.

Since your myQ hub only has two channels, clearing them should resolve the issue with the yellow light.

Here’s how to clear your myQ hub’s channels in easy steps:

  1. Unmount your hub (if it’s already attached to a wall somewhere).
  2. Ensure that you have clear access to the buttons.
  3. Plug the hub into a power source.
  4. Press and button labeled with “1” on the back of the device.
  5. Wait for the green and yellow lights to come on.
  6. Press and hold the button “1” until all three lights on your hub light up.
  7. Repeat the steps for the button with the label “2” to clear the second channel.

When the channels are cleared, we recommend restarting your myQ hub and testing whether the yellow light is still there.

Note: You can track the situation of the hub’s channels within the myQ application.

Method #3 Re-Add myQ From The Application

readd myq application

If clearing the hub’s channels couldn’t bring the yellow light down, we suggest re-adding the smart hub from the application and checking if that would fix the issue.

For this purpose, you will only need your mobile device with the myQ app installed and the associated account.

Here’s how to re-add the myQ smart hub from the application to solve this problem:

  1. Open the myQ app on your device.
  2. Head to “My Devices”.
  3. Select the myQ hub from the list of available devices.
  4. Press on “Remove this device”.
  5. Head back to the home screen and select “Add a Device”.
  6. Select “myQ smart hub” from the list.

When you’ve chosen your myQ hub, you’ll need to complete the on-screen instructions to add your myQ hub and connect it to WiFi.

Only then the setup process will be finished and you should check whether the yellow light is still there.

Alert: Make sure that you’re selecting a 2.4GHz WiFi since 5GHz is not supported.

Method #4 Reinstall The myQ App

reinstall the myq app

The yellow light on your myQ smart hub is meant to make configurations with the hub within the mobile application.

When reinstalling the app ALL services are refreshed and should be able to turn OFF the yellow light on the hub and solve the issue for you.

Here’s how to reinstall the myQ app in easy steps:

  1. Open the Settings of your device.
  2. Go to the Storage.
  3. Enter the app section.
  4. Locate the myQ app from the list.
  5. Press on “Functions”.
  6. Choose “Uninstall” in order to remove the myQ app from your device.
  7. Get the myQ app back from the App Store/Google Play of your device.
  8. Sign back into your device and re-add the smart hub if needed.
Tip: When accessing the myQ app after the reinstallation, ensure that “Automatic Updates” are set to enabled.

Method #5 Reset The myQ Hub

reset myq hub

In case none of our methods managed to turn OFF the yellow light on your myQ smart hub, you should perform a factory reset.

The reset will erase any configuration you’ve made to the myQ hub, including the learn more (yellow light).

To factory reset your myQ smart hub, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that the smart hub is in reach.
  2. Locate the Settings button on the back panel of the device (near the channel buttons you’ve used earlier).
  3. Press and hold the Settings button until the blue LED of the device blinks.
  4. Let go of the Settings buttons once the blue LED blinks.
  5. Press the Settings button again to complete the factory reset.
Alert: When the myQ smart hub doesn’t flash in blue, it means that the factory reset hasn’t been accepted and that you should attempt again.

What To Do When myQ Smart Garage Hub Light Not Woking?

what to do when myq  not working

In case none of the lights on your myQ smart garage hub are not working, then this has something to do with the power of your hub.

Technicians and users suggested that one or two of the lights should always work on the hub.

In that set of thoughts, if none of the lights on the device work, it means that the hub is not getting enough power.

Here are some easy ways that you can troubleshoot:

  • Use different power sources – connect the hub to a different wall outlet
  • Ensure secure connections – double-check if the power adapter is securely connected to the power source and in your smart hub.
  • Replace power adapter – purchase a replacement power adapter for your myQ smart garage hub and test things out.
Note: You can find a power adapter for the smart garage hub in universal stores or on Amazon, at an approachable price of 9.99$.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to stop the yellow light on a myQ hub you only need to disconnect and re-add the device from the myQ application. In case further troubleshooting is required, reinstall the application and perform a factory reset on your myQ hub.

Last Thoughts:

We now learned why the myQ hub yellow light blinking and how to stop the learning mode.

That should be enough to prevent the yellow light from appearing any further and in case you’re still experiencing the same problem, you should get in touch with myQ and report the problem.

We hope that this post was enough to solve the yellow light problem on the myQ hub and for more relevant content you should check our online blog.

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