mtv sign in with tv provider not working

Asking why does MTV sign in with TV provider not working? You’ve just found the answer!

Sometimes there could be glitches and bugs with your TV provider’s login settings and in this guide, we will troubleshoot all of them!

We will cover everything you should know about the issue and how to appropriately activate your TV provider’s account!

To fix your TV provider’s MTV sign-in, first, make sure that the account is activated and you’re writing the correct login credentials. These credentials should have been given to you by the provider. Then, update your device’s software and reinstall MTV.

In general, that should be enough to solve the issue.

However, sometimes the problem might be a little more complex, and it would require a stronger solution. Continue reading if you cannot solve the problem on your own.

How To Fix MTV Sign In With TV Provider Not Working?

fix mtv sign in with tv provider not working

Before we proceed any further, have you tried restarting your MTV application?

It might all come down to a bug that needs a clean reboot in order to be fixed, so restart the MTV application.

If the reboot of MTV didn’t help in resolving the problem, start with the following solutions:

Solution #1 Activate TV Provider Account

It is possible that you still haven’t activated your TV provider’s MTV account.

You will be given a code, which you must input on MTV’s activation page in order to activate your TV provider’s account. If you still haven’t done this, the account won’t be active.

Here’s how to activate your TV provider’s MTV account:

  1. First, make sure to write down the activation code as well as the credentials given by your service supplier.
  2. Go to on your PC/phone and insert the activation code there.
  3. Provide the credentials on the page that follows up after you’ve pasted the code.
  4. Try signing in and repeat the same login process with the MTV app on your other devices.

If your account is activated, the login credentials provided to you by your TV provider should become active.

If however, the sign-in still does not work, you should check if the credentials are being inserted properly.

Solution #2 Write Correct Credentials

use correct credentials

It is possible that you’re not writing down the correct credentials.

Regardless of where you’re trying to sign in to your TV provider’s MTV account, it is important to have the correct login credentials written down.

Alert: Login information is case-sensitive!

Having that said, double-check your TV provider’s MTV login credentials and make sure that you’re writing them down correctly.

Most of the time there are uppercases and other signs that are causing your MTV login to fail, so you must be aware that you write everything down correctly.

Once you’re done writing the credentials, hit the “Sign-in” button and attempt the login again.

Solution #3 Use Cellular Data

If you’re logging in with your cable provider, then you’re using a cable for the job.

If left enabled, the WiFi could cause some significant interference. We suggest logging in with your TV provider’s account, but this time using cellular data.

Unfortunately, using cellular data is only available on a smartphone device, so try logging in through your smartphone with the WiFi OFF.

If the login seems to be working on your smartphone, then you will know that the issue is sure with your over-the-top device, for example, Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, and so on.

In that case, reconnect the device to the internet and check if you’re inserting the login info correctly again!

Solution #4 Update Your Device’ Software

The next step is to update your device’s software.

If you’re trying to log in through television, then your best move is to update the software of your TV and retry your sign-in to MTV.

Here is a universal step guide on how to update your TV’ software easily:

  1. Open the Settings of your television through the menu tab.
  2. Search for a “General” or an “Accessibility” tab.
  3. From there, find a “Firmware” tab or something similar.
  4. Enter the given tab and tap on the “Check For Updates” button.
  5. Wait for the update checker to conclude and apply any available updates that appeared on your screen.
Note: If your TV was successful in finding updates, then you will be able to apply them by clicking “Download & Install Now”, or simply “Download/Install”.

Keep in mind that updating your TV might cause the device to restart.

Wait out the update patiently and do not allow the TV power supply to be interrupted during the process.

Solution #5 Delete, Restart & Reinstall

reinstall mtv

If the bug is within your MTV app, there is a great way to resolve the glitch in a 3-step solution.

That is by deleting your MTV app, restarting your television, and reinstalling the MTV application.

Here is how to resolve the glitch with your MTV app in a simple instructions list:

  1. Open the storage unit of your device.
  2. Go to the applications section and look for the MTV application.
  3. Once found, delete the MTV app and head out of the storage tab.
  4. Shut down your device and wait for 5 minutes.
  5. Start the device and head directly to the app store.
  6. Download the MTV application and try signing in with your TV provider’s credentials.

If that didn’t seem to work either, it is recommended to factory reset your device and this is exactly what we’re going through in Solution #6.

Solution #6 Reset Your Device

If nothing worked and you still seem to struggle to log in, we have one last solution for you.

We suggest factory resetting your device to resolve problems with the MTV app and hopefully prevent it from appearing ever again.

Here is how to factory reset your device:

  1. Open the System prompt of your device in the settings.
  2. Locate the “Reset” tab and enter it.
  3. Search for a “Factory Resetbutton and choose everything to be erased.
  4. Confirm and wait.

Your device is going to reboot and then you should install MTV and attempt signing in with your TV provider.

In case the login still fails, you may want to call your supplier to acquire the true login info. Apparently, the login credentials you’ve got are wrong.

If you’re interested in how to use the MTV app without a TV provider, keep reading!

Can I Use MTV App Without A TV Provider?

mtv without provider

The answer is yes. You’re able to use MTV without being attached to a TV provide.

As long as you have paid for a streaming platform that has MTV, you can watch it through any device, without being dependent on a TV provider.

Some of these streaming services could be Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu and even YouTube TV can allow you to watch MTV.

Thus, to fix the sign-in to MTV by your TV provider, first, try hard resetting your device and make sure that the account is activated. Then, update your device to its latest firmware version and reinstall the MTV app. If nothing worked, perform a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why MTV sign in with TV provider not working, we hope you were able to effectively resolve the problem while reading our guide.

If you struggle at any point, it is recommended to contact the TV provider and seek their assistance in the resolution of this problem!

Nicole B