motorola monitor won’t turn on

Motorola monitor won’t turn ON?

The reason why the Motorola monitor won’t turn is related to the power in most cases. It’s either the power income equipment consisting of a cable, plugs, and battery or the monitor has been impacted by a bug, where a reset always helps.

Let’s first answer the question “why?”:

Why does Motorola Baby Monitor Won’t Turn On?

my monitor won’t turn on

To simplify this troubleshooting, we shall first explore the possible causes that may prevent your baby monitor from starting up.

Generally, a Motorola baby monitor setup has the standard 2 cameras and 1 display package. If the cameras are functional they should appear on display for viewing.

Most often, this will prevent your baby monitor from turning on:

  • The power supply of the monitor isn’t plugged in.
  • The battery inside of the monitor has died.
  • The battery itself is faulty or has stopped working.
  • The power button is jammed or not working.

You can troubleshoot either of these causes by yourself. However, keep in mind that if the fault with your baby monitor is internal (with the motherboard), you will have to either replace the device or buy a new one!

And now, let’s learn what are the ways of getting your Motorola baby monitor to work:

How To Fix When Motorola Monitor Won’t Turn On?

how to fixt the motorola monitor

Instead of going the forehead way, we strongly recommend following the solutions below in order for the most efficiency in troubleshooting.

This will help you exclude the possibilities one by one and solve the problem with the Motorola monitor in no time!

Solution #1 Power Cycle Motorola

You should first attempt to resolve this problem by performing a power cycle on your Motorola baby monitor.

This method works by disconnecting the device from the power source for an interval of a couple of minutes and then connecting it back in. 

This will discharge the monitor, which in most cases is what actually helps!

You can follow these instructions to power cycle your Motorola baby monitor:

  1. Make sure that the device is connected to a power source.
  2. Disconnect the baby monitor from the wall outlet
  3. Stand by for around 5-6 minutes while the device is disconnected.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter cable of the Motorola device to the source.
  5. Check if the issue is now fixed!
Tip: Keep your device disconnected for as long as possible to provide the monitor with a fresh start. Waiting for longer is better.

Solution #2 Reinsert the Battery

reinsert the batteries

As we’ve already mentioned, this problem with your Motorola baby monitor, in particular, can be caused by a problem with the battery.

If the battery has been improperly installed or isn’t making contact with the electricity poles in the compartment, the monitor won’t turn ON.

Here’s how to reinsert a battery of a baby Motorola monitor in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the baby monitor from power.
  2. Turn the device upside down.
  3. Find the little crevice on the bottom of the device.
  4. Pull the plastic part to expose the battery of the unit.
  5. Disconnect the cable that connects the battery to the device.
  6. Remove the battery of your baby monitor.
  7. Keep the battery disconnected for around 60 seconds.
  8. Reinsert the battery back into the housing.
  9. Rebuild your baby monitor.
  10. Check if the problem is now fixed.
Notice: There are labels inside the battery compartment and on the battery, showing the correct way for the insertion. Be cautious.

Solution #3 Use A Different Power Outlet!

use different power outlet

The origin of this problem may have something to do with the power source of the device.

Before replacing any of the baby monitor’s equipment, you should first plug the device into a different power source (wall outlet) and check how that would go.

Here’s how to relocate your Motorola baby monitor to an alternative power source:

  1. Find a suitable power source to put your baby monitor near.
  2. Disconnect the power adapter of the device from both ends.
  3. Relocate the baby monitor near the new power source.
  4. Re-attach the cable to the respective ports (into the source and monitor).
  5. Check if the device is going to turn on now.
Note: To notice any changes with the display of your baby monitor, make sure that the cameras are also plugged in so they can sync automatically.

Solution #4 Lose Signal Interference

a signal interference

A specific type of interference that may occur with baby monitors and devices that use the same technology is wireless interference.

This type of impact is usually caused by other technical equipment near your baby monitor and suppresses the signal or cuts the power to the device due to the coexisting magnetic field.

Objects of wireless interference to avoid near the baby monitor are the following:

  • Turned on the TVs, Consoles, and Computers.
  • Bluetooth Speaker and remote-operated devices.
  • Another baby monitor that is using similar wireless technology.
  • Wireless radios, RF transmitters, and baby phones.

Make sure that neither of those devices is within 5 meters of your baby monitor.

This is the safe distance that loses any interaction with surrounding wireless devices.

Tip: Instead of relocating most of the interference items, relocate the Motorola Monitor!

Solution #5 Reset the Baby Monitor

reset your baby monitor

The next and one of the most powerful methods is the factory reset on your Motorola baby which happens via the dedicated reset button

The reset button is located in a small hole and can’t be pressed by a finger.

You will only need a thin and sharp object to insert into the reset pinhole to trigger the process.

Here’s where to find the reset pinhole and how to reset your baby monitor:

  1. Look at the monitor’s left side and locate the small pinhole.
  2. Use the sharp object you’ve acquired to insert it into the hole.
  3. Push the object inside the pinhole and hold for around 10 seconds.
  4. Let go of the button and check if your baby monitor is resetting.

The reset should start and might take up to 5 minutes during which you’ll need to be patient and not interact with the device.

In case your baby monitor is completely dead, it will not react to the reset and this is how you will know that the problem is internal or battery-related. 

However, even if your Motorola Monitor remains unresponsive, we’ve got a lot more to try!

Solution #6 Replace the Power Cord

replace your power cord

The power cord may be giving you the problem with the baby monitor.

If an issue with the power cord has occurred, your Motorola monitor device will refuse to turn on until the cable is replaced or the power flow is restored.

Alert: Before inspecting a power adapter, make sure that it is unplugged and discharged from the power source and the Motorola baby monitor.

Once you have the cable in hand, watch out for any worn-out areas, cuts, or noticeable damage to the cable’s body.

All of these can help you understand whether the cable is working or not. 

  • Watch out for any burned areas near the plug!
Note: Motorola baby monitors use a standard AC power adapter. You can get yourself a replacement online for as low as $10.

Solution #7 Replace Motorola Internal Battery

replace the internal battery

Reaching this far into the guide means that the problem with your baby monitor is most likely to be with the internal battery.

Such types of faults can only be resolved by replacing the battery and checking if that refreshes the flowing electricity through the hardware.

Follow these instructions to replace the internal battery of your Motorola baby monitor:

  1. Purchase a replacement battery for your Motorola baby monitor (900 mAh 3.6V Ni-MH square hole plug battery).
  2. Open the battery compartment with the instructions in the 2nd solution.
  3. Eject and discard the old battery.
  4. Position the new battery according to the electric poles.
  5. Push the battery downwards into the housing until it clicks.
  6. Close the battery housing of the battery monitor.
  7. Check if the issue is now resolved!

In case the problem persists, keep reading to learn how to proceed!

Motorola Monitor Still Won’t Turn On – The Next Step!

my motorola monitor still wont turn on

In case the problem still hasn’t been solved the best next step is to seek help.

To begin with, your first step should be to contact Motorola support and explain the situation.

Provide any details and don’t forget to mention what you’ve tried in this post. This will save time.

According to the circumstances you should attempt to put your warranty into use, especially if you can’t recall a recent event that lethally damaged the Motorola monitor.

Perhaps you’ve been delivered a faulty unit, which can be replaced soon or later.

We wish you good luck and hopefully, you won’t be paying anything!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Motorola Monitor won’t turn ON when the power delivery is interrupted. Users need to replace the power source and hard reset the baby monitor.

The next step would be to replace the power equipment and attempt to reset the monitor.

Conclusion – Motorola Monitor Is Dead?

Now that we’ve learned why the Motorola monitor won’t turn on and what the solution includes, we can draw conclusions based on the specific case.

However, when none of the solutions above managed to help, you’ll know that your monitor might be dead, therefore servicing is next.

Nicole B