Motorola baby monitor not charging

It could be quite bothersome when the Motorola baby monitor not charging.

After reading the entire guide, you would also have resolved the problem or known what the next step would be. Without further ado, let’s learn more about the problem!

The Motorola baby monitor will not charge when the charging equipment is faulty. Another possibility would be a software problem that can be solved by performing a reset and in case that doesn’t help, the only solution would be a battery replacement.

How To Know If Motorola Baby Monitor Is Charging?

 know if motorola monitor charging

A useful tip from which you will benefit through this entire guide is to know whenever the baby monitor is charging.

Generally, it’s easy to notice and read the pattern of the LED on the baby monitor, but we should start with the basics.

Your baby monitor is charging, whenever the green light turns on. This means that the parent unit is receiving a charge.

If the green light is blinking, then it means that the parent unit is running low on battery and must be charged soon.

Here’s what can prevent your Motorola baby monitor from receiving a charge:

Why Is Motorola Baby Monitor Battery Not Charging?

In general, the Motorola baby monitor has an intended uptime of about 3 hours.

It’s sad that the device doesn’t have a sleep or power-save mode to help with a longer-lasting battery.

Knowing this here’s why your Motorola baby monitor may be refusing to receive charge:

An Issue With the Charging Equipment

issue with a charging equipment

There could be a problem with the charging equipment of your Motorola baby monitor.

It could be either the USB cable’s fault, the adapter, or the insufficiency of the power source.

Battery Malfunction

Chances are that the internal battery of your Motorola baby monitor has gone faulty.

These units have a certain lifetime, after which, the battery could be the reason for the problem.

Internal Hardware Blockage

It is possible that your baby monitor is no longer in the condition to read and detect the battery.

This can be caused by unclean hardware, an issue with the battery compartment detectors, or a motherboard fault.

Now when the possibilities are upfront, let’s proceed with the solution!

How To Fix When Motorola Baby Monitor Not Charging?

fix the motorola baby monitor

The solution consists of several chronological methods that should be executed in order so the issue’s root can be discovered and fixed.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Power Reset the Baby Monitor

The first thing to attempt on your Motorola baby monitor is the power reset process.

This discharges your baby monitor out of remaining power and refreshes the battery, which may be causing the charging problem you’re experiencing.

Here’s how to reset your Motorola baby monitor in easy steps:

  1. Grab ahold of your Motorola baby monitor.
  2. Squeeze the compartment next to the bar code and wrap your nails around it.
  3. Pull upwards so the compartment could come off.
  4. Disconnect the battery’s AC adapter from the baby monitor.
  5. Take out the battery using your nails.
  6. Wait for 5 minutes.
  7. Insert the battery into the compartment and connect its power adapter to the device.
  8. Close the compartment cover.
  9. Check if your baby monitor will now charge and work.
Note: Mind how you put the battery inside the baby monitor. The AC power adapter must be on the side of the port in order to power the device.

Solution #2 Charge With Different Cable

charge with a different cable

The problem with the charging may be the USB cable you’re using.

If the cable has gone faulty, the battery inside of your Motorola baby monitor won’t be able to charge and therefore the device will not work.

You should replace the charging cable for your baby monitor with the following instructions:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from your baby monitor’s battery.
  2. Detach the second end of the USB cable from the standard power adapter.
  3. Grab a new USB cable that you’re going to use for charging.
  4. Plug both ports of the USB cable into the battery of the baby monitor and adapter.
  5. Check if the battery of your baby monitor is going to charge successfully now.
Note: The cable should not be damaged, twisted, or not connected all the way in on both sides.

Solution #3 Plug To A Different Source

plug into different source

The problem you may be looking at is a problematic power source.

An issue with the power delivery from the power source is essential to keep the battery charged and prepare it for the hour of independent (wireless) baby monitor usage.

Disconnect your Motorola baby monitor’s charging equipment and take it to an alternative power source. Make sure that the power supply is 1000 mA at 5V DC.

Avoid using a power strip or divider or some sort of power transfer equipment and connect the charging adapter to a standalone wall outlet.

Keep the baby monitor plugged in for half an hour and check the results!

Tip: Ensure that you’re connecting the baby monitor’s charging equipment to a functional wall outlet.

Solution #4 Replace The Power Adapter

replace power adapter

Another source of power charging problems can be the power adapter. As you know, all pieces of technology reach their end of life at some point and must be replaced.

This also stands for the universal power adapter you’re using to charge the battery.

If you have a replacement available in your household (which can be taken from a phone’s charger), attempt to charge the monitor’s battery with an alternative adapter.

As long as the adapter is verified in functionality, the charging process should work, and your baby monitor should successfully receive a charge.

Tip: Test the functionality of the power adapter before plugging the baby monitor!

Solution #5 Reset Your Baby Monitor

reset a baby monitor

If nothing worked so far, you should perform a reset on your baby monitor.

This will most likely get things going, as it will reset your monitor’ software and repair any glitches and errors that are preventing the device from charging.

Hold down the reset button on the back of the monitor for 5 seconds!

This will cause the device to reboot and all you have to do is wait for a few moments. It should restart shortly with a reset software and fixed power problems.

Note: If you fail to reset your baby monitor, make sure that the reset button is not stuck and that you’re holding it for at least 5 seconds.

Solution #6 Clean The Charging Port

In case you’ve attempted everything so far, maybe the charging port is obstructed.

It’s a rare case for a port to stop working (if not damaged) so the chances are that it’s simply dirty and full of debris.

Take a sharp object such as a toothpick and gently remove dust, hair, and debris!

Make sure that the charging cable goes all the way in and check whether the battery of the Motorola baby monitor is now going to start charging.

Alert: Be extremely gentle when cleaning the charging port since the pins are fragile!

Solution #7 Replace The Battery

replace a battery

After all, the battery of your Motorola baby monitor could have simply reached its end life.

If that’s the case, you shouldn’t bother troubleshooting the device any longer and just replace the battery to solve this problem.

You can find a suitable replacement battery online for an average price range of $7 to $10.

You can browse suitable replacements by just writing “Motorola baby monitor battery” or searching for 900mAh  MBP33 MBP33s MBP33PU replacement unit.

Once you have the new battery, replace it with the instructions in solution #1.

Tip: Don’t forget to clean the battery compartment after removing the old battery.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Motorola baby monitor is not charging because the power cable or the adapter does not work. Users should alternatively test with a different (standalone) power source and in case the problem is persistent, reset the device and replace the battery.

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned why Motorola baby monitor not charging and what the solution includes, you can attempt the above solutions and save the day at home.

However in case, it turns out to be the battery that’s causing the issue, the replacement units are not expensive!

We hope that this post was helpful and that you’ve learned something new. To discover more related posts, make sure to check our online blog.

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