Merkury smart bulb not connecting

Your Merkury smart bulb not connecting, and you don’t know what’s the problem? You’ve come to the right place!

WiFi problems with a variety of devices are dependent on two general sources – the device you’re trying to connect and the network transmitter.

We will cover both of the possibilities in this guide and get your Merkury smart bulb connected to WiFi in minutes!

First, make sure that the bulb and the router are close enough to get connected. We suggest reinstalling the mobile application and diagnosing the power supply of the bulb. Lastly, try factory resetting the smart bulb in order to resolve the problem.

Let’s check the possible causes for Merkury smart bulb problems in regard to WiFi connectivity.

Why Is My Merkury Smart Bulb Not Connecting To WiFi?

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this post, WiFi connectivity issues of your Merkury smart bulb are dependent on two general factors.

The first one is the inability of the bulb to connect itself, and the other is your home network.

Let’s review the shared causes that could prevent your Merkury smart bulb from connecting with WiFi.

1. Bug or Glitch

Temporal malfunction with your bulb could cause the WiFi to drop or prevent the bulb from connecting at all.

2. Insufficient Range

Since the bulb can be located anywhere in your household, it may scan the WiFi, but won’t have sufficient connection to pair.

3. Power Supply Problem

The device could be constantly restarting, thus, losing the connection to your home network.

4. Network Problem

If there is an issue with your household’s network, perhaps your Merkury bulb is not the only device that shares such a connection problem.

5. Hardware Malfunction

It is absolutely possible that your Merkury bulb is simply faulty and you would need a replacement.

Let’s now proceed and learn how to troubleshoot your Merkury bulb’s WiFi connection and get it connected to your home network.

How To Fix When Merkury Smart Bulb Not Connecting?

fix Merkury smart bulb not connecting

First of all, your Merkury bulb must be tightly screwed into the light slot. Make sure to check that and you’re ready to troubleshoot the connectivity.

Solution #1 Retry WiFi Connection Correctly

It is possible that you’re doing something wrong during the WiFi setup of your Merkury smart bulb.

This is why our first suggestion is to retry the WiFi connection correctly, following the instructions below:

check wifi connections
  1. Open your Geeni app.
  2. Go to the Devices tab and remove your Merkury bulb.
  3. Tap on the “+icon.
  4. Go through the setup process again, until you reach the WiFi part.
  5. Wait for your household network to be scanned.
  6. Tap on it once and enter your WiFi password.
  7. Confirm and finish the setup process.
Note: Make sure that you’re writing your WiFi password correctly, otherwise the process might fail and your bulb won’t get connected to the WiFi at all.

Solution #2 Relocate The Bulb

A major problem could occur if your Merkury bulb is not close enough to the network transmitter.

In that regard, our best suggestion this far into the guide is to relocate your Merkury bulb, at least temporarily.

We recommend installing your light bulb 1 or 2 meters away from the network transmitter or sharing a hotspot from your mobile phone to test the bulb connectivity.

This way you can identify whether the problem is connectivity distance or the issue is with the light bulb unit.

Solution #3 Troubleshoot Network

reset the wifi network

It is possible that the problem is with your household’s network. Your WiFi signal is dependent on the network’s state.

If there are connection issues, the WiFi would also fail and disconnect your bulb. It might not even pair at all.

Here are some tips to troubleshoot your network with:

1. Hard reset the Network Device

Unplug your network device (router, modem, gateway) from the power, wait for 5 minutes, and re-attach the cable again. Plug the device into a different power source.

2. Reconnect all Cables in the Network’ Setup

Reattach all cables from their respective slots and make sure all of them are connected tightly. Try with different inputs if possible.

3. Reduce Bandwidth Usage

Limit your network usage to preserve resources for additional devices, like your Merkury bulb.

We suggest checking the network’ signal state on a different device than your bulb. This way you’ll identify a network problem and you would know how to proceed.

Solution #4 Try With A Different Light Slot

use different slot bulb

Even though your Geeni app scans the bulb, there might be a problem with the light slot. Smart bulbs must be allocated at a reliable light slot, which you’re certain is functional.

Otherwise, a variety of issues could occur, including WiFi connection troubles.

Relocate your bulb into a different light slot, close to the router. Reconnect the bulb to the WiFi following the instructions from Solution #1 and determine if it would connect.

If the problem with your Merkury bulb wasn’t with the light slot, let’s proceed with the next solution.

Solution #5 Reinstall The Geeni Application

Users suggested reinstalling the Geeni application, to resolve WiFi issues with your Merkury smart bulb.

Follow the instructions down below to perform a reinstallation of the Geeni application on your smartphone device:

  1. Go to the storage unit of your mobile phone.
  2. Locate the Geeni app in the “applications” section of your storage.
  3. Highlight and delete the Geeni platform.
  4. Wait for the uninstallation to finish and go to the Google Play/App Store.
  5. Search for the Geeni app and install it.
  6. Wait for the app to be applied to your storage.
  7. Log in through your account and set up the Merkury lamp again.

If reinstalling the Geeni application couldn’t resolve the problem, let’s try performing a factory reset on the bulb itself.

Solution #6 Reset Merkury Smart Bulb

reset merkury bulb

If nothing worked so far, our last suggestion is to perform a factory reset on your Merkury smart bulb.

This is by far the greatest approach against any type of issue with your bulb, including WiFi connectivity problems.

Follow the instructions down below to perform a factory reset on your Merkury smart bulb:

  1. Turn ON your bulb and wait for the 3 flashes.
  2. Turn OFF your bulband wait for the other 3 flashes.
  3. Repeat the two steps above 3 times.

This will cause the bulb to perform the reset and once it is done, feel free to go back to solution #1 and try reconnecting the device with WiFi. The issue should now be gone.

In case the connectivity issues continue, you should check if the bulb’s warranty is intact and try getting a replacement.

Another workaround would be to bring the bulb for a service repair, but it would have a cost.

If your Merkury smart bulb isn’t connecting to the WiFi, try troubleshooting your network and screw the device into a different light slot. Next, reinstall the Geeni application and perform a factory reset on the device.

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Bottom Line:

After understanding why Merkury smart bulb not connecting to the WiFi, troubleshooting the problem should be the easy part.

WiFi problems with the smart bulbs are well-known to the community, but with the correct approach, you should have absolutely no trouble resolving the case!

Nicole B