magnetic door sensor not working

If your magnetic door sensor not working, there’s an easy solution for you! In most cases, magnetic door sensor users get this issue from the moment they install the device.

That’s to say, because inappropriate installation of the magnetic’s “lips”, more accurately, the too-large distance between them, will prevent the door from locking.

To fix a magnetic door sensor that won’t work, ensure the gap size between the sensor is less than an inch. Remove the sensor from the panel and then re-add it. Check the door sensor on the door’s frame for loose wires or replace the batteries if it’s wireless.

For the most frequent issue’s causes, proceed with the list we’ve provided.

Why Is Magnetic Door Alarm Sensor Not Working?

Since we don’t know the type of your magnetic sensor, it’s up to you to determine if the device is wireless or wired.

Of course, you can immediately tell if your sensor is wired or not, just by looking for cables coming out of the sensor’s cable on the door frame.

Here is a list of causes both for wired and wireless magnetic door sensors:

1. Worn-Out Battery

The battery inside of your magnetic door sensor (if it’s wireless) might have gotten worn out, therefore the device will not work.

2. Damaged/Disconnected Cables

With wired door sensors, there are cable connections within the door frame’ sensor. If the cable is worn-out, the device will be stopped from working.

3. An Issue With Sensor/Magnet Distance

The magnet on your door may be too far away from the sensor, therefore not activating the security system.

4. Security Problem

Wireless door sensors generally work with security systems. There could be an issue with the configuration of your security system’s panel.

5. The Sensor Has Gone Faulty

Chances are that your door sensor has gone faulty after all and needs to be replaced with a new one.

This was everything you should know about the problems with your magnetic door sensor. To learn how to fix the issue, keep reading our troubleshooting guide.

How To Fix Magnetic Door Sensor Not Working?

fix magnetic door sensor not working

Before we proceed, make sure that you’ve taken a good look at the causes.

We will exclude the possibility of a lethal fault with your magnetic door sensor for now and attempt easy solutions to fix the problem.

Tip: Apply our solutions consecutively and test your magnetic sensor unit after each fix attempt.

Solution #1 Power Cycle The Door Sensor

Generally, there’s a way to power cycle both hard-wired and wireless sensors.

The power cycle process refreshes the power supply of your magnetic door sensor and will hopefully fix any blunders that you’re facing.

Let’s begin with power cycling, a hard-wired unit:

How To Power Cycle Wired Door Sensor?

  1. Go over to your door where the magnet and sensor are located.
  2. Undo the screws of the sensor located on the door’s frame.
  3. Take the sensor out from the door frame.
  4. Undo the back compartment of the sensor using the same screwdriver.
  5. Disconnect the internal power supply of the unit (blue wire).
  6. Reconnect it after 5 minutes.

How To Power Cycle Wireless Door Sensors?

  1. Once again, remove the sensor from the door’s frame.
  2. Slide the back compartment to expose the internal battery.
  3. Take it out from the compartment.
  4. Standby for 5 minutes and then insert the battery back in.
Note: If you’re using a wireless magnetic door sensor, make sure that you place the battery inside of the compartment correctly.

Solution #2 Correct The Sensor/Magnet Space

correct sensor space

If your magnetic door sensor isn’t triggering upon closing the door, chances are that the space between the sensor and magnet is too big.

In this solution, you need to correct the gap between the sensor and magnet to fix the functionality of your sensor device.

Here’s how to correct the gap between your magnetic sensor and magnet:

  1. Go to the door where the sensor and magnet are installed.
  2. Undo the magnet from the door itself, using a Philips-headed screwdriver.
  3. Reposition the magnet on the door to make a total of 1-inch distance with the sensor.
  4. Re-install the magnet using the screws.
  5. Test.
Note: You may have to make additional holes to install the magnet. Don’t worry about the previous one, they will be covered by the magnet’s surface.

Solution #3 Reinstall Sensor From Panel (Wireless)

Keep in mind this solution only works with a wireless sensor. If you have a wireless magnetic door sensor, you also have a security panel that has all of the devices in your system connected.

Your wireless magnetic door sensor is also connected to the given security panel and you can add and delete it.

Here’s how to reinstall your magnetic door sensor from the security panel:

  1. Go over to the security panel.
  2. Based on your system, there should be a Devices tab.
  3. Select your sensor among the connected devices.
  4. Choose “Uninstall” and wait.
  5. Re-add your sensor by tapping on the connection that will appear in the “Add Devices” section.
Note: Once re-added the sensor, you have to re-configure the settings of the sensor.

Solution #4 Replace Faulty Wiring

replace faulty wiring

An issue that can occur with hardwired sensors is the fault with the cables.

If the cable that reaches your hardwired sensor has gone faulty, the magnetic sensor won’t receive any power supply and therefore not lock the door.

Alert: Replacing the wires of your door sensor will require purchasing one of the same types and leading it through the sensor.

Here’s how to replace the wire of your wired door sensor:

  1. Go over to the sensor.
  2. Detach the device with the instructions back in solution #1.
  3. Follow the cable that is attached to the sensor from its source.
  4. Connect the new cable to the circuit breaker of your security system.
  5. Lead the cable through the same path as the previous one and connect it to your sensor.
Note: Ensure that you’ve attached the cable both from the source and sensor correctly.

Solution #5 Reset Magnetic Door Sensor

If nothing worked so far, you should perform a reset on your magnetic door sensor.

reset door sensor

Keep in mind that a factory reset is only available with smart magnetic door sensors that are wireless.

Here’s how to reset your door sensor:

  1. Go over to the sensor.
  2. Take it off the door’s frame.
  3. Remove the device’s battery.
  4. Touch the sensor’s body with the magnet.
  5. Wait 2 seconds and stop touching the sensor with the magnet.
  6. Insert the battery back.
  7. Remove the battery.
  8. Install it back in.
  9. Wait for the LED to blink.
Note: If the reset isn’t notified with a blinking of your sensor’s LED, the reset isn’t complete and you have to execute the steps again.

Thus, to fix your Magnetic door sensor that isn’t working, power cycle it by removing the battery or unplugging the power supply cable. Re-add the magnetic door sensor from the panel and lessen the distance between the sensor and magnet. Finally, perform factory reset on the sensor to solve the issue.

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Bottom Line:

After getting to know why the magnetic door sensor not working and how to solve the problem, we hope we were of your assistance.

If you’re hesitant that your sensor device has gone faulty, make sure to check if the warranty is still active and demand a replacement.

Nicole B