logitech doorbell not responding

Whenever your Logitech doorbell not responding it could mean several things.

Your Logitech Circle View Doorbell consists of several essential units responsible for keeping the connection between the device and app intact.

Depending on your setup, you may have more or fewer components included, so in this post, we made sure to include all of them.

The Logitech doorbell will not be responding whenever it gets disconnected from the setup, or the device is turned off. The not responding problem simply means that there is no connection between the application and your Logitech doorbell.

There are quite a few reasons why your Logitech doorbell disconnects so let’s learn about them first and then proceed with the solution guide.

Why Is The Logitech Circle View Doorbell Not Responding?

Since many users have experienced this problem, there are quite a few proven reasons why your Logitech Circle View Doorbell is not responding.

Let’s take a quick look at the possibilities and proceed with addressing each of them until you solve the problem.

Here are the reasons why your Logitech doorbell is not responding:

  • WiFi outage.
  • The doorbell is turning OFF (overheating).
  • The Home App device is not connected to WiFi.
  • Bad Logitech doorbell Chime installation.

Your problem is definitely one of these possibilities so let’s jump into addressing each of them!

How To Fix When Logitech Doorbell Not Responding?

fix logitech doorbell not responding

The solutions below are listed in chronological order to save you as much time as possible.

By starting to troubleshoot in this order you will exclude each possibility one by one and not only solve the problem but also determine the root cause and how to prevent it in the future.

Here is how to solve the “not responding” Logitech doorbell issue:

Solution #1 Restart & Re-pair The Doorbell

Before moving on to more complex solutions, you’ll need to start with some fast and easy fixes to attempt.

In the first solution, we’ll start by performing a restart and then re-adding the doorbell to the Home application to check whether this will solve the problem or not.

Follow the steps below to power cycle and re-pair the Logitech doorbell:

  1. Close the Home App on your smartphone.
  2. Restart Logitech Circle.
  3. Restart the Internet Box.
  4. Press and hold the right-side button on the Logitech Circle.
  5. Wait for the purple and green light, then release.
  6. To re-pair, the doorbell device, simply hover your smartphone over it.
  7. A prompt should appear on your screen.
  8. Press “Add to Home”.
  9. Wait for the doorbell to be added to the Home Kit.
Note: After resetting the Logitech Circle, you would need to enter a name for your Logitech doorbell and configure all the initial setup settings.

Solution #2 Solve WiFi Issues

solve wifi issues

The very first thing to do is make sure that your WiFi is intact.

The most common reason for the Logitech Circle View doorbell not responding is whenever the device does not have access to the Home App. In other words, it’s disconnected.

To start identifying issues with your WiFi, you’ll have to take your smartphone and go next to the Logitech Circle location. 

When you’re there, test the WiFi by standing next to the Logitech Circle. Use a free internet test service to identify whether your WiFi is functioning at this spot.

In case you’ve identified that your WiFi is not strong or is dropping at the Circle location, here are some quick steps that you should attempt.

How To Fix WiFi Issues?

  1. Restart your router/modem.
  2. Switch from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz WiFi network.
  3. Stop downloading, seeding, or uploading.

It’s important NOT to proceed any further if you’re not certain that your WiFi is not the reason why the Logitech doorbell is disconnecting from the Home App.

Alert: Your Logitech Circle and smartphone should be always connected to the same WiFi.

Solution #3 Disable ALL Doorbell Lights

For some users, the problem was not in the Logitech Circle nor in the WiFi. Instead, their Logitech doorbell device has been restarting (turning OFF), due to overheating.

Direct sunlight exposure can increase the heat but it’s not always the main suspect.

Besides the natural heat conductors, your Logitech doorbell lights (indicator lights/night lights) produce the most heat.

When reaching a certain temperature, the device turns OFF to cool the hardware down and prevent any overheating damage.

This is why your Logitech doorbell is not responding every now and then.

To disable the night vision go to the settings of your Home Kit and switch ALL lights OFF.

Note: Restart the Home App and check if the change has been saved.

Solution #4 Reinstall Home App

reinstall home app

If your device is not turning off at all, and it’s not overheating, maybe the problem comes from the Home App host device.

Instead of the doorbell disconnecting from the WiFi, it could be the device that’s losing the connection.

This is why we strongly recommend taking another smartphone/tablet device and downloading the Home App onto it.

Then you should use the steps from solution #1 to reset your Logitech Circle and re-add it using your new host device.

When you’re ready to re-adding your Logitech doorbell to the new host device, test whether the disconnect will still be there. If not, we’ve got one last possibility to check before seeking further help.

Note: Don’t forget that both devices should be hooked up to the same network, which if possible should be 2.4Ghz WiFi.

Solution #5 Re-Install In-Door Chime

If the problem continues to reappear even after all previous solutions, then the problem might be in the in-door chime installation.

The steps below will help you make sure that everything is hooked up correctly so you can exclude your chime installation from the equation.

reinstall door chime

Here is how your in-door chime should be connected:

  1. Switch the circuit breaker OFF for the room of your Doorbell Chime.
  2. Open the Chime front panel.
  3. Disconnect ALL wires (2 or 3 wires), depending on your setup.
  4. Remove the “wings” from the end of each wire.
  5. Check whether the Home Kit (white wires) makes good contact with the wings.

For a FRONT & BACK setup, wires 4,5 go into the same WING as the TRANS (orange) wire.

As long as wires 2,3 should go in the remaining wing. It’s important to re-establish the connections according to your setup so you can make sure that the disconnects are not coming from there.

Note: In case the problem is not with the Chime, contact Logitech for further assistance.

Thus, to solve the “not responding” problem with your Logitech doorbell, you should start by restarting ALL components included in the setup and solving potential WiFi issues. Then you would need to reset the Logitech Circle and re-add it to a new host device with a cleanly installed Home App.

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Last Thoughts:

Here is everything about why the Logitech doorbell not responding and how to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Remember that you can always reach out to Logitech customer service to report your problem and eventually put your warranty into use.

So, in case, the problem persists, now you know what to do and what’s the next step.

Nicole B