lifx light keeps disconnecting

Does your LIFX light keeps disconnecting? Fix the issue in just a few minutes!

If your LIFX light bulb or LED strip keeps disconnecting randomly without proper reasoning, there’s a quick solution!

This issue could be caused by in-platform issues, all the way to power-related malfunctions and software issues.

Let’s explore the solution!

To fix whenever your LIFX light bulb/strip keeps disconnecting, power cycle the device and reinstall the LIFX application. Next, hard reset your network device (router/modem), and in case nothing helps, Factory Reset your light Stip/Bulb. 

To learn more about the origin of this issue, keep reading further!

Why Does My LIFX Light Keeps Disconnecting?

why my lifx light keeps disconnecting

If your LIFX LED light strip or bulb is constantly disconnecting, there’s a reason behind the problem.

We will go over all of the potential causes, that could be making your LIFX bulb or light strip disconnect from the WiFi and mobile app.

Here are mixed causes for both a light strip and LED bulb problem:

  • There’s an issue with the network device, router/modem
  • Problematic LIFX mobile application/storage or cache issue
  • Insufficient power supply to the bulb/LED light strip
  • A software issue with the LED light bulb or LED strip

Overall, that’s everything that could go wrong with your LIFX light bulb or strip.

Next, we’re going to unwrap the problem and learn how to solve the issue in a matter of minutes!

How to Fix When LIFX Lights Keep Disconnecting?

how fix lifx

After reading more about the problem, we hope that you already have a general idea of what’s to come in the troubleshooting.

You will be performing a pre-created list of solutions and to receive maximum efficiency, follow their chronological order.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the solutions!

Solution #1 Hard Reset the LIFX LED Lights

The first thing you should do is perform a hard reset on the LED strip that keeps dropping the connection.

This will power cycle the lights, preventing them from randomly shutting off and disconnecting from the network and the LIFX application. This method should help!

Here’s how to hard reset your LED strip and fix the disconnecting problem:

  1. Go over to the LIFX LED light setup.
  2. Locate the Power Adapter of the brick.
  3. Unplug the power adapter from the Electrical Outlet.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes while the LED lights are disconnected.
  5. Reconnect the LED lights to the power source!
  6. Check if the device is going to disconnect.
Note: If you’re using a bulb, unscrew the unit from the fixture to perform a power cycle!

Solution #2 Re-Add the LED Lights In the App!

readd in app

Chances are that your LED lights disconnected and this was a one-time thing.

The next step is to re-add the LED strip in the LIFX application and check if the issue persists.

Note: When the LED disconnects because of an internet issue, it automatically reconnects! 

Here’s how to re-add the LED LIFX strip in the mobile application:

  1. Launch the LIFX app.
  2. Head to “My Networks”.
  3. Select your LED light strip from the available device options.
  4. Press on your Wi-Fi network from the list of available connections.
  5. Wait for the network device to create a temporal connection with the light.
  6. Press the “Green Button” on the right-hand corner.
  7. Enter the WiFi password.

It’s important to check whether your WiFi is currently working since without an active internet connection the LIFX lights will not connect.

Maybe restart your router?

Alert: Make sure that your router/modem is up and running for the rest of the guide!

Solution #3 Move the Lights Closer to the Router

move lights close to router

If your LIFX LED strip keeps getting disconnected, chances are that it is too far away from the network device.

In such a case, what you should do next is position the LIFX LED lights closer to the network device and re-attempt the connection to the application.

Reposition your LIFX Lights closer to the network device (router/modem)!

Another thing you could try is to do the opposite instead. If relocating the LED lights doesn’t suit your situation, then place the network device, close to the LED lights.

Not forever, just to test whether the distance is causing your LIFX LEDs to disconnect constantly.

Note: Be gentle with the LED strip to avoid damaging its body!

Solution #4 Factory Reset the LED Lights

The next step is to perform a Factory Reset on the LED lights.

This approach will definitely suggest whether the issue is coming from the lights or from something else.

It’s important to exclude the LIFX lights from the equation so here’s how to factory reset the LEDs:

  1. Locate the Reset button on the light’s controller.
  2. Press the reset button for 15 seconds and then release.
  3. Wait for the Beam Sections to start flashing red, green, and blue.
  4. Wait for the strip to reset.
Note: The reset takes about 3 minutes so be patient.

Solution #5 Power Cycle the Network Device/Router

power cycle the network

When the LIFX bulb keeps disconnecting, even after attempting numerous solutions related to the device, it’s time to change the direction.

We need to address other possibilities such as the internet connection and we won’t proceed further until we’re sure that the WiFi is not the culprit.

To solve potential internet issues, here’s how to restart the network device:

  1. Unplug the router/modem from the Power Source.
  2. Hold its Power button for 60 seconds.
  3. This will discharge the device completely.
  4. Wait for a few moments while the device is unplugged.
  5. Reconnect the power adapter of the device to an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on the network device and test.
Tip: If the network issues persist even on other devices of yours, contact the ISP.

Solution #6 Reinstall the LIFX Application

Since the LIFX application is responsible for getting your light bulb connected to the Wi-Fi we should inspect this as well.

Here we’ll perform a clean reinstallation, which will refresh ALL services, and processes and reset the connection to the LIFX lights. A really helpful method.

  • To uninstall the LIFX app, go to Settings > Storage > Apps > LIFX > Uninstall.

Follow these instructions on your mobile device and once the app is removed, re-acquire it from the App Store.

When you’re ready, sign in to your profile and allow automatic updates to keep the application up to date. 

Tip: Follow Solution #2 to reconnect the lights to the LIFX app.

Can You Factory Reset LIFX Bulbs?

can factory reset lifx

Yes, you can reset a LIFX Bulb even if there are absolutely no buttons to use!

Same as with the LED light strip, the factory reset on the bulb disconnects the device from any connected sources, hence, the application.

It also reverts ALL settings to default so be cautious!

To reset the LIFX bulb, turn the bulb ON and OFF 5 consecutive times!

Wait for the bulb to blink three times. After that, ensure that the bulb is powered on and head back into the LIFX application.

Complete the setup process following Solution #2 in order to reconnect it to the WiFi network. Observe whether the bulb will keep disconnecting now!

Alert: In case the reset did not work, make sure to be faster when turning ON and OFF.

Quick Recap:

To fix when LIFX LED Lights are constantly disconnecting, hard reset the device and re-add it to the LIFX app. Next, update the LIFX app and perform a clean installation to provide a fresh start. In case nothing helps, perform a Factory Reset on the lights!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we’ve learned all about the LIFX light keeps disconnecting problem and how to troubleshoot it appropriately.

If you still have questions regarding this problem, perhaps you should turn to the LIFX Support Team for more assistance. Good Luck!

To find more solutions to your smart-home issues, check out our technical blog!

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