lifx bulb not connecting to wifi

Is the LIFX bulb not connecting to WiFi? Smart devices will sometimes malfunction, but troubleshooting such an issue is easier than you imagine.

The most common problems with LIFX Bulb’s Wi-Fi are your network settings. Other times, you will have to update the app or the bulb’s firmware.

If you want the LIFX Bulb to work again, follow the guide below and attempt each step carefully.

Why Is My Lifx Bulb Not Connecting To WiFi?

why my lifx bulb not connecting to wi-fi

It is such a headache when a smart device can’t connect to the Wi-Fi and thus becomes useless for the time being. 

Lifx bulbs sometimes fail that way too. Fortunately for you, we will help you troubleshoot your bulb and get it back on its feet!

Check the common reasons for the issue below:

  1. Wrong frequency – Lifx bulbs can only work on 2.4Ghz networks. They don’t work with 5GHz Wi-Fi.
  2. Malfunctioning Wi-Fi – Smart devices are not uncommon to go unrecognized when the Wi-Fi isn’t working properly.
  3. You haven’t enabled location access – As invasive as this might look, apps like Lifx require access to your location.
  4. VPN – An active VPN will make it harder to set up some smart devices such as Lifx.
  5. Outdated app – This is classic: an outdated app won’t work correctly. 
  6. Malfunctioning bulb – Perhaps the issue is with the bulb itself.

How To Fix Lifx Bulb Not Connecting To WiFi – Guide

how fix lifx light bulb

After reading all the possible causes of your LIFX light not connecting to Wi-Fi, your head might feel more at ease. 

To alleviate all stress, nothing better than to get rid of the issue altogether. Check below all the solutions you can try.

Solution #1: Check Your Bandwidth Frequency

A common cause of some devices not working correctly is trying to connect them to an unsupported frequency. 

If you are unaware, modern routers usually have two networks with different frequencies. One boasts a 2.4GHz signal, and the other a 5GHz one.

Lifx bulb lights require a 2.4GHz connection.

The most simple way of checking the Wi-Fi frequency is by checking how the network is named.

It is common for ISP technicians to name each network differently. 

If there is a network with “5G” or anything similar in the name, that is the connection you should not connect the Lifx bulb to!

If the phone/device you are using to set up the Lifx bulb is connected to the 5Ghz network:

  1. Disconnect from that network
  2. Connect to the 2.4GHz network
  3. Try setting the Lifx bulb again
Note: If the router is not generating a 2.4GHz network, check its booklet to see how you can activate it.

Solution #2: Reset The Wi-Fi

reset the wifi

Sometimes the issue involves your router having some connection problems.

That might be caused by a jammed load of data or other problems that can be solved easily by resetting the router.

Resetting your router is very simple:

  1. Turn off the power on your router
  2. Wait for a few minutes
  3. Turn its power back on.

Next, check if the Lifx bulb recognizes and connects to the Wi-Fi.

Solution #3: Update/Fix The Lifx App

If none of the above did the trick, try reinstalling or updating the app on your device.

Sometimes an update is available, but it doesn’t download automatically. In that case:

  1. Proceed to the App Store/Play Store
  2. Find the Lifx app
  3. Check if there is an update
  4. If there is, choose to update.

Is there no update available? Then another possible cause is corruption in the files of your app.

update the lifx app

To fix that, you need to reinstall the app:

  1. Find the app on your phone
  2. Hold your finger on it
  3. Click “Uninstall
  4. Go to the App Store 
  5. Find the app and download it again
Tip: Also, perform a power reset on your phone to make this solution more effective.

Solution #4: Enable Location Access

Is your phone’s location service activated before setting up the LIFX bulb? If not, it could explain why the Wi-Fi isn’t working.

Your location is required so the LIFX app can establish a Wi-Fi connection in your house.

You must enable location services on your device and provide permission for the LIFX bulb to use.

Here’s how:

Smartphones And Tablets Running Android:

smartphones running android

Browse your device’s home screen for the LIFX app’s icon. Then, keep the icon selected by pressing and holding the button.

  1. Select “App Info,” 
  2. Click “Permissions” and “Location.”
  3. Choose Only when using the app 

Smartphones and tablets using Apple’s iOS:

To activate Location Services, go to Privacy Settings.


  1. Find the LIFX app
  2. Click on it. 
  3. Select While Using as the next step.

The LIFX app may now access your location data. To continue the bulb setup procedure, launch the app.

Tip: Allowing any app to access your location only when the app is activated is a bit less invasive.

Solution #5: Disable VPN

disable the vpn

You should turn it off when the router in your house offers a VPN service. Further, ensure no VPN app is operating on your mobile device.

Next, power cycle your router and LIFX light after making any changes. 

Simply turning off the LIFX bulb is enough to reset it. Leave it that way for 5 seconds before turning it again.

To reset the router:

  1. Turn off the power on your router
  2. Wait for a few minutes
  3. Turn its power back on.

With everything powered again and VPN disabled, attempt to connect the LIFX bulb.

Note: After connecting the LIFX bulb, you can activate the VPN again on your devices.

Solution #6: Update The Bulb’s Firmware

You can use the LIFX app to check for firmware updates on the bulb and install them if necessary.

Instructions for verifying and updating the firmware on your LIFX light bulb are as follows:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Click the gear icon (settings)
  3. Choose Update Firmware

Solution #7: Reset The LIFX Bulb

reset the lifx bulb

Did nothing of the above work? Then, the last solution is to attempt a factory reset on your bulb. 

It might be the case that something in its firmware or hardware is blocking it from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

To perform a reset on a LIFX Bulb Original, do the following:

  1. Flick the switch on the side of the bulb
  2. Turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off and on again
  3. After two minutes, check again

On other LIFX Bulb models, resetting works like this:

  1. Turn the light on and off five times
  2. Wait up to 30 seconds
  3. Check again if the network shows up
Note: If resetting makes the light go out, wait a bit and reset again. Doing this process should not make the light go out for good.

Solution #8: Call LIFX Support

call the lifx support

Unfortunately, if nothing of the above works, the one last thing you can do is call LIFX support

If you do, tell them of all the methods you have already tried.

That way, they can deliver a quicker response. It is likely they will send you a new bulb.

Bonus: Lifx Bulb Connected To WiFi But Not Showing Up

Is the LIFX bulb connected to Wi-Fi but not showing up? You have nothing to worry about. That means that the LIFX bulb is working correctly.

Your LIFX network only shows up when you first set it up. After it gets integrated into your home’s network, it won’t show up anymore. 

What We Learned

Is the LIFX bulb not connecting to WiFi? You can easily troubleshoot it before calling LIFX to request a recall. 

Commonly, you need to attempt resetting Wi-Fi and the bulb. Other times, check the Wi-Fi configurations to see if they are the correct type for the LIFX bulb.

Last but not least, verify the state of the app and firmware.

Nicole B