lg magic remote cursor not working

Is your LG magic remote cursor not working, and you do not know what to do about it?

This smart feature in your remote is what makes you know that your remote is in good condition. So, when you fail to see it on your TV screen, you may get worried.

Below are several fixing methods you can try and bring back your remote cursor to work again. Kindly read on.

If your LG remote cursor is not working, it can be due to low batteries, or you disconnected it from the TV. Acquire new batteries and insert them in your remote. Also, reconnect the remote to the TV by turning on your TV, then hold the remote near it. Press the OK or menu button.

You will see a message on your screen that says your remote is connected to the LG TV.

Reasons for LG Magic Remote Cursor Not Working

Your LG remote cursor may fail to work due to any of the following reasons.

  • The remote batteries are discharged
  • It is disconnected from the TV
  • It has lagging software
  • A set-up box has blocked it from reaching the TV

Note: The LG TV remote has the home and the wheel buttons.

If you do not see the cursor on your screen, kindly press any of these buttons. Then, the cursor should appear and control your TV normally.

How to Fix LG TV Remote Sensor Not Working

fix lg magic remote cursor not working

Once you note the problem on your LG magic remote, you will always think of ways to resolve it. Below are quick fixes you can try if the cursor fails to work. 

Solution #1: Check Batteries

One of the basic reasons your LG magic remote cursor may fail to work is dead batteries.

As you know, magic remotes, unlike normal remotes, use Bluetooth. So, you will often need to replace their batteries soon since they drain quicker.

So, before you think of any other method to resolve your LG remote issue, you can simply change the batteries first.

If you feel like your remote battery’s lifetime is too short, you can opt for dependable and reliable products like Duracell or Energizer. 

Solution #2: Connect the Remote to your LG TV

Note that your remote will not work on your LG TV unless you pair it to the TV. It could be that your remote is a brand new one and needs synching.

Here is how you can pair it to the TV:

Step 1. Turn on TV

Turn on your TV using the power button on the TV. If you have another remotely supported device or technique, ensure you turn it off to avoid errors.

Step 2. Point the Remote

Hold your remote nearer the TV, press and hold its OK or the mute button for ten seconds. If the connection is successful, you should see a message on your screen saying that the magic remote is connected.

Solution #3: Software Lag

Your remote, like any other electronic gadget, runs on software. If it has lagging software, it will not work, nor can you see the cursor.

However, it is easy to solve this software lagging issue in easy steps. All you need is to disconnect then reconnect your LG remote from the TV.

To disconnect, hold the back and the home buttons simultaneously. To reconnect it, hold the OK or mute buttons simultaneously.

Ensure that you perform these steps when your remote is near the TV to achieve the results. Once through, you should see the cursor on your TV screen.

Solution #4: Keep the Set-top Box from Blocking the Remote

lg magic remote cursor issues

Unless your remote interacts with the TV sensor directly, it will not work; hence you will not see the cursor moving.

It could be that the way you placed your set-up box is in such a way that it is hindering the remote signal. Hence, when you try to change channels you will be unable to do that because the remote is blocked.

As you know, the set-up box needs a physical pairing with the TV for it to work.

So, if it is hindering your remote signals from reaching the TV, there is no other way to handle it but to move it aside.

Ensure it is in a place where it can still be connected to the TV as it is supposed to, and it is not restricting the remote’s signal. Try operating the TV with the remote and see if you can locate the cursor.

Solution #5: Get an LG Mobile App Remote

I know it can be quite frustrating when your remote spoils at the moment you had not planned to buy another one.

Or probably, you really need it at such a time when you need to watch your favorite episodes, but there is nothing you can do.

You can turn your phone into a remote. All you need is to download the LG webOS magic remote from the google play store or App Store for Android and iOS, respectively.

The option can be a bit reliable if you have a phone lying around, but you do not use it. Just pair the phone with the TV and control your TV with the app.

Note that both the TV and the phone must be connected to the same local network.

Then, you can use your LG TV app on your TV; move the cursor by pointing to your TV, switching channels, changing the layout, etc.

Solution #6: Reset the LG Remote

Have you tried the above measures, but nothing has worked? Resetting the remote will get it back to work again.

Resetting erases all glitches and hiccups causing the remote to misbehave. Hence, it should return to basic operation.

Power off your TV using its power button, then remove the remote’s batteries. Allow the remote to rest for some minutes, then return the batteries. Point the remote towards the TV, then click the wheel keys in the middle.

You will see a message on your screen that the pairing is complete. Hence, you can use your remote normally again. You should see the cursor, too.

Solution #7: Shake the Remote

LG recommends that you do not use your LG remote near any appliance with an electronic stabilizer such as a fluorescent lamp.

They can cause issues with your remote, and it may fail to work or cause the cursor to disappear.

However, you can make the cursor reappear by shaking the remote. When a cursor disappears, it is only to show you that the view of your screen was interrupted.

Hence, it should not be an issue to bother you.

Solution #8: Contact LG

If none of the fixing methods works for you, you can opt to reach LG customer care. It might be an issue with your remote that you may be unable to work on.

Explain to them the fixes you have tried. They will be able to give you another working solution.

Your LG remote cursor may fail to work due to discharged batteries, or it is disconnected from the TV. Reset the remote by removing the batteries and allowing the remote some time to rest, then insert new batteries.

Reconnect it back to the TV or use the LG magic remote app if no solution works.

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For an LG magic remote cursor not working, you may not need to worry.

The methods above are a quick fix, and you may not need to pay anything to get your remote cursor working again.

Just spare some time, go through each of the methods or opt for the app we have described above if you wish to try something new.

Nicole B