levoit humidifier leaking

Levoit humidifier leaking can be cause for worry as it’s risky for electrical devices to have water ingress.

If your Levoit is leaking either from the base, water tank, or from the mist port, you need to find and address the root cause.

To stop water leaking from your Levoit humidifier, first, examine the water tank and cap. Next, check the water level, clean the water sensor, and lastly, examine all valves.

Now that you know the primary fixes for water leaks, let’s try to understand first what causes them.

Why Does My Levoit Humidifier Leak?

why does my levoit humidifier leak

Levoit humidifier water leaking is caused when the water-tight reservoir or internal components have compromised structural integrity.

Some leaks could, however, be due to improper device setup or simply due to lack of maintenance.

Here are the most common causes for Levoit humidifier water leaks:

Now that you know the top causes of water leaks, follow our troubleshooting steps below in the given order and without skipping for the best results.

How to Fix Levoit Humidifier Leaking

Tip: Always position your Levoit devices on an even surface to prevent spilling water.

Step #1: Check the Water Tank and Cap

check the water tank and cap

The first step you should always take when water leaks from your Levoit is to check if the water tank and its cover cap have dents or cracks.

There are many different Levoit humidifier types and models, so the steps below might vary slightly for your device.

Here is how to ensure the water tank is watertight for your Levoit humidifier:

  1. Turn off and then unplug your Levoit.
  2. Remove the water reservoir, drain any water, and check for cracks or signs of damage.
  3. If you can’t find any signs of damage visually, fill the water tank to the top and check if leaks or droplets form on its outer side.
  4. Check the Levoit reservoir cap or top panel for any issues and if it forms a proper seal.
  5. Your water tank should be air-tight to operate correctly and prevent leaking.
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After these steps, if you find extensive damage to the water reservoir, ordering a replacement is best, as sealing it yourself can be challenging.

If the water tank and cap are in working order, proceed with the steps below.

Note: Whenever possible, choose to use distilled or demineralized water for your Levoit.

Step #2: Verify Proper Assembly

verify proper assembly

Levoit humidifier leaking from the bottom can be commonly caused by some parts or panels that have gone loose.

If your humidifier is leaking from the button, you have to pay special attention to the internal water storage near the base or right below the water tank.

Here are the steps to verify your Levoit humidifier has proper assembly: 

  1. Detach your Levoit humidifier from its power outlet.
  2. Disassemble your device following the user manual if needed.
  3. The primary goal is to check for loose internal parts, tubing, or inner water chambers.
  4. Reassemble the humidifier by ensuring that all its parts fit together tightly.
  5. If you notice water buildup, dry it fully before restarting your humidifier.
  6. Ensure your Levoit water tank is fitted snugly and “clicked” into position to prevent leaks.
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After these steps, refill your water tank and power on your Levoit. Look for signs of leaking or droplets forming near the base.

If the issue persists, power off your humidifier and proceed with the next steps.

Tip: You could take photos of the disassembly so you can check where certain parts fit later.

Step #3: Check for Condensation

check for condensation

An often overlooked cause of water leaks for Levoit devices is the presence of condensation forming droplets and giving the appearance of leaks.

These can happen primarily due to environmental factors and shouldn’t be cause for worry.

Here is how to address condensation-induced leaks in Levoit humidifiers:

  1. Condensation usually forms when the ambient humidity level exceeds 60%.
  2. As water molecules condense due to temperature differences, they form droplets and small puddles on your humidifier. 
  3. If you notice condensation on your humidifier or windows, it’s a good indicator that your room environment is too humid.
  4. To reduce condensation, don’t open windows to allow cool air to come in as your humidifier is working.
  5. If using a warm mist humidifier, don’t place it in rooms with too low ambient temperatures.
  6. For cool mist Levoit humidifiers, ensure they are not placed in direct sunlight.
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If your Levoit humidifier leaks due to condensation, it does not indicate hardware damage, rather than high humidity levels and temperature conditions that make water condense.

Note: Don't overfill your Levoit aroma box with essential oils to prevent leaking.

Step #4: Adjust Levoit Water Level

adjust levoit water level

Perhaps the most widely recognized causes for Levoit humidifiers’ leaking is their reservoir being overfilled or having too little water.

When you overfill the water tank, this causes higher internal pressure on the tubing and internal components, which can cause small cracks to form.

To prevent your Levoit device from leaking, here is how to check your water levels:

  1. Power off your Levoit and detach it from the outlet.
  2. Remove and empty the water tank, then look for a line or water level indicator.
  3. You should see a transparent or colored line marking the water volume.
  4. Refill the water tank, this time ensuring it’s not over the top or below the threshold
  5. Plug your Levoit again and observe if the water leak issue persists.
Note: Never submerge the base of your Levoit humidifier in water when cleaning it.

Step #5: Examine the Float Valve

examine the float valve

Depending on the exact Levoit humidifier model, there might be a small float positioned inside the water tank or in a separate compartment.

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The float is a device that uses buoyancy to gauge or sense the water height inside your humidifier actively. 

Here is how to ensure your float is in working condition for your Levoit:

  1. Locate the float inside your water tank and observe if it’s moving.
  2. If the float is stuck to the bottom or not moving, it can cause leaks, as your device will get false water level readings.
  3. A stuck float is often caused by plaque buildup. If you notice a white scale on your float, use distilled vinegar to brush it off and remove it.
  4. If you are unsure how to access the float for maintenance, check with your Levoit manual.
  5. Some Levoit models also have a float valve that keeps the float compartment watertight. Check if the seal is compromised or has loosened up.
Note: The float should be able to move freely across its compartment without resistance.

Step #6: Check the Reservoir Seal

check the reservoir seal

The reservoir seal is responsible for keeping water from leaking or spilling onto the humidifier base.

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As the detachable water tank makes contact with the humidifier base, it needs a mechanism to keep the water in until it’s connected to the humidifier. 

Here are some guidelines for maintaining your reservoir seal and gasket:

  1. The water insulation is done via a gasket and a silicone or rubber ring or seal.
  2. Check if the gasket can freely move (it usually has a small spring inside).
  3. If you notice that it’s stuck or partially closed, use distilled vinegar to remove any plaque. 
  4. When cleaning, rinse the unit with water and repeat the above steps if mineralization still obstructs your reservoir seal.
  5. If the silicone ring is broken or has eroded away, install a brand-new one to prevent leaks.
Note: Replacement O-rings are usually inexpensive; just ensure you order the correct one for your model.

Step #7: Clean the Wick or Filter

clean the wick or filter

Many Levoit humidifiers come with a small cylinder-shaped particle filter that filters water before it goes into your device.

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If this filter is highly congested, it can cause the internal pressure of your device to rise and make water leak through your parts.

Here is how to ensure your filter wick is in working order on the Levoit humidifier:

  1. Unplug the Levoit device from the electrical outlet.
  2. Remove the water tank and other panels if needed to access the water filter.
  3. Remove the filter by gently tugging it upward and check if it’s too depleted.
  4. You can soak the filter overnight in distilled vinegar to remove the plaque buildup or swap it for a brand-new one.
  5. Levoit sells affordable replacement filters, so getting a new filter is always best rather than trying to salvage a used one.
Note: Don't directly pour boiling or hot water into your Levoit device to prevent leaking.

Quick Recap

Thus to fix the Levoit humidifier leaking, first, check the water tank and adjust the water level.

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Then, ensure there is no plaque on your Levoit device’s internal components.

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