lasko heater remote not working

Your Lasko Heater Remote not working and you can’t control your heater?

We have the solution!

Whenever a remote stops working, our first idea is that the batteries have gone faulty.

When the batteries are not the case, however, different approaches must be thought of.

In this guide, we’ll review all of the best ways to resolve this issue! Let’s begin with a quick review:

To fix when the Lasko Heater Remote isn’t working, discharge the device and replace the batteries inside. Next, clean the battery compartment and perform a Hard Reset on the Lasko Heater.

Let’s review the following solutions in a more detailed manner with our upcoming guide!

Lasko Heater Remote Not Working – Quick Fix!

why remote not working

In the upcoming guide, we’ll review all of the solutions to your Lasko Heater Remote’s problem but in the appropriate depth.

We’ll go over all of the details regarding this problem and what to bet on to fix the malfunction of your remote.

Without losing any more time, let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Discharge the Remote

The first and most easy solution to this problem is to perform a Discharge on the remote.

This will rid the device of its intact electricity charge, refreshing both its hardware and software.

This will cause the remote to restart all of its functions and services and start communicating with your Lasko Heater once again.

discharge the remote

Here’s how to discharge the remote:

  1. Place the remote with the buttons facing down.
  2. Remove the Battery Compartment Cover.
  3. Expose the Batteries.
  4. Eject the two AAA batteries inside the remote.
  5. Press each button on the remote for 5 seconds.
  6. Stand by for another 3 Minutes.
  7. Re-insert the batteries back into the remote, as you mind the polarity.
  8. Attempt to use the device after closing the compartment cover.

As we’ve mentioned in the instructions, you should mind how you are positioning the batteries inside of the remote.

This could interrupt the power flow of the remote.

Note: In addition, make sure that the batteries are in a healthy state and that there is no leaking.

Solution #2 Move Closer to the Heater

move closer to heater

Perhaps, Distance is what prevents the remote from controlling the heater.

There is a particular distance limit, after which the remote’s signal will no longer be able to reach the heater and trigger output.

In that regard, you should move as close as possible to the heater while holding your Lasko remote and then attempt to interact with the device.

Get your remote, move next to the heater and attempt to interact with the device

Solution #3 Clean the Battery Compartment

What you should do next is Clean the Battery Compartment of the remote.

Chances are that something is obstructing the batteries from making clean contact with the electric poles, preventing the remote from working.

clean the compartment

For this process, you’ll only need one dry and one wet cloth, to properly attain all of the dust that has fallen in the compartment.

Follow these steps to clean the remote’s compartment:

  1. Take out the Compartment Cover.
  2. Eject the batteries.
  3. Insert the Wet Cloth in the compartment and begin circular movements.
  4. Once all dust has been collected, use the Dried Cloth to dry up the compartment.
  5. Let the remote’s hardware “breathe” for 1-2 minutes.
  6. Close the battery compartment.
  7. Test…

It is out of the question to re-install the batteries while your remote compartment is still wet.

This could cause even further complications with the device or a complete hardware malfunction!

Tip: Dry up the electrical poles especially, since this is where the batteries later connect.

Solution #4 Replace the Batteries

replace the batteries

Perhaps, the Batteries are to blame and must be replaced.

Your Lasko Heater Remote uses 2 AAA batteries inside of its hardware, in the battery compartment.

In that regard, you’ll need a fresh set of AAA batteries to use as a replacement inside of your Lasko Heater remote.

  • Take out the compartment, eject the old batteries and place the new ones

Once again, you should mind how the batteries are getting inserted and which side they are pointing to.

The negative pole of the batteries must be facing the positive pole of the compartment and the other way around. Test your remote after reinstalling them.

Note: Do not use second-hand batteries. Make sure they are brand new.

Solution #5 Hard Reset the Lasko Heater

hard reset the heater

Chances are that the problem is with your Lasko Heater, rather than the remote itself.

A quick and easy solution to this problem is to perform a Hard Reset on your heater. 

This will have the hardware of the heater discharge and will also flush the software of the device, resolving any communication bugs with the remote.

Here’s how to do a Hard Reset:

  1. Press the Power Button on the Lasko Heater to shut it off.
  2. Unplug the heater’s power cable from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait for 5 Minutes while the heater is discharging.
  4. Re-attach the power cable to an electrical outlet.
  5. Turn on the heater.
  6. Test using the remote.

If you plug your heater in right away, you’ll not give it enough time to power refresh.

Note: Keep the heater unplugged for at least 5 minutes to achieve the reset’s goal.

How to Fix When Lasko Heater Buttons Not Working?

fix the lasko buttons

If the buttons on your heater are also refusing to work, we could also help!

The buttons on the heater are a different story when compared to the ones on the remote.

If one of the buttons on the heater itself stops working, this means that there’s a malfunction with the heater and the remote has nothing to do with it.

Here are the best fix methods to try on your Lasko Heater to resolve this problem!

Method #1 Use More Force

As time goes by, the buttons on your heater may become more difficult to press.

Many users have reported this as an actual problem since debris could pile up in the pressing plate of the buttons.

This means that more force will be required, to press down the button until it triggers the pressure plate and therefore triggers the particular action.

All you have to do during this solution is use more force when pressing the buttons.

Although this doesn’t mean overpowering the button with all of your might, give your finger a little more force when pushing the button down.

Tip: Taking apart the heater’s components could help you collect debris under the buttons.

Method #2 Troubleshoot Heater Power Problems

troubleshoot a heater

Power Issues may have occurred with your heater.

We’re suggesting multiple different solutions that will solve any occurrences with the power state of the device, preventing you from using the buttons.

Here’s what to do:

  • Plug the heater into a Different Outlet
  • Re-secure the Power Cable into the heater’s end and the source
  • Replace the Power Adapter of the heater

Make sure to follow these instructions in chronological order and test your heater after applying each of the steps.

This will keep you on track with the problem.

Note: If the heater refuses to turn on at all, perhaps it’s an internal hardware malfunction.

Method #3 Reset the Lasko Heater

reset the heater

At last, you could try a Reset on your Lasko Heater. This is the ultimate solution that could troubleshoot all types of issues that occurred with your heater and get it working again.

The reset is easy to apply since all you have to do is unplug the heater for a while.

  • Disconnect your Lasko Heater from the power for 10 minutes

Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, reinstall the device’s adapter back into the source and the reset should have taken place.

After that, you should try to press some of the device’s panel buttons and determine if they are functional.

Alert: Not waiting for the full 10 minutes will not cause a reset on your Lasko Heater.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix when the Lasko Heater Remote isn’t functioning, hard reset the heater and place your remote closer to the device. Next, replace the batteries of the remote as you attempt to discharge it first. Finally, clean the Battery Compartment of the remote.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we’ve learned all about the “Lasko Heater Remote not working”.

We’ve also reviewed the best possible solutions and methods, to both troubleshoot your heater and remote buttons.

If you’re still experiencing any sort of trouble with either of the devices, perhaps it would be a good idea to get in touch with the merchant.

They will help you!

Nicole B