lasko heater red light on but not working

Lasko Heater red light on but not working” issue has occurred in your setup?

The red light indicator is what displays the power state of the heater. If the lamp is off, then no power reaches the heater and therefore it’ll not turn on.

If the lamp is on but the heater doesn’t start up, certainly something is unusual.

Here’s the best way to approach the issue!

To fix when the Lasko Heater has a red light but isn’t working, power cycle the device and connect it to a different power outlet. Next, eliminate any third-party connectors in the device’s setup and startup the heater properly. Finally, the factory reset the heater.

Let’s learn more about the given red light on your Lasko Heater and what it means!

More About the Red Light on Lasko Heater…

more about the red light

Quite frankly, a red light on any Lasko Heater means that power reaches the device and is currently functional.

It means that the correct amount of electricity is withdrawn from the power source and sent to the device’s hardware.

In that set of thoughts, it is quite unusual for your Lasko Heater to display a red light but refuse to work at all.

It could mean that the problem is more likely with the control pad of the device, the thermostat activation, rather than in the power supply.

We’ll go over the best possible solutions for this type of problem on your heater!

Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working?

lasko heater does not turn on

After learning what the red light on your heater means and what condition of the hardware it represents, we could confidently move on to the troubleshooting.

We’ve included a variety of different solutions, for most of the Lasko Heater types at your disposal…

Let’s jump in!

Solution #1 Turn on the Device Properly

If the red light on your Lasko Heater is lit up, it means that power reaches the device!

What you could be doing wrong is starting up the heater. If you’re doing this incorrectly, the device will refuse to start up, regardless of the lit-up red lamp on the hardware of the device.

However, turning on the device with different heater models is slightly different.

turn on the device

Let’s review how to startup the general models of Lasko Heaters:

  • Digital Display Heater – Press the “Power Icon” on the device’s display
  • Space Heater – Press the Panel Power Button to start up the device
  • Ceramic Heater – Rotate the Power Switch to “2” towards the left

For this work, you must first identify the type of heater and whether it is digital, manual or fully manual.

Digital heaters are therefore digital and the space and ceramic heaters are manual and fully manual correspondingly.

Note: You’ll know that your heater has initiated heating once it starts making noise.

Solution #2 Hard Reset the Lasko Heater

hard reset the lasko

What you could do is perform a Hard Reset on your Lasko Heater.

This will manage to discharge the device out of remaining electricity and therefore result in a complete hardware refresh.

This solution is suggested whenever the device is experiencing general functional-related issues and this process manages to settle them quickly indeed.

Here’s how to perform a Hard Reset on your Lasko Heater:

  1. Power off your Lasko Heater by pressing the Power Button.
  2. Wait for the device to shut down.
  3. Disconnect the Power Adapter from the electrical outlet.
  4. Stand by for 60 Seconds.
  5. Reconnect your Lasko Heater back to the source after 60 seconds.
  6. Turn on the device by pressing the power button again.
  7. Check if the red lamp on your heater is still active.

However, you should keep in mind that the red lamp must also be ON even if the heater has no underlying power problems. 

Note: Not keeping the heater unplugged for at least 60 seconds will not discharge it.

Solution #3 Plug into a Different Source

plug to different source

Next, we strongly suggest attaching your heater to an Alternative Power Source that is proven to be functional.

In case a problem has developed with the heater’s current electrical outlet, there is a big chance that the red lamp would be on but the heater wouldn’t work.

That’s why your next move is to attach the Lasko Heater to a different source and attempt to use it.

  • Disconnect the heater from the current source and connect it to a new one

To verify the new source’s functionality, make sure that you had another device plugged in there beforehand.

If the previous device didn’t have any power-related issues, then surely, the source is reliable.

Since heaters require a lot of electricity, a reliable source is a must.

Note: As for the old outlet, contact a technician to take a look at it if you’re having worries.

Solution #4 Eliminate Third-Party Connectors

eliminate the third party

Third-Party Connectors in your heater’ setup is definitely something you don’t want.

Power cord extenders, power strips, dividers, secondary outlets, and many more similar devices, could cause power issues with your Lasko Heater.

In that regard, you must eliminate all devices of that type and only use your heater’s power adapter.

  • Make sure to remove all of the third-party devices in your heater setup!

Once you’ve stripped your setup off of additional devices that are not required for the heater’s functionality, reconnect the heater to power.

Use only the power adapter of the heater and connect it to the electrical outlet on the wall.

Once your heater has been connected, turn on the device and test.

Note: If the heater receives power, the red light should be lit up and the device will also heat.

Solution #5 Reset the Lasko Heater

reset the lasko heater

Resetting your Lasko Heater is one of the ultimate solutions to resolve this problem!

If performing a reset on the device also doesn’t work, you’ll have to deliver the unit for a technical repair at the merchant.

This will be your only solution to the problem since you’ve tried all of the methods in the guide.

Here’s how to reset your Lasko Heater in easy steps:

  1. Press the Power Button on the device once to shut it off.
  2. Wait for the heater to stop working.
  3. Unplug the heater’s power cord.
  4. Press and hold the Power Button for 60 Seconds.
  5. Wait 30 minutes, while your heater is unplugged.

Yes, that’s right. The reset on your heater is triggered by keeping the device unplugged for a particular amount of time.

Keeping it unplugged for less than 30 minutes will not guarantee that it will reset itself and therefore start working properly.

Tip: Set a timer for 30 minutes and reconnect the device after half an hour has elapsed.

Lasko Ceramic Heater Red Light On But Not Working?

the lasko not working

If you’re experiencing problems, specifically with your Lasko Ceramic Heater, we’ve also got you covered!

Since the different nature of the ceramic heaters’ engineering, troubleshooting here is quite different than with semi-manual and digital heaters.

You’ll have to approach the hardware of the device in a different way than you did with the Ceramic Digital and Manual unit.

Here’s how to fix the red light on a Lasko Ceramic Heater!

Fix #1 Re-Adjust the Thermostat of the Heater

If the red light on the thermostat is on, but the device refuses to work, then you should re-adjust the Thermostat Setting.

The thermostat is what makes your heater emit heat and therefore controls how strongly the heat is being emitted.

What you should do is re-adjust the setting of the Lasko Ceramic Heater and make sure the thermostat is set to “ON” and is enabled.

  • Locate the Thermostat Switch and spin it towards “2”

There are setting labels on the top panel of the heater and “2” is the maximum setting.

Note: Keep the heater at the maximum setting for the rest of the guide.

Fix #2 Discharge the Ceramic Heater

discharge the heater

Next, you should Discharge the Ceramic Heater.

It is really easy to discharge the Ceramic Heater and make it remove all of the intact electricity that it has gathered inside.

This is used for refreshing both the software and hardware of the device.

  • To discharge a Lasko Ceramic Heater, unplug it from the power source!

The longer you’ve kept the Lasko Ceramic Heater, the better it will discharge from the intact electricity.

Tip: You should unplug the adapter from both ends.

Fix #3 Disable Activity Modes

disable the activity

On certain models of Lasko Ceramic Heaters, there are Activity and Timer Modes that make your heater work in a specific way.

The switches of the activity modes are positioned next to the power switch and you must make sure that all modes are set to “0” or disabled.

Once you’ve removed all active modes on your heater, attempt to use the device and watch out for the red light.

Note: Activity Modes control when your Ceramic Heater shuts down and works!

Quick Recap

Hence, to fix when the Lasko Heater has a red light but the device isn’t working, perform a Hard Reset and start it up properly. Next, connect the device to a different outlet and perform a reset. Finally, eliminate any third-party connectors in the device setup.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, you’ve learned how to deal with the “Lasko Heater red light on but not working” and what’s the most efficient way to do it.

We’ve been over the best-working solutions so far that make even the old Ceramic Heaters work like new!

Nicole B