lasko heater keeps shutting off

Wondering why is Lasko heater keeps shutting off? We got you covered for every fact!

When it comes to warming a space, Lasko heaters are quite reliable. However, when it keeps turning off, homeowners get some concerns.

Make sure to read our guide to find out how to quickly fix your Lasko heater if it keeps turning off.

There are a number of reasons why the Lasko Heater continually switches off, including insufficient power and the activation of safety features. Furthermore, the cause could also be a Dirty Heater, a Faulty Wire, a Blown Fuse, or a Clogged Air Vent. 

Let’s discuss the major causes in brief that prevent the heater from turning on: 

Why Does My Lasko Heater Keep Turning OFF?

why my lasko heater keeps shutting off

If you have trouble turning ON the Lasko heater, there is a defect with the machine that prevents it from operating normally.

Usually, the heater continues turning off because of an inadequate power supply, which might occur in the form of power surges as well as many other factors!

Here are the common causes that keep your heater turning off:

  • Faulty Heater Cable / Power Outlet
  • Blown Heater Fuse
  • Dirt Build Up in the Heater
  • Blocked Heater Air Filter
  • Defective Thermostat
  • Incorrect Heater Temperature Settings
  • Enabled Heater Auto Safety Feature
  • Defective Lasko Heater 

Now let’s move forward to learn how you can easily prevent your heater from turning off!

How To Fix When Lasko Heater Keeps Shutting Off?

how to fix lasko heater

The continuous turning off of the heater is incredibly frustrating, especially when you need a warm environment.

If your heater is having the same issue, make sure you follow the steps, and the methods described properly so you can fix the problem in minutes!

Solution #1 Check Power Supply!

The Power Supply is what most often makes the Lasko heater turn OFF.

A sufficient amount of power is needed for the Lasko heaters in order for them to function properly.

Your heater may shut off because it is not receiving voltage, or it’s possible that you have plugged too many appliances into your home’s electrical system, overloading it. 

Tip: Lasko heaters require 1500 Watts to function properly!
check your power supply

Here are some things to check if your heater is not supplying power:

  1. Make sure the heater Power Outlet and cable are working fine. 
  2. To ensure run a test by plugging any other device into the heater’s outlet.
  3. Check whether the heater cable is securely plugged into the outlet or is loose.
  4. Ensure that your home circuit breaker and CFGI are working fine and don’t trip.
Important: Remove extension cords or surge protectors connected to the outlet of the heater.

Solution #2 Reset Auto-Safety

reset auto safety

The Auto-Safe Feature of the Lasko heater will often turn the device off when the temperature exceeds the usual range to safeguard it from further damage.

Your heater’s auto safety might experience a failure that leads to overheating and eventually shut-off. 

Solution: Power Cycling your Lasko heater is the easiest approach to fix this problem!

Here is how you can reset your Lasko heater:

  1. Turn OFF your Lasko heater.
  2. Unplug it from the outlet for about 10 minutes.
  3. Plug back the heater into the outlet.
  4. Turn on your heater.
Tip: Avoid running multiple devices simultaneously in one outlet prevents the heater from overheating!

Solution #3 Increase Heater Temperature

increase the temperature

Incorrect heater temperature settings might also result in a device problem that eventually results in the heater turning off.

There’s a possibility that your unit is turning off because it reaches a certain temperature.

As soon as the room temperature rises over the heater’s temperature settings, the device will turn off automatically.

  • Increasing the heater temperature settings is all you need!

Here is how you can adjust your heater temperature settings:

  1. Turn on your heater.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Select Temperature Settings.
  4. Set the heater temperature to the maximum level.
Note: Keep in mind that your room temperature is always lower than the heater’s temperature!

Solution #4 Clean Dirty Heater

clean dirty heater

A dirty heater can occasionally halt heater performance. The cause of your heater keeps shutting off is that it is unclean and has a substantial buildup of dust or debris.

This may eventually prohibit the heater from circulating oxygen or communicating with other components. 

Solution: The best option so far is to clean the heater!

Here is how you can clean your heater:

  1. Make sure your heater is unplugged from power.
  2. Now take a Vacuum Cleaner and clean the Air Filter from the front of your heater.
  3. Next, also vacuum the heater backdoor intake properly.
  4. Make sure to vacuum both sides properly.
  5. Then take a dry soft cloth and wipe the heater from the filter sides
  6. Clear all the dirt.
  7. Plug in the heater and check whether the issue has been resolved.

In case the Lasko heater is still shutting OFF without a reason, keep reading!

Solution #5 Clean Air Filter

clean the air filter

The air filter is one of the important components that circulate the air.

Unfortunately, over time, the filter gets a dirt layer built up and prevents air circulation in the heater.

In turn, the heat starts to accumulate within the heater which forces the device to shut off. 

Solution: All you have to do is to clean your heater’s air filter!

Here is how you can clean the heater air filter:

  1. Unplug your Lasko heater from the power outlet.
  2. Wait until the heater cools down if it is hot.
  3. Use a Compressed Air can to clean the air filter from the front of the heater.
  4. Then use a vacuum attached to the brush and properly clean the filter.

When you’re ready, turn on the Lasko heater and check whether the device will turn OFF…

Note: Make sure to clean the air filter on a weekly basis to avoid overheating issues!

Solution #6 Replace Thermal Fuse

replace your thermal fuse

After trying every method from the guide, if your heater still keeps shutting down, then there are high chances that your heater’s Thermal Fuse is blown out.

The thermal fuse prevents the heater from overheating, but when it gets faulty, it’s unable to handle the heat which results in turning OFF.

  • Replacing the heater’s thermal fuse is all that can fix the problem!

Here is how you can replace the heater’s thermal fuse:

  1. Unplug the heater from the Power Source.
  2. Flip over the heater and place it on its head.
  3. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the heater holding bottom.
  4. Next, use a Philip screwdriver and unscrew the power cord casing and place it aside.
  5. Then, unscrew the four screws holding the heater and place the back casing aside.
  6. Remove the Fan Housing by unscrewing it.
  7. Next, also remove the heater fan base from the device.
  8. Unscrew the top panel of the unit and disconnect the casing.
  9. Next, unscrew the motherboard from the heater head panel.
  10. Release the two ends from the back of the motherboard to release the Thermal Fuse.

Now that we’ve learned how to reach the Thermal Fuse, we can replace the component and start using our Lasko heater normally.

However, there is one more thing…

Solution #7 Inspect The Thermostat

inspect the thermostat

The Thermostat malfunctions often lead to incorrect device assumptions.

If your heater still turns off, regardless of what you attempt, it’s possible that your heater thermostat is faulty and unable to recognize the temperature settings.

Perhaps the heater is turning off just for safety.

To have the heater thermostat checked, all you have to do is call a professional technician because it needs to be done cautiously.

The expert will next determine whether to replace or fix the thermostat problem if it is the cause of the mess.

Tip: Check whether your Lasko heater’s warranty is intact!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Lasko heater keeps turning off, you must first make sure it is receiving the proper power supply and that both its air intake and heater are clean. Additionally, inspect the Thermal Fuse, temperature settings, and the heater’s thermostat!

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we have discussed why the Lasko heater keeps shutting off.

The solution we get from the overall guide to fix this issue is that the heater cleaning and its maintenance are all needed to prevent the heater from such issues.

We hope that this guide helped, so good luck!

Check our blog for more troubleshooting guides that are easy to follow and helpful!

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