kwikset halo says jammed

Whenever Kwikset halo says jammed we often need help in solving the problem! 

This is why in this guide we’ll unwrap the “jammed” error on the Kwikset Halo security system in no time.

In addition, we’ll review ALL possibilities and most importantly, prevent the issue from appearing in the future.

Let’s learn more!

Whenever the Kwikset Halo is saying “jammed”, we only need to open and close the door manually and re-enter the User Code. In case the error is persistent, we might need to Factory Reset the Kwikset Halo to permanently solve the jamming problem!

Next, let’s review the potential causes to have better orientation in the guide!

Why Kwikset Halo Keeps Saying Jammed?

why kwikset halo jammed

There could be quite a few different possibilities why your Kwikset is showing you the “jammed” error.

We need to first identify why the device didn’t unlock straightforwardly and went into the error state that you’re currently experiencing.

  • Simply enter the User Code and the door should unlock!

In case the device does not respond, and only says “jammed” here is what might be wrong:

  • Software-related Issue
  • Halo not “handed” properly
  • Operating System Freeze
  • Jammed or Sticky Door
  • Faulty Kwikset Components

One of these causes is probably related to what you’re currently facing with your Kwikset Halo so stay with us to learn the respective solution.

We’ve managed to find a way to address each of the possibilities so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix When Kwikset Halo Says Jammed?

how fix kwikset halo jammed

In order to fix the “jamming” issue on your Kwikset Halo, we’re going to use a chronological list of solutions.

It’s recommended not to skip any of them to achieve the fastest results in the guide!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Setup Kwikset Halo Correctly

Most of the *jammed* issues on Kwikset Halo come from an inappropriate setup, which involves the lock to determine which way to extend the deadbolt.

This is the part where most of the users fail to establish the lock correctly, later leading to frequent *jammed* errors.

Follow the steps below to correctly setup your Kwikset Halo in easy steps:

Preparation: Check Dimensions & Door

check the dimensions of door

First of all, the door has to be compatible with the Kwikset Halo lock. You need to check for a standard deadbolt, mounted underneath and separately from the handle.

Assuming that your door is compatible with the lock, we can move on to measuring some of the requirements!

  • The lock hole has to be 1-1/2″ (38 mm) or 2-1/8″ (54 mm).
  • The bracket has to be 2-3/4 (70 mm) or 2-3/8(60 mm).
  • The hole in the door eagle has to be 1-3/8 and (51 mm).

When the preparation is over, remove the existing deadbolt from the door and continue!

Installation: The Kwikset Halo Setup

  1. Take out the mounting plate from the assembly (interior).
  2. Mount and install the Exterior Keypad on the plate.
  3. Lead the cable underneath the latch.
  4. Keep the assembly parallel to the door.
  5. Remove the Interior Cover.
  6. Rotate the Piece Shaft, pointing upwards.
  7. Ensure ALL cables are tightly connected.
  8. Install 4 x AA batteries in the pack.

In a few short moments, the latch bolt will expand and retract on its own to learn the door open/close states and orientation.

The process is called the “Door Handing Process” and it’s important to be carried out without interruption.

Solution #2 Manually Re-Lock Door!

manually relock the door

According to the Kwikset Halo user manual, when the door gets jammed it’s typically whenever the door is not able to close properly.

In those situations, we need to manually lock and unlock the door and check whether there is any external factor that is obstructing its path.

Important: It’s important to know that during the seasons, due to a temperature change in certain environments, older doors might shift their position.

This ultimately leads to a twist in the strike, which requires it to be repositioned manually.

Solution #3 Manually Door Handing

If you’re still wondering why does my Kwikset halo says jammed, you should definitely attempt this solution, recommended by the supplier.

The Manual Door Handing will discharge the lock, reset ALL services, and hopefully will clear the “jamming” error for good!

manual handing

Here’s how to perform the so-called “Manual Handing” in easy steps:

  1. Remove the Batteries from the Kwikset Halo lock.
  2. Press and hold the Program Button.
  3. While holding, reinsert the Battery Pack.
  4. Hold 3 more seconds and then release the Program Button.
  5. The status light will flash green and red.
  6. Once again, press the Program Button.
  7. The deadbolt will retract and extend automatically.
  8. Once ready, there would be only 2 outcomes:
  • The LED flashes in green = manual handing succeeded
  • The LED flashes in red = manual handing fail (repeat the steps)
Note: It’s important to make sure that the strike pocket is deep at least 1″ (25mm).

Solution #4 Inspect For Obstructions!

check for the obstructions

The next step is to check for any physical obstructions that suddenly impacted the free movement of the deadbolt.

Perhaps something went in the lock or spontaneously debris or hair wrapped around the mechanism. 

  • Thoroughly inspect the lock while manually unlocking and locking the door!

It’s also important to clean the lock if you notice any accumulation of dust as well as grease if you see any rust.

The “jamming” error has to be caused by something so it’s important to take a second look because sometimes such a weird issue comes from something simple!

Solution #5 Replace The Batteries!

replace the batteries

Even if this doesn’t sound like something that will help, hear us out!

There are users that reported false *jamming* notifications that started when the batteries of the Kwikset Halo got halfway down.

This is why you need to attempt to use the lock with fresh batteries before drawing any conclusions.

For something critical for our home security like the Kwikset Halo, the recommendation is to get Energizer Lithiums.

The Kwikset Halo lock is supposed to be working just great for at least 6 months with a fresh 4 x pack, but the usage also depends on how frequently the lock is used.

Alert: Successful attempts can’t be guaranteed with second-hand (used) batteries!

Solution #6 Use WD40!

use a wd-40

The very last measure that we can take at home against the “jamming” errors on the Kwikset Halo is to spray some WD40 at the deadbolt.

This could be quite helpful whenever the lock has not been used for quite a while and now the “jamming” error started to appear.

  • Unscrew the plate, apply WD40 and jiggle the deadbolt back and forth!

The jam should no longer be there considering that we just made room for the deadbolt to operate, therefore the error should now be gone.

However, if you still see the error, close and open the door several times.

In case the problem is persistent, scroll up and perform Solution #3 Manual Handing, to reset the Kwikset Halo lock and solve the error.

However, in case nothing helps against the error, there is one last thing that we can do.

Let’s read further! 

Need More Help?

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide but nothing managed to help in resolving the “jamming” error, you might need some professional assistance.

In such cases, the best next step is to connect the Kwikset Halo Customer Service & Support for additional assistance.

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve attempted in this guide, which will save you time!

Quick Recap:

Hence, the Kwikset Halo says jammed whenever there is a true obstruction or a software (OS) failure of the device. Sometimes to solve the problem we only need to open and close the door and other times we need to perform manual handling to reset the lock!

We hope that this guide was helpful and to find more related content, check our blog!

Nicole B