kwikset halo lock keeps going offline

Wondering why the Kwikset Halo lock keeps going offline? Continue reading!

Everyone wants to set up Kwikset Halo security locks at their home. A remarkable feature of Halo is the ability to control the lock remotely with the Kwikset mobile app via WiFi.

However, sometimes Halo security is compromised when the lock goes offline so let’s learn more!

The Kwikset Halo Lock goes offline mainly due to poor network connectivity. This involves many factors, such as inappropriate WiFi frequency, unavailable network, weak network strength, and so forth. Luckily the issue can be solved in minutes!

Let’s next learn more about why the Kwikset Halo goes offline!

Why Is My Kwikset Halo Lock Offline?

why my kwikset halo lock keeps going offline

The main reason for Kwikset Halo Lock to be offline is a poor network connection

Sometimes even if you have a stable network at your home, the Halo lock will still go offline when it’s not connected properly.

There are other factors that matter so let’s take a look:

  • Bad/Inappropriate Connection
  • Weak WiFi Signal Strenght
  • Incorrect WiFi Frequency
  • Kwikset Halo Software Issue

Even if sounds odd, these four are ALL possibilities for your lock going offline.

The possibilities listed above involve many side factors and we’ve included them in the solution guide below.

Let’s next get your Kwikset Halo Lock online in minutes!

How To Fix When Kwikset Halo Lock Keeps Going Offline?

how fix kwikset halo

If your Kwikset Halo lock is going offline, chances are that there is something wrong with your network connection (WiFi).

The problem can easily be solved the by targeting all possibilities and the solutions below will help us achieve this.

Important – Must Know!

The Kwikset Halo Locks are not compatible with all routers. It’s possible that your router is not supported by the lock and that’s why the lock keeps going offline.

In case your router is compatible but your lock keeps going offline, jump into the solutions!

Solution #1 Manually Connect Halo To Network

manually connect the halo

As your Lock keeps going offline, then it may be because you haven’t set up the Lock in the app in the correct way.

We’re going to learn how in just a bit. In case you’re just getting started, make sure that your mobile is connecting to a working WiFi network.

Here is how you can connect your Halo lock to WiFi:

  1. Install and open the Kwikset App.
  2. Turn on the Bluetooth and WiFi on your mobile.
  3. Press and hold the A button for 4 seconds.
  4. Release the button as the blue light flashes on the lock.
  5. Tap on your Lock device from the app.
  6. Tap on the Yes button on the sound confirmation screen.
  7. Allocate a name to the Lock.
  8. Tap on Next from the top right corner.
  9. Select your WiFi and enter a Password.
  10. Now enter the details for an access code.
  11. Tap Submit to complete the setup process.

Your Kwikset Halo should now be connected to the WiFi. In case it disconnects in a few moments, proceed with the next solution.

Solution #2 Reboot Network Router

reboot the network router

One of the major reasons why your Kwikset Halo Lock will keep disconnecting from the WiFi is the network router.

This is why it’s important to perform a restart on our network router/modem by unplugging the device from the power. This will refresh the network and the WiFi.

Here is how you can reboot your WiFi router:

  1. Turn OFF your router/modem.
  2. Unplug the device from the power.
  3. Remove all connected cables from the router.
  4. Wait for 20 seconds.
  5. Connect the cables back to the router.
  6. Plug in the router to the outlet.

When you turn back on your router, it would take approximately 20 seconds for the WiFi and all subsequent services to come back online.

Be patient and test whether your Halo lock will now disconnect. In case the problem is persistent, proceed with the next step!

Tip: Keeping the router unplugged for longer provides better power circulation!

Solution #3 Switch to 2.4GHz Network Frequency

switch to 2.4ghz network

The Kwikset Halo Locks do not support 5Ghz network WiFi frequency!

The only thing you need to confirm is the frequency of your network at 2.4GHz, which can be easily done by yourself.

Once that has been accomplished, you can switch your network frequency over to 2.4GHz if already set up your Kwikset to a 5GHz broadband WiFi.

Here is how you can check your network frequency:

  1. Open the Settings on your device.
  2. Go to the Wireless or WiFi tab.
  3. Tap on your WiFi.
  4. Click on Network Properties.
  5. Check what’s your network frequency.

In case your network frequency is 5GHz, you should have another 2.4GHz WiFi shared from your router.

Connect your device and Kwikset Halo Lock to other WiFi of your network router.

Tip: Test whether your WiFi is working well, by connecting a secondary device!

Solution #4 Perform Network Reset

perform a network reset

Sometimes the Kwikset app itself causes issues with the connectivity because of some glitch or fault in the settings, either Bluetooth or WiFi.

So, a network reset will help in fixing the fault by removing all Bluetooth and WiFi settings from the Halo lock and providing a fresh start.

Here is how you can do a network reset on your Kwikset lock:

  1. Press and hold the A from the lock for about 10 seconds.
  2. You will hear a beep with an amber light on the lock LED.
  3. Keep pressing the button until the amber light turns blue and again turns to amber.
  4. The flashing amber light indicates a Network Reset Mode.
  5. Press and release the Program Button.
  • Successful Reset = 1 long beep with a green LED light.
  • Unsuccessful Reset = 5 long beeps with red LED light. 

In case the process fails, repeat the steps but press the Program button earlier otherwise the reset will timeout, and cancel.

When the reset is successfully completed, you can attempt to pair the Kwikset with your 2.4Ghz WiFi and test whether it will continue going offline.

Tip: Connect your Halo lock to WiFi correctly by following Solution#1, earlier in the guide!

Solution #5 Install WiFi Extenders

the wifi extenders

Poor network strength may be disconnecting the Lock from the network and that’s why the Kwikset Halo Lock keeps disconnecting.

All you need is to install the WiFi extenders at your home that will help the lock to get more strength from the router to be able to work properly.

The WiFi Extender basically boosts the WiFi connectivity throughout your home by creating another source point.

Perhaps only one WiFi extender will get the job done as long as you install the device in close proximity to your Halo Lock door.

Tip: Find a WiFi extender that will get the job done at the bottom of the guide!

Solution #6 Factory Reset The Lock

factory reset the lock

Now, if you are still unsuccessful in connecting your lock to the network after trying all the above steps, then Factory Reset will be the final step. 

Factory resetting the Halo lock is useful here because it removes all settings, faults, and errors from the device.

The reset will refresh ALL services, providing us with a fresh start.

Here is how you can do a factory reset on the Kwikset Halo lock:

  1. Open the Kwikset App and delete the device from the app.
  2. Remove the lock from your device Bluetooth by tapping Forget Device.
  3. Now remove the batteries from the lock.
  4. Press and hold the Program Button from the lock for about 30 seconds.
  5. Insert the batteries while still holding the button.
  6. Release when you hear a beep with a red flashlight on the lock LED.

As the process completes, open the updated Kwikset mobile app and set up the lock.

Then simply connect it to WiFi by following the steps from Solution#1 and the issue should be gone!

Kwikset Halo Smart Lock Offline Still…

kwikset lock still offline

If your Kwikset Halo lock is going offline then it is possibly due to your fault with the network (WiFi) at your home.

Such issues can be justified easily as long as other devices also experience the same problem. In case the issue is persistent, you’ll need some help!

Keep in mind that you can always contact Kwikset Support and report the offline issue with your Halo Lock.

With a bit of luck, they will be able to help and get your lock online in minutes!

Tip: Share what you’ve already attempted, to save time trying the same steps over again!

Quick Recap:

Whenever your Kwikset lock goes offline, first make sure that you can connect to the network and check whether the signal strength is good. The next step is to reboot the network router and switch to a 2.4Ghz WiFi. Ultimately, Factory Reset the Halo Lock.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have thoroughly covered why your Kwikset Halo Lock keeps going offline and the ways that can possibly fix the problem. What we’ve learned is to always keep an eye on your WiFi, especially when one of our smart devices is going offline.

Need WiFi Extender?

In case your Kwikset Halo Lock receives a weak signal you need to either relocate your router or simply get TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender, to boost the connectivity.

Installing such a device close to your Kwikset Halo Lock guarantees strong signal strength and no “offline” issues!

Nicole B