jbl soundbar not connecting to tv

If your JBL soundbar not connecting to TV, we have a solution for you!

JBL soundbars require a wired connection to pair themselves to any device and therefore start receiving the audio.

However, when connecting them to a TV, problems could often occur and that’s exactly what we’re going to review and attempt to fix today!

To fix the JBL soundbar that isn’t connecting to a TV, power cycle the soundbar along with your TV and replace the HDMI cable with an ARC unit. Also, don’t forget to check if the soundbar is selected as a default audio output device in the settings.

Let’s go over the causes that are preventing your JBL soundbar from connecting.

Why Is JBL Soundbar Not Pairing With TV?

When connecting a JBL soundbar to any TV, a few factors must be taken into consideration.

Those factors can be identified as the power of the soundbar, the wired connection that goes in your TV, and the audio settings.

Here are all of the issues that could prevent your soundbar from pairing with the TV:

1. No Power in Soundbar

In case no power reaches your soundbar, it wouldn’t be able to turn on, therefore, will not connect to your TV.

2. Faulty HDMI Connection

An issue with the HDMI connection between your JBL soundbar and TV could be the problem in your case.

3. Incorrect Audio Settings

Not choosing your JBL soundbar in the TV settings will not allow your TV to output audio through the device.

4. Improper Pairing Process

There are specific steps you could have missed when attempting to pair your soundbar to the TV.

5. Faulty Input

Lastly, an issue with the HDMI/coax input on your JBL soundbar or TV will also prevent the device from pairing.

Let’s now move on with the best troubleshooting solutions against the causes we’ve stated above and fix your problem in a matter of minutes!

How To Fix JBL Soundbar Not Connecting To TV?

fix jbl soundbar not connecting to tv

Before we proceed to the solutions, you should first attempt to solve the issue by restarting your soundbar via the power button.

Simply hold it for 5 seconds until the device shuts off completely and then press it again to reboot.

If restarting your soundbar didn’t help, here’s how to solve the issue in easy solutions:

Solution #1 Connect Soundbar The Correct Way

You’re most likely doing something wrong when setting up your soundbar.

That’s to say because there is a specific sequence of steps that you should undertake to pair your device, so it gets connected with the TV.

Here’s how to connect your soundbar to the TV correctly:

  1. Grab a High-Speed HDMI cable.
  2. Connect the first end of the cable to your digital devices IN port.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable into the ARC (HDMI OUT) of your soundbar.
  4. On your soundbar remote, press the SOURCE button repeatedly and wait.
Note: A confirmation prompt should appear on the display panel of the soundbar that says it recognized the connection and got paired with the TV.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your Soundbar

power cycle soundbar

A fix you should attempt is to power cycle your JBL soundbar.

This process practically discharges your device out of any remaining electricity, therefore solving system bugs or glitches it has developed.

Here’s how to power cycle your JBL soundbar in easy instructions:

  1. Turn OFF your soundbar once again through the power button.
  2. Unplug the A/C power adapter from the power source.
  3. Wait for ~5 minutes until your device feels cold on touch.
  4. Re-attach the adapter and test.
Note: You should plug your soundbar into an alternative power source and make sure to avoid using any power strips or dividers.

Solution #3 Use Different Inputs

It’s suggested to attempt plugging the HDMI cable to an alternative input when you’re having connection issues.

In general, your JBL soundbar has 3 inputs on its surface. Two of these inputs are the HDMI IN/OUT and the third one is a USB input, meant for service only.

You should try to use a different input both on your TV and soundbar to determine if that would solve the issue.

If you’re having trouble with the setup process, follow the guide in solution #1 but plug the HDMI cable into an alternative input to solve the problem.

Note: If you were using the HDMI IN on your soundbar by now and the HDMI out on your TV, attempt to use the HDMI OUT on your soundbar and the HDMI IN on your TV.

Solution #4 Replace HDMI Cable

replace hdmi cable

You should connect a different HDMI cable than the one you’re using right now.

There most likely is an issue with the cable connection, so your soundbar is unable to pair with the TV.

Here’s how to replace the HDMI cable you’re using to connect your soundbar with:

  1. Disconnect the current HDMI cable from both ends.
  2. Grab a fresh, high-speed HDMI unit and connect it to the HDMI IN on the soundbar.
  3. Plug the other end of the cable to the HDMI OUT on your TV
  4. Test.
Note: You should also attempt connecting a coaxial cable to test your soundbar. 

Keep in mind that both the HDMI and coax cables are sold separately with the soundbar.

How To Try With Coax?

On your JBL soundbar, there is a coaxial entry. You should also locate the one on your TV and plug in a coaxial cable to test these ports.

There aren’t any preferences set as to when connecting a coax cable, so you should be able to do it by yourself.

Solution #5 Choose JBL Soundbar As Audio Out

Even if your JBL soundbar is connected properly to the TV it might not be selected as the default audio device and you will still be hearing the output from your TV inbuilt speakers.

In that regard, here is how to select your JBL soundbar in your TV settings:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Choose Audio Output.
  3. Select Manage Audio Devices.
  4. Choose your JBL soundbar as “Default Audio Output Device”.
  5. Confirm.
  6. Exit the settings.
Note: You should now start hearing sound out of your soundbar. 

In case you’re still not hearing anything, attempt to volume up or unmute the soundbar.

Solution #6 Reset JBL Soundbar

reset your soundbar

If nothing worked and you still seem to be struggling with your soundbar’s connection, you should attempt a factory reset on the device.

This will wipe the software clean, therefore resolving any bugs and glitches it may have developed.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your JBL soundbar in easy steps:

  1. Ensure your soundbar is up and running.
  2. Locate the Volume + button along with the Virtual Surround buttons on the device.
  3. Press both of the buttons for 5 seconds.
  4. Wait.
Note: Don’t unplug your soundbar while the reset is ongoing, or you may cause software damage to the device.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix your JBL soundbar when not connecting to the TV, you should first power cycle the device and replace the HDMI cable. Next, reconnect your soundbar the correct way and test with ALL available HDMI/COAX inputs/outputs.

Lastly, you should factory reset your soundbar to see if reinstalling the software will work.

Now that you know why the JBL soundbar not connecting to TV and how to properly connect it to the TV, the troubleshooting is up to you to execute.

In case you’re still where you’ve started, you should consider contacting the JBL support team for more help.

Nicole B