jbl partybox 300 won't turn off

You must be wondering what you can do when the JBL Partybox 300 won’t turn off.

There are some solutions for the issue, so you can get down to work and hopefully make your device fully functional again.

Solving the issue of a Partybox 300 refusing to turn off can be done by trying to turn it off while it is connected to a power source or ensuring it is not in service mode.

Each of the solutions mentioned will require a bit of knowledge, but fortunately, the knowledge is available in the article below.

Finally, we will teach you different methods to make your Partybox 300 turn off again.

JBL Partybox 300 Won’t Turn Off – Reasons

my jbl partybox 300 won't turn off

It is a great issue when the JBL Partybox 300 will not turn off, as it means something is deeply wrong with the software or hardware.

There are a few reasons that could be causing it, as well as different solutions you can attempt.

The most common issues making your Partybox 300 unable to turn off are these:

Charge Issue

Perhaps your Partybox 300 has some electricity issues that make it unresponsive when the battery gets low.

Firmware Problem

It is possible that the Partybox 300’s firmware got corrupted or is facing issues communicating with the hardware properly. 

Damaged Device

The power button might be broken or damaged and unable to make contact with the electrical components that should turn the device off.

Service Mode

The service mode is a feature that renders all buttons useless while active. It is useful to prevent other people from changing the speaker’s settings.

Fixing A JBL Partybox 300 That Doesn’t Turn Off

how to fix jbl partybox 300

After checking the most common causes that make a Partybox 300 unable to turn off correctly, it is time to move on to the solutions.

Keep in mind that the solutions will work if no major electrical issue occurs.

Solution #1: Put The Partybox 300 To Charge

A common issue on the Partybox 300 and other similar products is their failure to turn off when there is a battery issue.

That could be simply a low battery problem or another issue with the battery. 

In any case, it is safe to say the whole device is failing to communicate, especially when receiving physical instructions.

Then you must do the following:

  1. Connect the Partybox 300 to the charger;
  2. Press the power button to turn it off.

Solution #2: Deactivate Service Mode

deactivate the service mode

The service mode is a useful feature on JBL Partybox 300 (as well as other JBL products).

It serves more than one purpose: it renders the device’s buttons useless, so no one will change the settings, while also making it possible to access advanced settings through the app.

However, it is fairly common for people to activate the service mode unintentionally.

That’s because it is activated by pressing the Play and Bluetooth buttons.

How To Turn Service Mode Off

When that happens, you can get baffled at the fact that no button is working and you can’t turn the device off.

So here is how to deactivate the service mode:

  1. Plug the Partybox 300’s charger;
  2. Press the Play and Bluetooth buttons together;
  3. Hold them for 15 seconds;
  4. Try to turn the device off now.

There is also another method that can get the device out of the service mode:

  1. Plug the Partybox 300’s charger;
  2. Press the Volume Up and Connect buttons;
  3. Hold them for 15 seconds;
  4. Try to turn the device off now.

Solution #3: Turn The Device Off From The App

turn off the device from app

Fortunately, the JBL Partybox 300 is among the JBL products with a companion app, the JBL Connect.

Not only that, but such a companion app is full of functionalities, including turning the device off remotely.

First, ensure that your Partybox 300 is connected to your app:

  1. Turn the Partybox 300’s Bluetooth on;
  2. Turn your phone’s Bluetooth on;
  3. Open the JBL Connect app;
  4. Pair the devices.

Once paired, the app has full access to the Partybox 300. Now it is time to turn it off remotely:

  1. Open the app again;
  2. Select the Partybox 300 among the connected devices;
  3. Tap the power icon.

Solution #4: Update The Firmware

update the jbl firmware

It is possible to update the JBL Partybox 300’s firmware to get rid of many bugs, including the device refusing to turn off. 

Get The Firmware Files

However, the update can not be performed through the app.

Instead, you must:

  1. Head to the JBL site;
  2. Contact support;
  3. Explain that you want the latest firmware for your device.

After that, the support staff will send you a link to download the firmware file. Alternatively, you can sometimes find the files online at forums, Reddit, YouTube guides, etc.

If you are not very knowledgeable on the matter, it is better to stick to the official support staff.

Install The Firmware Update

install the firmware update

Once you have the correct firmware file, you must do the following:

  1. Place the firmware file on a USB flash drive (there must only be this file on it);
  2. Connect the Partybox 300 to a power source;
  3. Turn the device on;
  4. Plug the USB flash drive;
  5. Hold the Volume Up and Bluetooth buttons for 10 seconds;
  6. You should see constant white LED lights.

The update can take a few minutes, so don’t interrupt, even if it seems to be too long.

Solution #5: Reset The Partybox 300

Since the Partybox 300 is a pretty advanced model within the JBL range of products, resetting it is always a useful solution.

The Partybox 300 counts with soft reset and hard reset, but the soft reset requires turning it off.

Thus, let’s skip straight to the hard reset:

  1. Hold the Volume Up and Play buttons; 
  2. Release after 10 seconds;
  3. The device must turn off.

Solution #6: Clean/Dislodge The Button

clean and dislodge button

Suppose you notice that dust has accumulated on your Partybox 300’s exterior.

That could be an indicator that dust and other debris also got inside. Not only that, but dust could clog the power button.

Although such an alternative seems unlikely after all you’ve tried, cleaning the device’s exterior and trying to dislodge the power button could do some good.

Clean The Exterior

First, you must use a non-abrasive cloth to remove all the exterior dust.

Don’t use any liquids, as those could get in the device’s internal parts and harm the electrical components.

While cleaning the exterior, ensure you clean the buttons and their corners. There might be plenty of dust accumulated.

Dislodge The Button

dislodge its button

Here goes a more extreme method: after cleaning the device’s exterior, you can use a toothpick to clean the furrows around the power button.

However, you must do that carefully and only if you know what you are doing.

Remember that you should not do this if:

  • The device is still under warranty;
  • You do not have much experience dealing with electronic devices.

Once you seem to get rid of some internal dust or debris, try turning the device off repeatedly. 

If necessary, use the toothpick to determine if the power button is out of place.

Suppose you can notice that it might be possible to press the button to adjust it in place again.

Alert: Although a toothpick can be handy for the task, remember it can damage the device if you do it mindlessly. 

Thus, proceed carefully and smoothly, and stop after a while if nothing happens. Being insistent on this might only extend the issue.

What We Learned

As you’ve seen, when the JBL Partybox 300 won’t turn off, that could be related to a power or software issue.

Moreover, it could be that the power button is damaged. Most solutions are easy to perform and should get your device back to work in minutes.

However, remember that if your device is new, you are entitled to a warranty!

Nicole B