jbl live 300 left earbud not working

Your JBL Live 300 left earbud not working and it’s now getting bothersome?

With the assistance of many JBL users, we’ve been able to come up with the best troubleshooting guide for JBL Live 300s!

We’ll be discussing the “left earbud” problem, which is a frequently encountered issue. The solution is simple:

To fix when JBL Live 300’s left earbud refuses to work, reboot the devices, charge the case along with the buds and adjust the Audio Balance. After that, set the earbuds in “Stereo” Mode, and in case nothing helps, perform a Factory Reset on the device!

Let’s learn more about the problem’s occurrence which we’ll be an excellent start!

JBL Live 300 TWS Left Earbud Not Working – Explained!

reason why the jbl earbuds not working

Many things could be causing one of your earbuds to malfunction, while the other one is fully functional.

We must inform you that in most cases, this type of problem ends up being identified as a hardware malfunction with the device. 

Having this possibility aside, here’s what else might be wrong:

  • There’s a Charging Problem with the earbuds and the case
  • The Charing Case is Dirty or doesn’t make contact with the buds
  • Inappropriate Audio Balance in the earbuds’ settings
  • Improper Audio Output Mode select for your JBL Earbuds

Let’s try our best to troubleshoot your JBL Live 300 before you contact JBL for help!

JBL Live 300 Left Earbud Not Working – Best Solutions!

The troubleshooting guide will be effective as long as you follow the solutions in chronological order.

It’s important not to skip any of the tips, notes, and recommendations to achieve results fast. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Reinsert the Earbuds & Clean the Case

reinsert earbuds and clean case

A quick and easy way out of this problem is to reinsert the earbuds and clean the case, to make sure the contact spots are clean of debris.

It is likely that debris is blocking the charging contact spot for one of the earbuds, resulting in one of them being inactive.

Follow these instructions to properly reinsert the earbuds and clean the case:

  1. Place the earbuds back into the Charging Case.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds.
  3. Take the earbuds out of the case.
  4. Grab a Soft Cloth to use for the cleaning.
  5. Insert the soft cloth into the contact spots within the charging case.
  6. Begin circular movements to collect all debris fallen on the contact spot.
  7. Take the cloth out.
  8. Place your buds back into the case.
  9. Test the JBL earbuds.

You should hear a clicky sound when inserting the buds into the charging case, to indicate that the contact spots are clean.

Otherwise, the sound will either be non-audible or there won’t be any at all.

Note: Keep the JBL earbuds in the case for 30 seconds before testing them!

Solution #2 Place Earbuds in Stereo Mode

place to stereo mode

Perhaps, the functionality of one of the buds is impacted, due to Incorrect Mode.

The JBL earbuds tend to have both mono and stereo audio mode. Changing from one mode refreshes the services and has a high chance of resolving audio syncing issues.

Audio mode selection settings can be found either in the Audio Settings of the JBL earbuds or in the “Ease of Access” menu on your mobile phone.

Here is how to place your JBL earbuds in stereo mode if they are on mono currently:

  1. Access the Settings of your phone.
  2. Make sure that the earbuds are paired.
  3. Locate the JBL Earbuds Audio Settings.
  4. Head to “Sound Modes”.
  5. Select “Stereo” as the active sound mode.
  6. Test the earbuds…

Selecting a different functionality mode could cause the earbuds to temporarily become inactive in order to boot up the mode.

After waiting for 10-15 seconds, your earbuds will start up in stereo mode and you’ll be able to test them.

Note: If changing the audio mode didn’t solve the problem, revert back to mono audio!

Solution #3 Charge the Earbuds & Case

charge the earbuds and case

Perhaps, the left JBL Live 300 earbud is experiencing a Power Problem!

The best way to approach this is to have both of your earbuds and charging case plugged into the power for a particular amount of time.

Of course, the earbuds must be inside the charging case and then the case must be connected to a Power Adapter.

  • Place the earbuds inside of the case and plug the case into the power!

Once you’re delivering power to your charging case, let the headphones remain plugged in for 30-40 minutes.

This is the optimal time required for the headphones to reach a functional battery level according to JBL themselves.

Note: Make sure that you use the original charging equipment that came along with your buds!

Solution #4 Adjust the Audio Balance

adjust the audio balance

The Audio Balance setting is a feature that’ll allow you to change the audio levels of your earbuds.

If for instance one of your JBL earbuds outputs less volume than the other one, you could make them both equal by lowering the other earbuds’ volume, via the audio balance.

  • The Audio Balance feature is a feature on your smartphone!

Here’s how to locate the audio balance and configure your JBL buds:

  1. Access your phone’s Audio Settings.
  2. Navigate to “Sound & Haptics” for iPhone and “Sound Settings” for Android.
  3. Scroll down in the Sounds tab and locate your earbuds.
  4. Access the Audio Balance tab by pressing on it once.
  5. On the next page, you’ll see a slider that must be adjusted.
  6. Drag the slider toward the earbud that has stopped working.
  7. Test the buds…

The audio balance will allow you to level out the output of your earbuds, by transferring the sound to either the left or right side.

If it’s the left earbud that has dropped out on you, drag the slider almost all the way toward the left to transfer more sound into the earbud.

Alert: The other earbud will also be heard less audibly since its sound has been transferred.

Solution #5 Factory Reset the Earbuds

factory reset the earbuds

Another great way to take care of the problem with your JBL Live 300 earbuds’ sound problem is to Factory Reset the device.

In fact, the factory reset has been reported as one of the best solutions, regarding both software and hardware problems with JBL devices.

Here’s how to trigger a Factory Reset on your JBL Live 300:

  1. Take out only the Right Earbud from the charging case.
  2. Cover the Sensor on the inside of the earbud.
  3. Double-tap the touch sensor on the outskirts of the headphone.
  4. Wait…

Once the factory reset has commenced, the earbuds will disconnect from your smartphone in order to undergo the process and then reconnect soon after.

Alert: Resetting the buds will erase any configuration settings made to the device!

Solution #6 Fully Deplete the Battery

fully deplete battery

If nothing worked so far, there is one last thing you should try before contacting JBL for further assistance regarding the problem.

That is to completely deplete the battery of your JBL earbuds, so they shut down by themselves.

Many users have reported this as a helpful workaround past this problem and it also works as some sort of reset to the headphones.

When a headphone works for too long, it may start experiencing technical difficulties, such as one of your JBL earbuds right now.

Take the earbuds out of the charging case and connect them to your phone as you place them somewhere near the device.

Note: Make sure the case is connected to power before placing the earbuds back in.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix when JBL Live 300 left earbud not working, reboot the headphones and charge them along with the case.

After that, adjust the Audio Balance and place the earbuds in “Stereo” Mode before performing a Factory Reset on the JBL Live 300.

If you’re in need of more assistance, do not hesitate to contact JBL!

Nicole B