jbl endurance peak 2 not pairing

Wondering why the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 not pairing? Well, stay with us to know!

Every smart device has its own pairing method and sometimes it’s over complicated and filled with unnecessary steps such as with the JBL Endurance PEAK 2.

However, in this guide, you’ll discover a simplified way to pair the earbuds and solve any potential issues! 

Whenever the JBL Endurance Peak 2 is not pairing, you need to undergo the process from scratch, after resetting the earbuds. In case that doesn’t help, there are quite a few different factors revolving around the problem that also require your attention!

Let’s next proceed with an in-depth explanation of the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 pairing issues!

JBL Endurance PEAK 2 Pairing Problem – Explained

a jbl endurance peak 2

The reason why you’re unable to pair your JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds to your mobile device could be different.

Let’s check the possibilities first and then proceed with the solution!

  • Bluetooth Is Not Enabled
  • JBL Earbuds Turned OFF
  • Earbuds Tail Not Lifted
  • JBL Endurance Not Charged
  • Playout Device Networking Issue

Besides these causes, there are also specifications in regard to first-time pairing and re-pairing.

This is why the next part of the guide will describe how to approach your JBL Endurance PEAK 2 pairing and what to do when the process fails.

First-Time Pairing!

first time pairing the earbuds

What’s important about the first-time pairing is that whenever the earbuds are turned ON for the very first time, they enter Pairing Mode automatically.

Once paired, they will have to be unpaired to be connected to another device in Bluetooth networking range.

JBL Endurance PEAK 2 pair to (Android/iPhone/Tablets)

  1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case.
  2. Lift the tails to prevent contact with the bud.
  3. Keep both earbuds close to one another.
  4. Wait until you see blinking red lights on both.
  5. Turn on Bluetooth on your device.
  6. Connect to the JBL Endurance PEAK.
Tip: Remember the Bluetooth connection for automatic pairing when in range!

How To Fix When JBL Endurance PEAK 2 Not Pairing?

how fix jbl endurance

Whenever the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 won’t establish a successful pairing with your device, there could be multiple reasons as we’ve already discussed.

This is why our guide includes a wide spectrum of solutions that will address each and every possibility. Let’s go!

Solution #1 Toggle ON/OFF Bluetooth

We assume that you’ve already attempted the correct steps to pair your JBL Endurance PEAK 2 and in case the process fails, restart the Bluetooth.

There is nothing specific behind this since the only thing you’ve got to do is go into your device’s Settings and toggle OFF/ON the feature!

  • For Androids, swipe to open the Quick Menu and tap on the Bluetooth icon!
  • For iPhones, go into Settings > Bluetooth and tap on the Green Toggle!

When you’re ready with toggling OFF and ON the Bluetooth, scroll up and attempt to pair your JBL Earbuds PEAK 2, using the steps above.

If the process still fails, keep reading!

Solution #2 Unpair Your Device’s Bluetooth

unpair bluetooth device

Sometimes when our smartphone or device is in range with a previous Bluetooth connection, you will automatically connect.

Therefore, when your device’s Bluetooth is already engaged, you’ll have no chance of pairing the JBL Earbuds before disconnecting from the old source.

Go into your device’s Settings > Bluetooth and Forget ALL Remembered Connections!

This way when you turn the Bluetooth on your device, you won’t be connected automatically, hence you’ll be able to connect to the earbuds.

In case this doesn’t help either, keep reading!

Note: Test whether your device is automatically connecting to a previous Bluetooth connection!

Solution #3 Charge The JBL Earbuds

charge the jbl earbuds

The next step in the troubleshooting would be to make sure that your JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds are actually turning ON.

One reason for your earbuds to remain OFF is whenever the battery is low, as well as the battery in the charging case!

Alert: It’s not enough to only insert the JBL earbuds into the charging case!

Also, connect the charging case to the power outlet with the earbuds inside.

Leave the charging case in the power with the earbuds charging for at least 10 minutes.

When you’re ready you can re-attempt the connection and hopefully this time the pairing would work!

Note: Whenever the JBL earbuds are working, you should see blinking red on both units!

Solution #4 Hard-Reset Playout Device

hard reset playout device

We’ve now gone through most of the possibilities related to your JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds and our next target would be the smartphone/device.

It does not matter what operating system you’re running or what device, we only need to reboot the playout source!

Follow the steps below to hard-reset any Android or Apple device:

  1. Hold the Power Button for 10 seconds.
  2. The Power Options will appear on the screen.
  3. Select Shut Down or Swipe Left to Turn it OFF.
  4. Leave your device OFF for 60 seconds.
  5. Hold the Power Button again to turn on the device.

Now that your device has been restarted, make sure that the Bluetooth is not automatically connected to a previous source.

Open the Bluetooth Menu, and make sure that you’re not connected to anything, before scrolling up and using the steps above to pair the JBL earbuds.

In case the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 pairing process still fails, keep reading!

Solution #5 Reset Network Settings

reset network settings
Important: Before resetting your device’s network settings, test pairing the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds to another Bluetooth device!

This will help you understand whether you need to reset the network settings or not.

Since if the earbuds won’t connect to the secondary device either, the problem is most likely with them and not your playout device.

Reset Network Settings  iPhone:

  • Settings > General > Reset or Transfer > Reset > Reset Network!

Reset Network Settings Android:

  • Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Reset Network Settings!

The process will result in a complete wipe of ALL networking settings including remembered Bluetooth and WiFi connections, passwords, and VPN settings.

However, this will refresh the networking of your mobile device and you would be able to connect the JBL earbuds now.

Tip: Find your device user’s manual for network reset on other operating systems!

Solution #6 Factory Reset JBL Earbuds!

factory rest jbl earbuds

If everything fails, we can always Factory Reset the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds!

This process works like a charm and will revert ALL settings and configurations on your JBL earbuds to default values.

This means that they will forget ALL saved connections and reset operation, especially whenever JBL Endurance PEAK 2 right earbud not pairing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Factory Reset process on JBL earbuds, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate the button on the right JBL earbud.
  2. Hold the button for at least 5 seconds!
  3. The LEDs will turn OFF and ON again.
  4. Wait for at least 3 minutes for the process to conclude.

When the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 earbuds are reset, you should scroll up in the guide and attempt the correct pairing method again.

In case the process continues to fail no matter what you attempt, you might need some professional help so keep reading!

Need More Help?

If none of the solutions above managed to help, simply content JBL Customer Service!

However, before doing so we strongly recommend gathering as much information about the issue as possible and also checking whether the warranty is intact.

With a bit of luck, the team of professionals will manage to solve your problem without any time delays and repairs.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the JBL Endurance PEAK 2 not pairing to your device because the Bluetooth is turned OFF or already paired to another device.

To solve the problem we need to forget ALL previous Bluetooth connections, reset the JBL earbuds, and re-attempt the pairing!

We hope that this guide was helpful and for more JBL content, check our blog!

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