is it better to turn tv off or leave on

Asking is it better to turn TV OFF or leave ON?

Everybody talks about how you should do everything in your power to preserve electricity by turning off your electrical devices.

But engineers will tell you that it’s better for machines to be working all of the time. Well, what should you do?

There are benefits and downsides to leaving your TV ON and depending on your situation, the best approach would be different. Many factors are involved such as the weather, your setup, and your needs so the best approach is not the same for everyone.

Is It Better To Leave TV ON Or Turn OFF?

The true question remains whether you should turn ON or turn OFF your TV at night.

During the day you can leave a mesmerizing screen-saver to catch everyone’s eye whenever passing by in the living room.

However, during the night, usually, there is nobody to enjoy a screen-saver or TV shows so should you turn OFF your TV then?

Let’s find out more!

Reasons To Leave TV ON:

reason to leave tv on

Here is how leaving the TV on whenever it’s not in use can benefit some users:

#1 Scheduled Recordings

In case there is a show that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, by turning OFF your TV, the recording schedule will not work.

However, some cable boxes will automatically turn on your TV to perform the scheduled recording and turn it off after, but if you power off the entire equipment, this wouldn’t happen.

#2 Software Updates

Most smart TVs upgrade their software automatically at night.

Depending on your time zone, the firmware update hours could vary, but by leaving your TV ON, you will guarantee that no update will be missed.

Nobody wants to perform an OS update while watching a favorite TV show, instead, some users prefer to leave their TVs ON while they sleep so the job can get done.

#3 Fall Asleep Faster

faster sleep

On almost any online platform such as YouTube, you will find 8-10 hours of relaxing videos.

Some include the sound of a rainforest, others simply display a burning fireplace and even ASMR.

By leaving your TV on, with one of these playing on a low volume, some users fall asleep faster which also helps them keep a deep sleep.

We all know that sleeping when raining is always better, but when you’re falling asleep it doesn’t really matter whether it’s truly raining outside or it’s just your TV that makes the sound.

You can find a wide variety of similar videos to play during the night and help you maintain a healthy sleep.

Tip: You can always use your TV auto-turn OFF feature to set a timer.

Reasons To Turn OFF TV:

reason to turn tv off

Now when we’ve reviewed the benefits of leaving the TV ON, let’s learn more about why we should turn the TV OFF.

#1 Saves Money

The reason why most users turn OFF their TV when not watching is simply that it saves electricity, therefore, money.

The electricity that your TV uses for about 8 hours is insignificant compared to the entire monthly bill, but leaving it ON every night might add up a good portion.

How much electricity your TV uses, generally depends on how big the screen is.

The bigger the TV screen the more electricity is required to power the backlight and, in turn, more money will be spent.

Leaving the TV on standby actually reduces consumption and in addition, you can also turn ON the power-saving mode to reduce the power even more.

To add up to the power reduction some users even mute/turn down the TV volume as much as possible to spare the speakers when not necessary, which also saves electricity.

Using all these factors combined, leaving your TV on wouldn’t be that expensive.

#2 Less Amortization

Another reason why you should turn OFF your TV when not in use would be to increase its life.

Yes, TVs are made to be working, and they won’t necessarily fail if used all of the time, but it definitely shortens their life.

The TV screen working all of the time means that the backlight is always ON and the heat is always there.

Any machine working all of the time amortizes faster than a machine with regular downtime.

A well-made/good quality TV can last years without turning it OFF, but in contrast, a TV that is allowed to cool down every now and then will last longer.

#3 It’s Safer – For The TV & You

safer for tv and person

Even if modern TVs are designed to be protected from short circuits, that doesn’t necessarily apply to your power outlet.

Some power outlets conduct heat whenever electricity is withdrawn all of the time and could cause a fire.

By turning the TV OFF, you will not only relieve the TV but the power outlet as well.

How safe it is to leave the TV ON all of the time, depends on your setup. With good components and a reliable power source, the possibility of a fire is so low, even not worth considering.

Note: Turning OFF and ON your TV on a regular basis will not damage the device.

Is It Better To Turn TV OFF Or Leave ON When Away?

which is better

Now, this is where things get serious. When you’re on vacation and there is nobody home, none of your electrical devices should be working. The reason is simple.

You can’t predict or control the weather, which means that a thunderstorm could form while your TV is plugged into the power source.

This is not the same as when leaving your TV ON overnight and you’re sleeping in the other room.

When at home you will definitely notice whenever something goes wrong, but when away, leaving the TV ON is quite dangerous.

The straightforward answer is NO, you shouldn’t leave your TV plugged in or ON when you’re not at home, even if it’s for just one day.

It takes only a few seconds of your time to turn OFF the TV and plug it out of the power source.

During thunderstorms, it’s definitely better to disconnect the TV since a short circuit could not only cause a fire but also kill your TV.

Tip: A few seconds of your time are always worth the peace of mind when you’re away.

Can You Leave Your TV ON All The Time?

keep tv on all the time

The short answer to this question is yes, you can leave your TV ON all the time.

The long answer, however, is that many obligations and responsibilities come with this decision.

Here are some of them:

  • You shouldn’t be away for too long.
  • The electricity consumption will be higher.
  • Faster amortization.
  • Not safe for TV when the weather is bad.
  • The power source will always be engaged.

In case you own a 24/7 restaurant or a nightclub, your TVs will be ON all of the time.

Yes, but there will always be some to unplug the TV during thunderstorms or in case something with the power outlet goes wrong.

However, leaving your TV ON at home, especially when you’re away is not a good idea.

Note: Commercial TVs that you see in McDonald’s or BurgerKing are meant to be ON 24/7 and do not function as a regular smart TV.

For commercial purposes, there is nothing wrong with leaving your TV ON all of the time. With power-saving intentions, turning OFF your TV is the best approach. In regard to safety, turning OFF the TV is always better and it’s a must when you’re not at home.

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Bottom Line – It’s Your Call

This is the answer to the question “is it better to turn TV OFF or leave ON?“.

After reading about the pros and cons, it’s all up to you.

The facts are that most people turn their TVs OFF when not in use since the downsides of non-stop usage are greater than the benefits.

Using this guide you will definitely know the truth and now you can decide how to proceed.

Nicole B