hunter fan remote won't pair

When the Hunter fan remote won’t pair, we typically assume that something is wrong!

The good news is that we’ve acquired trusted solutions to apply on your Hunter fan remote and resolve this problem within minutes.

We’ll also unwrap the major reasons why the remote is not pairing as well as the respective solutions at your disposal. Let’s learn more!

When your Hunter fan remote isn’t pairing, start by refreshing the power of the fan and proceed with replacing the battery.

If that didn’t work, adjust the value of the fan’s dip switch, reset the circuit breaker’s power, and reset the Wi-Fi of the Hunter fan.

To learn more about the reason why the remote is not pairing, keep reading!

Why Is My Hunter Fan Remote Not Pairing?

hunter fan remote not pairing

If your Hunter fan remote just refuses to pair no matter how many times you’ve tried, we’ve got news for you.

This problem is really easy to fix and there are a couple of trusted approaches to fix the connectivity of both your Hunter fan and Hunter remote control.

Here’s everything that might impact the pairing of the Hunter remote:

  • Unclear or Obstructed Line of Sight
  • A Power Failure with your Hunter Fan
  • Worn-Out Hunter Fan Remote Batteries
  • Problems with the Wi-Fi of the Hunter Fan
  • Inappropriate Receiver Dip Switch Values

Keep reading to understand how to fix the problem in a matter of minutes!

How to Fix When My Hunter Fan Remote Won’t Pair?

fix when my hunter fan remote won't pair

Since we haven’t yet identified whether the Hunter Fan remote is paired or not, we’ll be trying a variety of methods and solutions to rule out the possibilities.

Follow our instructions closely and do not miss out on important steps, notes, or alerts.

Let’s go!

Solution #1 Restart the Fan’s Power & Retry the Pairing

Assuming that you’ve already attempted to pair the remote multiple times, we’ll suggest a first step to reset the power of the Hunter fan.

Perhaps, the internal receiver of the fan that intercepts the IR signal of the remote has gone faulty and just needs a power circulation.

  • To reset the fan’s power, set the wall switch of the device to “OFF”!
restart the fan's power & retry the pairing

Follow these steps to restart the fan’s power and retry the pairing:

  1. Press the wall switch to turn off the power to the fan.
  2. Wait for 5 – 10 seconds and then turn the switch back to “ON”.
  3. Press and hold the “FAN” and “LIGHT” buttons on your Hunter remote.
  4. Point the remote towards the fan and keep holding the “FAN” and “LIGHT”.
  5. Check if the Hunter Fan remote has paired.

Keep in mind that you must hold the pairing buttons, within 3 minutes after resetting the power of the fan.

This means that you’ll have to complete the pairing soon after you set the wall switch of the Hunter fan back to the “ON” side.

Alert: Not bringing the remote close enough to the fan may interrupt the pairing!

Solution #2 Test the Power Supply of the Fan

test the power supply of the fan

In this solution, we’ll first test the power supply of the Hunter fan. This way, you’ll be able to tell if this is a problem related to the remote, or if there’s a power problem with the fan.

To test this, you must determine if the fan will power on from the wall switch, rather than from the remote.

  • Make sure to put the wall switch in the “ON” position!

If this does power on your fan, it means that the power supply is healthy and the problem is with the remote.

If the fan is refusing to turn on, then there’s probably an issue with the circuit breaker and you’ll have to reset it.

Resetting the Hunter Fan from Circuit Breaker:

  1. Go over to the Circuit Breaker Panel.
  2. Open the compartment, using the key.
  3. Look at the info page and determine which switch is the fan.
  4. Reset the power to the fan’s fuse for 15 – 20 seconds.
  5. Resume power to the device and test the functionality.

In case that didn’t help, keep reading to learn even more solutions!

Solution #3 Close The Proximity!

close the proximity

To rule out interference and receiver-remote distance problems use the remote as close to the fan as possible.

The suggested distance you should use the Hunter remote from is around 10 meters, designed by Hunter themselves, for optimal functionality.

  • Simply go closer to the Hunter fan and test pairing the remote!

If the remote does work well with the fan at a close distance, it’s likely that the batteries have started to wear out and should soon be replaced.

Another cause for this problem is when the battery of the remote isn’t properly inserted inside the compartment and doesn’t make contact.

Solution #4 Reset the Wi-Fi of the Fan

reset the wi-fi of the fan

Though it may not have something much to do with the IR connectivity of the fan, resetting the Wi-Fi of your fan may fix the problem.

This could help address particular software problems with the internal receiver of the fan and also come in handy for lagged internal receivers.

The Wi-Fi of your Hunter fan could be reset in really easy steps:

  1. Make sure that the fan’s wall switch is set to “ON”.
  2. Locate the FAN UP and the FAN DOWN buttons on your Hunter remote.
  3. While pointing the remote at the fan, press both of the buttons simultaneously.
  4. Keep holding the buttons for about 5 – 10 seconds.
  5. Test the functionality of your remote now…

Since we don’t know whether the Hunter fan remote has paired yet, there’s also no way of knowing whether the Wi-Fi of your fan has reset just now.

To make sure, get into the SimpleConnect Hunter App on your mobile and check if the fan is still connected.

Judging by the Wi-Fi connectivity status of your fan, you’ll know whether holding the FAN buttons really reset the WiFi of the fan. You should also keep in mind that disconnecting the fan may require you to re-open the SIMPLEconnect application.

Tip: If the fan got disconnected, it means that the remote has started working!

Solution #5 Replace Dead Remote Batteries!

replace dead remote batteries

In case nothing by now has helped, perhaps the batteries of your remote are dead and need a replacement.

This way, you’ll know for sure whether your fan or remote has stopped working or whether the fault was simply due to the battery.

  • Newer Hunter fan remotes use CR2032 battery model
Tip: The model of the battery should be written on the battery itself when you take it out.

Solution #6 Adjust the Fan’s Dip Switch

adjust the fan's dip switch

Whenever there is a discrepancy in the frequencies of your remote and the internal receiver of the fan, the remote will not pair.

To fix this problem, you should reset the dip switch and adjust a new value for the frequency of the device as well as on your remote.

Here’s how to reset the dip switch of the fan in easy steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the fan from the Circuit Breaker.
  2. Get a ladder to help you reach the fan.
  3. Using a Philips-headed screwdriver, undo the screws holding the canopy intact.
  4. Slide the canopy down to expose the wires of the fan.
  5. Locate the Dip Switch, probably positioned on the top by the technicians.
  6. Take out the front cover of the drip switch.
  7. Using a pencil or something sharp, move the frequency reader on the dip switch.
  8. Record the new value of frequency for your fan.
  9. Place the dip switch back in its place and reinstall the canopy of the fan.
  10. Set your Hunter remote to the same frequency as your fan.

The dip switch of the remote could be found in the battery compartment, a little to the right side.

Alert: Setting a different frequency on your remote, will also prevent the device from pairing!

Quick Recap:

A convenient way to fix when Hunter Fan remote won’t pair, is to retry the pairing after refreshing the power of the fan.

In case that doesn’t work, reset the Wi-Fi of the fan, get a new battery for your Hunter remote, and adjust the dip switch of the Hunter fan.

We hope that this guide was useful and informational, so check our blog for more!

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