how to unsync an xbox one controller

Knowing how to unsync an Xbox one controller is quite necessary when you do not want many devices paired with it.

Having several consoles around will connect to your Xbox One controller once you turn it on.

So, unsyncing is always the way to go if you do not want such interruptions.

Read below to understand the step-by-step guide about how you can go about unsyncing.

To unsync your Xbox One controller, press the sync button on your Controller until it vibrates. You can find this button beneath the Controller’s power button. Once the Controller vibrates, the unsyncing is complete.

Can you Unsync an Xbox Controller from an Xbox One?

Yes.  It is possible to unsync an Xbox Controller from an Xbox One or a console you do not want it to pair with.

Let us see how you can go about this process.

How to Unsync an Xbox One Controller

unsync an xbox one controller

The best way to unsync your Xbox One controller from an Xbox One is to sync it to another console.

However, we have provided you with several methods you can use to unsync the Controller if you do not want to sync it to another console.

Method #1: Unsync the Wireless Syncing

Wireless pairing is a very convenient method to sync your Xbox One controller to your Xbox One.

After syncing it to your Xbox One, unsync it using the button on the Controller.

  1. Locate the sync button on your device.
  2. You will find it just below the power button.
  3. Hold the button until your device vibrates twice.

The vibrations show that you have fully unsynced your Xbox One from the Controller.

When you power on the Xbox one, your Controller will start blinking. You can only stop the blinking if you re-sync the Controller again to the Xbox One.

What Do the Light Speeds Mean On An Xbox One Controller?

You will often find two lights blinking on your Controller. They both mean different things. The one blinking faster means that your Controller is in bind mode.

You will see this light after unsyncing your Controller; it means that it needs to be synced to another Xbox so that you can use it.

If it blinks slowly, it may mean that your batteries are low, and you need to replace them.

When you see the fast-blinking light, and you do not want to sync the Xbox One controller, you can turn it off. Here is how you can do it.

  1. Click then hold the light button on your Xbox One controller.
  2. Wait for six seconds, and the device will turn on.
  3. If your Xbox One controller turns off, then it has failed.

If you want to re-sync your Controller to the Xbox one, click the light button again.

Your Controller will sync; hence you can use it again on your Xbox One. You may not need to press the sync button at your Controller’s back.

Here is another way that you can use to power off your Xbox One controller.

Method #2: Unsyncing Using the Light Button

Click and hold the light button on your Controller. A menu will appear on your screen.

The menu will provide you with three options to restart your Xbox One, turn off your Council or Controller. Select the option to turn the Controller off.

Once your Xbox One controller is off, it may fail to turn off your Council. What should you do? 

You will need to go to your Council, locate the Xbox button and press it once. The device will go into standby mode.

Press again and hold the light button for around ten seconds. Your Xbox One council will then power down.

Method #3: How to Unsync a Controller from An Xbox One Console Using A USB Cable

A USB cable is another way you can use to unsync your Controller from an Xbox One console.

Here is how you can conduct the procedure.

  1. Connect your USB type C to the Controller.
  2. Connect the other end to your console.
  3. Locate a small button on top of your Xbox One controller.
  4. Press the button for around three seconds.

You are through with unsyncing the Controller from your console. Now remove the USB type C cable from both devices.

To show that the process is a success, your Controller will start blinking, indicating that it is disconnected.

Why Your Xbox One Controller May Fail to Sync with An Xbox One After Unsyncing It

Have you tried to unsync your Xbox One controller from one Xbox One so that you can sync it to another console, but it has failed?

It could be due to these reasons.

The Batteries Have Failed

You will need to replace the batteries. If you have the Xbox One Play and the charge kit for the rechargeable batteries, you should ensure that your Controller is charged.

The cable you are using to charge should also work properly.

The Controller Is Far from The Xbox One

For the console to sync properly with your Xbox One, you must ensure there is a distance of not more than 20 to 30 feet between them.

This is true for all wireless syncing.

Interference From Other Devices

If you have devices like laptops or microwaves close to your Xbox One and Controller, they may interfere with the process.

Ensure that all these wireless devices are far from your Xbox One devices.

Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can help you comfortably sync your Xbox One controller to the Xbox One.

Find the Xbox button on the front of your system and press it to power it off.

Unplug the power cables from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Reconnect them again, then power on your Xbox One.

You Have Lots of Controllers on The System

If your controllers are too many, the syncing can never be effective. You only need at most eight controllers on one Xbox One device.

If you had paired your Controller with another system previously and the system is within its reach, it will pair with it.

Also, if there are several Xbox One systems, your Controller will sync with them immediately you power it on. This issue will also occur anytime you connect your Controller to a PC.

You can avoid the overlap by fully shutting down and unplugging any available Xbox One device you do not want to use. Then, try to connect it to a nearby console after powering it on. 

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You can unsync your Xbox One controller by unplugging or powering off the Xbox One you do not want it to pair with. You can also use a USB type C cable to unsync it. Connect it to the Controller and console, then press the small button on your console.

Information on how to unsync an Xbox one Controller is quite essential when trying to unpair devices.

It could be that you do not want your Xbox controller to overlap by pairing with other Xbox One, PCs, or consoles. So, unsyncing is the best option to go for.

Consider the above tips, and you will unsync your Xbox One controller successfully.

Nicole B