how to unlink myQ from Amazon

To find out how to unlink myQ from Amazon you’ll need to understand how the Amazon Key application works and how the in-garage deliveries operate.

You can easily unlink your myQ from Amazon by going to Linked Accounts and navigating to the Management tab. From there you’ll be allowed to unlink your myQ device, therefore preventing in-garage deliveries. 

In addition, you can configure whether the delivery man should enter your garage or not so let’s proceed and learn more about how the entire system works.

About myQ & Amazon Key

myq and the amazon key

Unlinking myQ from Amazon and removing the Amazon key from myQ are practically the same thing.

The Amazon key can be inserted in smart applications hosted by manufacturers that offer garage door openers, for the purpose of in-garage delivery

That key is going to be used by the delivery guy, so he can leave the package inside of your garage and not in front of the doorstep.

This is a very useful option that you’ll lose after linking your myQ account from the Amazon Key application.

Tip: You can configure in-garage door delivery options in the Amazon Key application.

How To Remove Amazon Key From myQ In Easy Steps?

how to remove amazon key

In case you’ve switched your garage door opener or just want to put an end to the in-garage deliveries by Amazon the steps below will help you unlink.

Make sure not to skip any steps since the operation might not be successful.

 Here’s how you can unlink the Amazon key from myQ:

Step #1 Open The Key App

Amazon has an application that allows garage door opener users to link their devices to the Amazon Key app and establish in-garage deliveries when possible.

In that regard, your first step is to open the Amazon Key app on your mobile device that has the platform installed.

The application is called “Amazon Key” and in order to unlink myQ from Amazon, you will first need to acquire the application.

When the app is already installed, access the Amazon key through the home screen of your device and log in with the Amazon account.

Once you’re inside the application, move on to the next step to start the unlinking process.

Tip: If you don’t seem to recall the credentials for your Amazon account that has myQ linked, you can use the “I forgot my username/password button” at the login.

Step #2 Go To The App Menu

go to app menu

Once you’re inside the Amazon Key application, you will have to navigate to the app menu in order to unlink a myQ device you’ve connected to the profile.

The “unlink” that happens in the app menu is a tab that is inside the Amazon Key app

You can access the app menu by pressing on the three lines (menu button) at the top left of the home screen.

A single touch will send you to the app menu and now you can proceed with the next step.

Note: On older Amazon Key app versions, the app menu may be displayed with a different symbol (cogwheel, “APP”, dots, or something similar).

Step #3 Navigate To The “Linked Accounts” Tab

navigate to linked accounts

To unlink your myQ device, you will have to unlink your entire myQ registration from the Amazon key app.

Any linked garage door openers or other garage devices will go along with the registration, thus, will be removed from the key app.

Here’s how to go to the Linked Accounts tab in the Amazon Key app:

  1. From the App Menu, go to Settings.
  2. Once in the settings tab, scroll all the way down.
  3. Press on “Linked Accounts”.
  4. Check what accounts your Amazon account has linked.
Alert: If you cannot find your myQ account in the following list, ensure that you’re logged in with the correct account.

Step #4 Enter myQ Account Management

enter ab account management

When you’re certain that you’re logged in with the correct Amazon account, you should see the management page of the myQ account in the “Linked Accounts” tab. 

This management page, or rather, configuration settings, will allow you to remove this myQ account from the Amazon Key application.

To enter the myQ account management page, you will have to press the cogwheel button on the link connection of the account.

The Amazon Key app, in the “Linked Accounts” tab, should have a configuration (cogwheel) button that you can press to configure the account.

Note: If you cannot access the configuration button of the myQ account, restart the Amazon Key app and check again.

Step #5 Unlink Your myQ Account

unlink myq account

And now, the final step is where we’ll learn how to unlink myQ from Amazon

Once on the account management page, you will have access to a variety of options, that also include removing/unlinking your myQ account and all connected devices.

Here’s how to unlink your myQ account from the Amazon Key app:

  1. On the myQ account management page, go to “Functions”.
  2. Now, select your myQ account (it should be the only one available).
  3. Go to “Unlink this account”.
  4. Confirm that you want to unlink your myQ account from the Amazon Key app.
  5. Insert any passwords or required credentials for unlinking the myQ account.
  6. You’re done!

Once the myQ app is removed, the Amazon Key app will no longer have access to your garage door openers or any other myQ device that is connected to the account.

Note: Unlinking myQ is not irreversible. You can manually re-add the account later if you wish to benefit from in-garage deliveries once again.

How Can I Re-Add myQ To Amazon Key?

how to readd the myq account

To link your myQ account back to Amazon is easier than removing it.

That will re-establish all services so in case you need to make any changes, they would be possible after the linking.

When you change your mind you can easily re-add the myQ to Amazon Key.

Here’s how:

  1. Open the Amazon Key app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Choose “Set up a Residence”. 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Choose “myQ” as a source for adding an account.
  6. Complete the setup.

Your device myQ account is now linked to the Amazon Key application and you’ll be able to benefit from in-garage deliveries and options to support this feature.

Note: You will have to insert the credentials for your myQ account during the linking.

Is Unlinking The Only Way To Prevent In-Garage Deliveries?

way to prevent in garage deliveries

If you have the intention to keep your myQ device linked to the Amazon key application and enable in-garage deliveries from time to time, this is also possible.

In fact, there are two options that will allow you to cancel in-garage deliveries entirely and ones that are already confirmed to be inside of your garage.

Here’s how you can prevent in-garage deliveries without unliking your myQ device:

  • To turn off in-garage deliveries, go to Settings > Delivery and enable “Doorstep Delivery” in the Amazon Key app.
  • If you’ve changed your mind while an in-garage delivery is on its way, go to Delivery Settings and highlight Do Not Enter” in the Key app.

With both of those methods, you will be able to prevent in-garage deliveries without getting your myQ device unlinked for future use. 

Quick Recap:

Hence, you are able to unlink your myQ device from Amazon Key by accessing the application settings. You can find the “unlink” option in the Menu > Linked Accounts > Account Management > Unlink Account. That should be enough to get the job done.

Bottom Line:

Here we’ve learned how to unlink myQ from Amazon and how to manage the in-garage deliveries.

Keep in mind that all options are customizable and don’t really need to unlink the accounts whenever you want to disable a certain feature.

We hope that this post was enough to help you unlink your myQ account from Amazon and to discover more related content, we recommend checking our online tech blog.

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