how to turn brightness down on roku tv

If your TCL Roku television is too bright and you want to know how to turn brightness down on Roku TV, you have come to the right place.

This ultimate guide will teach you different methods that you can take to reduce the brightness of your Roku TV.

There are several ways to make adjustments when it comes to issues related to Roku TV brightness. You can power cycle your Roku TV or change its settings. Roku TVs also come with picture mode and a local dimming option. You can alter these features to turn down the brightness of your gadget.

The Roku TVs come with dozens of settings that guarantee a cinematic experience.

For instance, these gadgets come with a picture mode that allows you to filter your screen with different presets. These devices also give you more control over your brightness level.

Why You Should Turn Down Roku TV Brightness

Roku TVs offer a cinematic experience that improves the quality of your movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, you can also reconfigure a Roku TV according to your needs and preferences.

Turning down the brightness level on Roku TV has several benefits, including:

Better Picture Quality

With low brightness, your TV will not damage any pixels. As a result, you’ll get better picture quality to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

Health Benefits

Dim Roku TV also promotes health benefits. If you watch TV for a longer period, it might affect your eyesight.

With this approach, you’ll be able to avoid headaches and eyestrains.

Better Performance

Just like your smartphone, higher brightness levels can also reduce the overall performance of your Roku TV.

Even though Roku offers high-end televisions, you should reduce the brightness levels to enjoy your gadget for longer.

Now that you know the common benefits of lower brightness, it’s time to learn how to turn down brightness on Roku TV.

How to Turn Brightness Down on Roku TV – Methods

turn brightness down on roku tv

Roku TV features regular updates, easy-to-use remote control and a simple and clean home screen. It is a perfect smart TV for your home that won’t cost you a fortune.

However, most users out there are experiencing the brightness issue on their Roku TV.

According to several customers, the screen of Roku TV is pretty bright. Due to these high brightness levels, watching a movie or TV show on Roku TV can lead to headaches.

Therefore, it’s best to turn down the brightness on your Roku TV according to your room lighting.

Here are some of the effective methods to reduce the brightness on Roku TV:

Method #1 Power Cycle

power cycle the roku tv

If the brightness level of your Roku TV is increasing automatically, you might need to power cycle it.

Sometimes, due to glitches and bugs, an electronic device starts different features randomly. In that case, a power cycle will surely solve the brightness issue on Roku TV.

Follow these steps to power cycle your Roku TV:

  1. Unplug your TV from the power source
  2. Hold the power button for 15 seconds
  3. Let it rest for up to 15 minutes
  4. Plug it back in the power socket
  5. Turn ON your Roku TV

Now play any content and observe if the brightness level is normal or not. If your screen is still too bright, follow the next step.

Tip: You can also restart your device with your remote control. To do that, go to the settings> system settings> power> system restart.

Method #2 Change Open HDR to HDR

Most Roku TVs out there come with HDR and Open HDR picture qualities.

Remember that both of these settings are different and provide different contrast and brightness settings.

Open HDR comes with a little more brightness level compared to the HDR mode.

You can follow these steps to change your Open HDR settings to HDR one:

  1. Press the “Home” button five-time
  2. Click on “Rewind,” “Fast Forward,” and “Rewind” again
  3. Now choose “Change Open HDR
  4. Select “HDR
  5. Click on “Exit

If the “HDR” mode is not activating, simply select the “Disable HDR” option to watch your TV in regular mode.

Note: Most Roku TVs also have “Dolby Vision.” You should play with all these modes and then select an option that you like.

Method #3 Activate Local Dimming

hdr settings roku

Modern Roku TVs are now coming with a built-in local dimming option.

This option will dim your TV screen according to the content. It is quite useful if you use your Roku TV to watch high-quality movies and shows.

To activate the local dimming feature on your Roku TV, you’ll need to take some additional steps, which are as follows:

  1. Press the “Start” button on remote control
  2. Select “Advance Picture” settings
  3. Turn ON the “Local Contrast
  4. Toggle ON the “Dynamic Contrast
  5. Go to the “Brightness” and select “Normal

The local contrast, also known as local dimming, improves the contrast performance of a Roku TV by reducing the brightness of some part of the screen.

This feature automatically reconfigures itself and increases the brightness of the parts that should be bright.

Method #4 Change the Picture Mode

Roku TV comes with five different picture modes with different levels of brightness, including Brighter, Bright, Normal, Dark, and Darker.

If you are using your device in brighter mode, it will surely cause some problems.

So, to reduce the brightness on Roku TV, change the picture mode through these steps below:

  1. Go to the “Settings
  2. Select “TV Picture Settings
  3. Locate “TV Brightness” and click on it
  4. Select a “Normal
  5. Click on “Exit

Depending on your circumstances, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to select “Dark” or “Darker” settings as well.

However, if you are watching a TV show that has “Poorly Lit Scenes,” you might not be able to see much in these modes.

Tip: If your room does not have much lighting, the “Darker” mode is a perfect pick for you.

Method #5 Update your Roku TV

update your roku tv

So, you have tried all the above-mentioned methods, but your screen is still too bright – what should you do?

Well, in that case, check for the updates of your Roku TV. Roku programmers are working 24/7 to solve technical issues on their gadgets.

If there are some bugs or glitches with your television, a new update might solve this issue.

Follow these steps to update your Roku TV:

  1. Go to the “Settings
  2. Locate the “System” settings
  3. Click on “System Update
  4. Choose “Check Now
  5. Click on “Update

By updating your Roku TV, you will surely solve the brightness issues on your gadget.

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Thus, if your Roku TV is too bright, you can restart it or change its picture mode settings. You should also use the HDR mode and local dimming feature to solve this issue. If that doesn’t work, update your gadget and contact Roku customer support.

If you were in limbo about how to turn brightness down on Roku TV, the above methods should be effective at helping you with that.

Of more importance is that you understand the health implications of having a higher contrast on your TV.

You need to take care of your eyes so always ensure the TV brightness won’t mess your eyes which may lead into serious health costs in future.

Nicole B