how to trick a gps tracking device

How To Trick a GPS Tracking Device? No one likes to be tracked.

However, if you feel or know you are being followed, there are a few ways to block that.

You can block GPS signals with aluminum or other metals. Some devices also interfere with GPS signals, completely blocking or altering the transmitted data. Deactivating the GPS is also a possibility.

The methods listed above require know-how so you can carry them out properly.

The guide below has all the info you need to protect your location info from inconvenient peeps. 

How To Trick a GPS Tracking Device? – Methods

how to trick gps tracker

How to confuse GPS tracking? You might be surprised by knowing there are many ways of confusing the GPS tracking device installed in your car.

Nowadays, GPS tracking devices are very common, and so are the blocking methods. 

Depending on where you live, some methods might lead to legal charges.

Therefore, you should inform yourself of the local legislation before covering your GPS location.

Method #1: Wrap With Aluminum and Duct Tape

wrap with an aluminum

An accurate and trustworthy GPS relies on receiving signals from a large network of satellites.

Therefore, the GPS receiver must always have an unobstructed view of the satellites. 

If the line of sight is blocked, the GPS receiver cannot receive or send signals and is rendered useless.

Thus, many GPS tracking equipment may be fooled with a single sheet of cheap aluminum foil.

The first step is to find the GPS antenna and receiver in your vehicle or tracking device.


  1. Grab some standard aluminum foil from the supermarket
  2. Wrap the antenna, receiver, and cables
  3. Tape the aluminum foil using duct tape so it doesn’t fall off. 

Wrapping the GPS antenna and receiver may be difficult if they are located in a spot subject to strong winds while the vehicle is in motion.

Tip: If you want to be sure that radio waves are blocked, use two layers of normal 0.2 mm aluminum foil.

Method #2: Use a Plug-in GPS blocker

use plug in gps blocker

Another very effective solution is using a plug-in GPS blocker.

It is possible to prevent GPS tracking of a car by plugging such an appropriate device that generates an interference signal. 

If you want to use it in your vehicle, just connect it to the cigarette lighter or the auxiliary power outlet. 

Activating the car will also activate the blocking device, making your car invisible to GPS tracking systems.

Turning off the automobile or removing the gadget will disable it.

Before buying a blocker, be sure it has a sufficient range by reading the product description carefully.

Tip: More costly trackers often have a larger effective blocking range than their less expensive counterparts.

Method #3: Carry A Handheld Signal Blocker

carry the handheld signal blocker

Online retailers provide several GPS jamming devices for under $100. Such gadgets have easy controls and need little training to use. 

The frequency they broadcast interferes with GPS receivers and transmitters, rendering them useless.

You can jam GPS signals without much effort using a handheld blocker. Instead of connecting it to your car, manually activate the gadget using a button or switch. 

Remember to turn the gadget off or disable it if you don’t want to continue interfering with people’s ability to use their GPS and mobile phones after you’ve pulled over.

Alert: Some GPS handheld blockers are too powerful and will block GPS signals from everyone around.

Method #4: Power Off The GPS Tracker

power off the tracker

For this method, you must be able to locate the GPS tracker and take out its batteries. If you can’t find it by yourself, you can use a device to help locate it.

A spy or GPS detection gadget is useful if you want to find and deactivate a GPS tracker that has already been placed and activated. 

To disable the gadget’s signal, remove the battery and pull the device away from your car if it is attached by a magnet or data connection plug. 

Also, dispose of the battery and GPS unit after use to prevent it from sending your whereabouts indefinitely.

Alert: It is recommended that you have a skilled technician remove a GPS tracker from your vehicle if it is hardwired into the car.

Method #5: Put The GPS Inside A Metal Box

put in metal box

Instead of the methods above, you can also put the GPS tracker inside a metal box.

This method uses the same way of thinking as Method #1 but acts directly on the device. 

Perhaps you will need to use the same Bug Detector shown in Method #4 to locate the GPS tracker.

When placed on a metal surface, the device’s incoming and outgoing signals will be reflected and absorbed, preventing it from functioning properly

Note: Aluminum foil is sufficient for this purpose, while copper or even silver can do. This GPS jamming technique is very simple and inexpensive. 

Method #6: Use A Spoofing Device To Send Fake Signals

use spoofing device

A GPS spoofing device works differently from the devices already mentioned in other methods. Instead of blocking the signal entirely, the GPS spoofing device will alter the sent data.

The main idea behind GPS spoofing devices is that they broadcast bogus GPS signals that a GPS-based tracking device would mistake for the actual thing.

Imagine that a neighboring transmitter is impersonating your favorite radio station by sending out signals at the same frequency but at a greater power level.

Products that people use to fake location signals are considered dangerous, particularly for businesses. 

The difficulty has always been in identifying these GPS spoofing devices, despite the surprising ease with which they may be implemented. 

Note: Experts continue to explore countermeasures to this approach. That means GPS spoofing is still one of the best methods.

Method #7: Select Privacy Mode

use privacy mode

In rare cases, drivers may use company vehicles for non-business purposes.

Most drivers, for instance, often bring their company car home with them.

In other cases, drivers may use their lunch break to run errands and get food in the corporate car. 

Both examples include scenarios where drivers may not wish to be followed because they are using a company car for non-business purposes. 

GPS trackers often include an optional “privacy mode” that conceals their whereabouts.

This function allows drivers (and dispatchers) to conceal their movements while on the road. 

How Privacy Mode Works

how the privacy works

Information about a vehicle’s whereabouts, velocity, and engine will be obscured whenever this setting is used. 

On the other hand, in rare cases (like accidents), the data may be retrieved by hand to aid in inquiries. 

Having a privacy option reduces drivers’ likelihood of resorting to GPS jamming devices to avoid disclosing personal information to their employers.

Note: Although this method is not tricking the GPS, it is one of the safest in legal terms.

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What We Learned

How To Trick a GPS Tracking Device? Tricking your GPS tracking device is simpler than it might sound.

Aluminum sheets are useful for covering the car’s antenna or even enveloping the tracker. 

On the other hand, you can use special gadgets that will block the GPS signal entirely or send misleading data to whoever is receiving it.

Further, some trackers are not for spying purposes completely, thus letting you activate a privacy mode.

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