how to sync sony sound bar with tv remote

How to sync Sony sound bar with TV remote? Have you ever thought about controlling your Sony soundbar with the TV remote?

That way, you don’t need two remotes, avoiding hassle.

Syncing the Sony soundbar with your TV remote will depend on the soundbar model and the TV’s available features. Many soundbars are made to work like that without hassle, some TVs include the Bravia option, the “Control For HDMI” function can also be used, you can adjust the output, or use a fully Sony-based system.

Each different method has its steps to ensure that the syncing goes through.

Below we will detail what you need to do so you can start controlling your Sony soundbar from the TV remote.

How To Sync Sony Sound Bar With TV Remote

how sync sony sound bar with a tv  remote

How to control my Sony sound bar with TV remote? If such a possibility just popped into your head and you want to know if it makes sense, today is your lucky day.

It is very easy to control your Sony soundbar from the TV remote.

Certainly, you will need a Sony soundbar that allows such a feature and a TV remote control that is modern enough to make the connection possible.

Method #1: Use The Ready-To-Sync Models

Some Sony soundbar models are made to be completely ready to sync.

To determine if they are like that, you must use the following procedure:

  1. Turn the TV on with the remote control;
  2. Turn the soundbar on;
  3. Grab the soundbar control remote;
  4. Press the following buttons: TV, AUDIO, BLUETOOTH.
  5. “PAIRING” must appear in the soundbar’s display.

After that, you must return to the TV’s remote control and perform a pairing procedure. 

That will depend on your TV model, but perhaps a confirmation request will appear directly on the TV’s screen.

Rather, you might have to go to the TV settings and manage the devices.

Note: If instead of "pairing," the soundbar displays "TV," you must start over.

Method #2: Sync With The Bluetooth Button

sync with the bluetooth button

Some models of Sony soundbars count with a Bluetooth button. You can pair them to the TV remote by using that button.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Turn the TV on;
  2. Turn the sound bar on;
  3. Hold the Bluetooth button on the bar speaker;
  4. Press the TV button on the soundbar remote for 5 seconds while doing step 3;
  5. TV(BT) ON” must show on the soundbar display;
  6. The Bluetooth indicator will flash;
  7. Now “Pairing” must show up;
  8. Go to the TV and confirm the pairing process.
Note: If in step 5, "TV(BT) OFF" shows up, you will have to start over.

Method #3: Use The “Control For HDMI” Function For Other Models

use the control for hdmi

Some TVs have a very convenient feature that allows you to control any device hooked to them via HDMI.

But, of course, you will have to configure it so the system allows you to control the soundbar from the TV remote. 

Enable On The Soundbar

First, let’s enable the “Control for HDMI” function on your soundbar using its original remote:

  1. Press the “Function” button;
  2. Select “Setup”;
  3. Choose “HDMI” settings;
  4. Scroll down until you find “Control for HDMI”;
  5. Select that option;
  6. Toggle the “On” option;
  7. Press “Return” to leave the menu.

Enable On The TV

TVs must also be set to allow the “Control For HDMI” function, or the remote will not receive the correct instructions.

Here is how:

enable menu on tv
  1. Press the “Menu” button on your TV remote;
  2. Select “System”/”Settings”;
  3. Select “HDMI Control” or “Bravia Sync” (depending on the TV model)
  4. Set “HDMI Control”/”Bravia Sync” to “On.”;

That is the most basic configuration; you could leave it like that.

However, some TVs might have this additional feature:

  • If “Device Auto Power Off” is available, set it to “Off” to ensure that your Sony soundbar remains on even when the TV is turned off.

Moreover, check if your TV has multiple HDMI ports. In that case, enable “Control for HDMI” to the correct input your Sony soundbar is connected to.

Method #4: Buy A Universal Remote

Universal remote controls do what their name suggests: they can control any device in the correct range. 

Sony Remotes

a sony remote

You can look for universal remotes specifically designed for Sony if you have a Sony soundbar and a Sony TV.

In that case, you will ensure that the remote will only  control two devices and nothing else. No programming is needed. 

General Remotes

Other models, though, will need some setup.

Here is how you can program your universal remote to control the TV and soundbar: 

  1. Turn the TV on;
  2. Point the universal remote to it;
  3. Press the “TV” button and the power button together;
  4. The TV should power off and on again.

Then you will have to follow a similar procedure with the soundbar:

  1. Turn the soundbar on;
  2. Point the universal remote to it;
  3. Press the “soundbar”/” audio” button and the power button together;
  4. The soundbar must turn off and on again.

After doing all of the above, both devices will be synced to the same TV remote. 

Program The Remote Via Code

program the remote via code

Universal remotes vary, and some will not work as suggested above. On the opposite, they will need you to program by using codes.

Here is how you will hook up one of those with your TV and soundbar:

  1. Turn the device on (TV or soundbar, or both);
  2. Enter the code “991”;
  3. Click the power button;
  4. Click the “Channel up” button;
  5. If the device becomes responsive, you’ve succeeded.

Method #5: Adjust The TV Output

Older TVs might be unable to control every aspect of your soundbar from the remote. However, you can still rely on something very simple: adjusting the TV output correctly. 

First, you must connect the soundbar’s cord firmly to the TV.

adjust the tv output

It can be RCA, optical, or HDMI. Next:

  1. Turn the TV on;
  2. Go to the audio settings;
  3. Choose “output”;
  4. Depending on the TV, it will identify the soundbar and show it as an option, or you will have to manually set the output to RCA, optical, or HDMI.

Doing that will ensure that the audio comes through the soundbar, allowing you to control the soundbar’s volume through the TV.

Method #6: Use A Comcast Remote

Do you have a Comcast remote at home? Then you can use it not only to swipe through channels but also to start controlling your Sony soundbar (and other soundbars).

Here is how:

  1. Turn the TV and soundbar on;
  2. Press “AUX” on the Comcast remote;
  3. Enter the Comcast code (find it on the user’s manual or enter the generic 31759);

The soundbar should be synced simply as that. Next, press “power” or “play” to check that it works.

Method #7: Sync To The ATT Remote

sync to att remote

If you have an ATT remote, you might not have thought it could be used to control the soundbar.

Here is how you can set that function up:

  1. Turn the soundbar on;
  2. Click the “OK” button;
  3. Enter the code 955;
  4. Press “Enter.”

Now the ATT remote will control both the TV and the soundbar.

Method #8: Use A Full Sony Setup 

If you have a Sony TV and a Sony soundbar, the odds are that you don’t need to change any settings.

use the full sony set up

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Turn the Sony soundbar on;
  2. Grab the TV’s remote;
  3. Point the remote to the soundbar;
  4. Adjust its volume and see what happens.

Usually, the TV remote will work with the soundbar because, since they are the same brand, the receptors used on each device are similar or the same.

What We Learned

Have you ever wondered how to sync Sony sound bar with TV remote? You could easily do that with any Sony soundbar and also any TV.

Of course, the process will change depending on many factors, but it is utterly possible.

That way, you don’t have the hassle of managing two remotes.

Nicole B