how to sync multiple govee lights together

In case you don’t know how to sync multiple Govee lights together then you’re at the right place to learn everything about the process.

Here we’ll go over both ways of connecting Govee lights together in a step-by-step guide to make sure you’re doing everything right.

The Groove lights could be synced together by using Groups in the Home app or by connecting them physically by cutting the led strip. This way, both units can be controlled simultaneously from the application once the Govee lights are synced.

Can You Connect Multiple Govee Lights Together?

connect multiple govee lights

The short answer to that question is yes, you can sync Govee lights together.

However, the long answer includes an explanation of the two types of connection between the Govee lights:

  • Physical connection – Connect the Govee lights to one another unit physically.
  • Software connection – Sync the Govee lights using a group manager in the Govee app.

The software (group) connection made possible with the Govee app, will allow you to sync your lights, based on RGB class, general category, or model preferences.

This group feature allows you to sync lights together to control their functionalities at once.

Govee Lights Sync Functionality:

When the Govee lights are connected together you’ll have access to the following functionality;

  1. Turn ON/OFF units together.
  2. Controlling the dim and brightness for both devices at once.
  3. Settings schedules.
  4. Change color for ALL units included, at once.

How To Sync Multiple Govee Lights Together?

sync multiple govee lights together

Since most users want to understand how they can sync their multiple Govee lights into a group through the application, we will first review that.

For this purpose, you will only need a mobile device connected to the internet and some free storage to download a required application.

Here’s how to sync your Govee lights together, through the group feature:

Step #1 Get The Govee App

Your first task is to acquire the Govee app on your mobile smartphone.

The application will allow you to create a custom virtual room that can connect all of the Govee lights.

Only then you will be able to control them from one place.

Here’s how to get the Govee app on your device:

  1. Open the App Store/Google Play on your device.
  2. Use the search field to write “Govee Home”.
  3. Download and install the Govee Home app.
  4. Sign in to your Govee Home account that you used for setting up the devices.
Note: If you already have the Govee app installed, ensure it has the latest version applied.

Step #2 Create A Group Control

sync multiple govee lights together

The remote control of your Govee lights is named “Group Control”. The feature splits up into two major categories:

  • Wi-Fi Control – Controls lights via Schedule, RGB class, Arming class.
  • Bluetooth Control – Controls with General category or if lights are the Same model.

Based on what connectivity your Govee lights use (WiFi or Bluetooth), you will have to create the appropriate group control.

How To Create A Group Control?

  1. Open the Govee app on your smartphone.
  2. Hit the Smarts option button.
  3. Go to the “My Device” page.
  4. Press the “+button, situated at the top right corner.
  5. Now, select Bluetooth or WiFi control.
  6. Pick a name for your group.
Note: Once you’ve established the settings for the group control, make sure to hit the “Save” button to preserve all changes.

Step #3 Add The Lights To The Group Control

add the light to group control

Next, you will have to add the lights you wish to configure in the group control.

Once you’ve picked a name for your group control, you will be sent to the device’s screen, where you will be able to add lights connected to the Govee app, to the group control.

Here’s how you can add the lights you wish to the group control:

  1. From the group control name page, press “Continue”.
  2. Wait to be redirected to the devices page.
  3. Press the “Drop-Down menu” to show all available Govee units.
  4. Choose which Govee lights you wish to connect to the group control.
  5. Once done, save the changes you’ve made to the group control.
  6. Exit the group.
Alert: Add only lights of the same type (a group only with LED lights, or a group only with light BULBS).

How To Sync Govee Lights Together Physically?

how sync groove lights physically

To avoid soldering or putting in extra wires with your Govee LED lights, you will have to use LED light strip connectors.

Those components are small box-like compartments that you connect the strip light’s ends to and it will transfer the power and the light signal through.

“How many LED strip connectors would I need?”

Well, that is based on how many LED strips you will have to connect. For instance, to connect 2 strips, you will need 1 connector and for 3 strips, you will need 2 connectors.

Here’s how you sync Govee lights together physically:

Step #1 Prepare The Sync Strips

prepare to sync strips

For this step, you will have to acquire the LED light strips that you will use for the connection.

Get as many light strips as you wish to connect, but make sure that you have enough LED light strip connectors.

Here’s how to prepare the LED strips you will connect to each other:

  1. Connect the main strip to power and leave its power brick attached.
  2. Grab the secondary strips.
  3. Using a wire-cutter, cut the end of the strips that reach the power brick.
  4. Repeat for all secondary LED lights that are attached to a power brick.
Note: You should end up with one strip attached to the power and a couple of secondary strips that only have LED lights.

Step #2 Acquire The LED Light Connectors

acquire led light connector

Your next step is to get the light strip connectors you will need for the setup.

Based on how many strips you will create the setup with, you must grab the appropriate number of LED light strip connectors.

  • For 2 strips only, you must get ONE strip connector
  • For 3 strips only, you must get TWO strip connectors
  • For 4 strips only, you must get THREE strip connectors

We hope that you’ve now got a general idea of how this works.

Make sure to count the number of LED light strips and acquire the appropriate number of connectors beforehand.

Note: Ensure that the LED connectors are brand new and are not used, since they can bring in a fault into your setup.

Step #3 Connect The Govee Lights Together

connect the goove lights

And now that you have acquired the correct number of connectors and your Govee LED strips are cut it’s time to get the lights connected to one another.

Here’s how to sync Govee lights together and make their light linked:

  1. Connect the main strip to the power.
  2. Grab the end of the main strip.
  3. Use one of the connectors to stop the end of the main strip.
  4. Use a second strip and put it on the other side of the connector.
  5. Snap both of the latches on the LED connector and check if the attachment is secure.
  6. Repeat this process for all secondary strips you want to attach to the main one.
Alert: Keep in mind that attaching more than 4 light strips may result in signal loss and the last strip may not get enough power.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to connect multiple Govee lights together, you need to cut the power brick from the secondary strips and use LED connectors to attach them to one another. To add them in groups, open the Govee app and use Wi-Fi/Bluetooth control options.

Bottom Line:

Now that we know how to sync multiple Govee lights together it’s easy to establish the setup and add the devices into groups for easier control.

That will allow great customization and spontaneous control for ALL your Govee lights in your system.

Before cutting your lights we strongly recommend reading more about this topic at:

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