how to stream switch without capture card

Wondering how to stream Switch without capture card? Well, due to hardware limitations, you can’t directly stream live gameplay from the Nintendo Switch to online destinations.

The only straightforward way is via a capture card, but as promised, here we are not using one!

We’ve managed to conduct a few strong workarounds (no capture card).

They will surely enable you to stream live gameplay from your Switch to Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, and much more!

To stream live gameplay from the Nintendo Switch, use a Miracast dongle and a TV to cast the Switch onto a computer and stream online.

Alternatively, stream the Switch by a handheld camera, connected to the internet capturing the screen of your Switch.

How To Stream Switch Without Capture Card?

stream switch with no capture card

Well, the Nintendo Switch is not a powerful enough device to decode and capture at the same time, hence in order to stream online.

The only way to achieve the goal is to *somehow* cast the screen of your Switch to your computer screen, and then stream the PC screen online.

You don’t necessarily need a computer. If you’re able to transfer the live gameplay from the Switch on your smartphone, again you would be able to stream the phone’s screen.

This works by capturing your screen for later uploading, or using an app to directly stream via IP.

5 Ways to Stream Switch (No Capture Card)

  1. Use Miracst dongle + Miracst TV + Computer + HDMI Cable
  2. Record 30-second videos on your Switch and export them.
  3. Use a handheld camera device to stream Switch’s display.
  4. Use an Xbox console + TV + HDMI cable + Computer
  5. Use your smartphone + HDMI adapter and recording app

Some of these methods are quite complex, and do require some necessary equipment but streaming Switch without capture card is not possible directly.

This is why, check which of the methods you can complete and stream the Nintendo Switch online without capture card.

ways to stream switch with no capture card

How to Stream Nintendo Switch Without Capture Card?

Note: Each of these methods is proven to work so follow the steps closely!

1. Use Miracast (Cast Switch to PC) 

One of the proven ways to stream live content from the Nintendo to destinations such as Twitch and Youtube is by using Miracast.

To goal is to visualize the Switch’s screen on our computer and then be able to stream our display (including the Nintendo feed) online.

What Do I Need?

To achieve this goal you would need a Miracast dongle to connect to the computer and a TV that supports the Miracast (screen mirroring).

This method does not require capture card, instead, we need internet (WiFi) since the Miracast screen mirroring involves the internet.

use miracast dongle on switch

Here are the steps to follow and stream Nintendo Switch without capture card:

  1. Prepare a Windows (10 or 11) – operated computer & Miracast-enabled TV.
  2. Connect both the TV and your computer to one WiFi router.
  3. Connect the dock of the Nintendo to the HDMI port on the TV.
  4. Connect the Miracast dongle to your computer via the HDMI port.
  5. On your TV go to Settings > Miracast, and enable the feature.
  6. Again, on your TV go to the Sources Menu, and visualize your Switch.
  7. On the PC, go to Start Menu > Settings > System > Projecting to this PC.
  8. Select the Miracastenabled television that should appear in the tab.

After the Nintendo Switch screen appears on the computer screen, we can use apps such as OBS (Open Broadcast Software) to stream live content.

This is a workaround, hence you have to enlarge the Miracast window, and then stream your computer screen via OBS toward an IP.

2. Use the Built-in Screen Recording

In case you didn’t know, the Nintendo Switch has an in-built capturing feature that allows you to record your gameplay and then export and share the footage.

Capture gameplay for up to 30 seconds and then share your gameplay on social media or use the clips to edit a compilation.

Nintendo Switch Capture Button?

use nintendo switch capture button

The capture button is square-shaped, and located on the bottom of the Joy-Con. There is a circle inside the button and it’s near the Pro Controller.

  • While in a game, hold the Capture button to save 30 seconds of video!

In case you didn’t know the Capture button also takes screenshots, when pressed one singular time.

To access the videos and screenshots later, simply go to Home Menu, then select the “Album” tab and choose “All Screenshots and Videos

Note: You can’t capture videos longer than 30 seconds on the Nintendo Switch.

3. Use a Handheld Camera!

One of the quickest ways to stream live gameplay from the Nintendo Switch to Twitch, Youtube, TikTok, and many more destinations, is by using a handheld camera.

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, and you need to capture the screen of your Switch (manually).

Need a Bigger Screen?

The way this works the best is by connecting your Switch’s dock to a TV via HDMI, and selecting the correct source to play on a large screen.

The next step is to position your phone’s camera (stationary), and capture your TV screen, aligning with the corners.

Stream Switch – Twitch?

use irl broadcasting on twitch

In case you’re wondering how to stream switch on Twitch without capture card, the next step is to utilize the IRL Broadcasting feature from Twitch.

Ultimately this way you’ll be streaming your phone’s camera, which is pointing at your TV, where the Nintendo Switch gameplay appears.

4. Stream Switch via Xbox Console!

For the ones of you with Xbox consoles, streaming the Nintendo Switch gameplay live is easy and accessible for everything.

You would need a TV with HDMI inputs and a WiFi connection and a computer to perform the online streaming from.

Here are the steps for streaming Nintendo Switch (no capture card) via Xbox console:

  1. Connect your Xbox console to your TV via HDMI.
  2. Connect both the PC and Xbox to the same router or WiFi.
  3. Download and install the Xbox Console Companion on the computer.
  4. Note: Do not use the pre-installed (new) Microsoft Xbox app.
  5. Open the Xbox app and tap on the TV to see the screen on the PC.
  6. Now you should see your Xbox on your TV screen.
  7. Connect the dock of the Nintendo Switch to the second TV HDMI input.
  8. On your Xbox Home Screen (on your computer) select the “OneGuide” option.
  9. Info: The “OneGuide” option is your TV HDMI input.

Upon selecting the “OneGuide” from your Xbox Home Screen, you will instantly see whatever else is connected to your TV, on your computer screen.

Hence, you will now see your Switch gameplay on the PC and you should use streaming programs such as OBS to stream online.

5. Use a Smartphone (via HDMI Adapter)

use hdmi adapter on smartphone

In case you didn’t know, it’s possible to use your smartphone as a capture device for the Nintendo Switch gameplay, and then stream live to various destinations.

This method works by connecting an HDMI adapter to your phone and then connecting the base of your Switch.

This way you would see the Nintendo Switch on your smartphone’s screen, from where you can capture and export or live stream via IP, based on your preferences.

  • For local phone capturing, access the Quick Menu and start capturing.
  • For IP streaming from a phone, use streaming platforms such as Twitch.
Info: There are HDMI adapters for all ports on different phones including HDMI to lighting (iOS), HDMI to Type-C (new Android), or HDMI to microUSB (old Androids).

How to Stream Switch on Discord Without Capture Card?

stream switch with no capture card

We all know that Discord allows users to share their computer screens or the content within open apps.

To stream our Nintendo Switch gameplay to Discord, again we need to somehow deliver the gameplay from the Switch on your computer.

Tip: Methods #1, #3, and #4 from the above guide will help you cast Switch to your PC.

Then when you have the Nintendo Switch gameplay on one of your computer screens, simply open Discord, make a call and tap Share Screen.

Select and share the screen on which the Siwtch’s gameplay is visualized to stream the content on all Discord call participants.

Quick Recap?

Here we’ve learned how to stream Switch without capture card in multiple ways and now we know that we need external equipment in all possible scenarios.

They include using a Mircast dongle for PC projecting, an Xbox console + companion app, or an HDMI adapter.

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