how to set up night owl camera

Night Owl cameras are powerful security devices that can be set up in systems of multiple units or standalone. But how to set up Night Owl camera? 

Setting up the Night Owl camera can be done via NVR, DVR, or standalone without recording. In any situation, you will have access to the Night Owl app, which helps with the setup and gives you access to footage from anywhere.

Are you confused by the fact that multiple installation options are possible? There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

We will help you understand what you need exactly and how to proceed.

How To Set Up Night Owl Camera – All You Must Know

how set up the night owl camera

Setting up Night Owl security camera starts with making some decisions. You must first decide whether you want to record footage and where you want the live feed to be transmitted.

Depending on how you want to set up your system, you will need more than the camera, such as an NVR or DVR device.

Moreover, some options allow you to transmit and watch from your phone wherever you are.

How To Set Up Night Owl Multi-Camera System

Below we will tackle the basic ways to set up your Night Owl camera and some additional steps you can use to make the usage more convenient.

Step #1: Set Up The DVR/NVR

set up the dvr

Nowadays, a Night Owl kit comes with a DVR or NVR, which you have to set up to receive the camera’s live feed.

Then, you can connect either to a TV or monitor.

The first thing you must do is plug the Ethernet cable into the DVR/NVR’s LAN port (the other end connects to your router);

Next, you must notice that each camera has two cable leads. One of them is for video, and the other is for power.

In the box with the whole kit, there are cable rolls, and each cable has two leads on each end.


  1. Plug the camera’s power leads into the red leads;
  2. Plug the camera’s video leads into the yellow leads;
  3. Plug the video leads into the DVR;
  4. Plug the power splitter into the power adapter;
  5. Plug the DVR/NVR into power and turn it on;
Tip: When connecting the leads, twist and lock them, so they are as secure as possible.

Step #2: Set Up The App

set up the app

How to set up night owl cameras on phone? You must download the Night Owl Protect App on your phone.

After downloading it, do the following:

  1. Create an account;
  2. Verify your account and login;
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your phone;

Now, ensure that the DVR/NVR is turned on so the following can happen:

  1. The app will immediately identify your DVR/NVR;
  2. Click on “Continue” to proceed;
  3. Name the recorder;
  4. Follow a few prompts, and then everything will be ready.

Whenever you want to watch live footage from your cameras, you can simply tap “Live view.”

Step #3: Set Up A TV/Monitor

Suppose you are setting up a security system where keeping all the cameras’ footage visible is important.

In that case, you must set up a TV or monitor too. The only requirement is that your TV/monitor has at least 1080p resolution.


  1. Connect the HDMI cable to the DVR/NVR’s port;
  2. Connect the other end to the TV/monitor’s port;
  3. Turn the TV/monitor on.

Using a monitor, you will be readily prompted with the DVR’s main screen.

However, if you are on TV, you might need to do this:

  1. Find your TV’s settings;
  2. Head to the Video or Input Settings;
  3. Choose HDMI so the TV will display the DVR/NVR’s main screen

Step #4: Install Your Cameras

install the cameras

Installing the camera involves finding a good place to position it and screwing the brackets correctly.

Then, do the following:

  1. Position the brackets in a place the camera can get a good view angle;
  2. Screw in the brackets, so they stay firmly in place;
  3. Position the camera in the brackets;
  4. Plug the camera into a power source;
  5. Power the camera on.
Note: If you position the camera outdoors, you must ensure your state's laws allow it. 

While your house’s interior is your property, and you can record anything you want, exterior cameras have more complicated legislation.

Set Up A Standalone Camera

Suppose you only want to install a single camera without NVR or DVR. In that case, you will lose some functionalities built into the NVR/DVR system.

However, it is also cheaper and still allows the creation of a sufficient surveillance system.

Step #1: Initial Set Up

an initial set up

Here are the initial procedures for setting up the standalone camera:

  1. Ensure the Wi-Fi antenna is firmly screwed into the Antenna connector;
  2. Connect the power adapter to the camera’s wire;
  3. You should hear “Camera is ready for use”;
  4. Next, it will announce, “Camera is in pairing mode”;
  5. You must check that the green LED starts flashing;

Troubleshoot Pairing Mode

Is the camera not in pairing mode yet? Then you have to do this:

  1. Pull off the rubber cover that says “MicroSD/Reset” on the camera;
  2. Put the Reset Tool in the little hole close to where the MicroSD card goes;
  3. The camera must announce, “Please be patient, the camera is resetting“;
  4. Next, you will hear “Device is ready for use“;
  5. Shortly after, it will announce pairing mode, and you will see the green flashing LED.
Tip: It is helpful to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and the power adapter.

Step #2: Add The Camera To The App 

add the camera to app

Adding the standalone camera to the Night Owl app takes a lot of steps, so you must pay full attention.

  1. Open the Night Owl app;
  2. Find the “Devices” tab;
  3. Touch on “Add new”;
  4. Choose “Standalone camera”;
  5. Confirm access to the camera if necessary;

Step #3: Choose The Adding Method

Once you confirm access to the camera, you must choose between three options:

  • Add via network discovery;
  • Add via serial number;
  • Add via QR code.

How To Add Via Serial Number

how add via serial number

The camera’s serial number is on a sticker usually glued on its back. However, you can also find it on the camera’s box or user guide.

Once you’ve located it:

  1. Enter the serial number on the app;
  2. Allow to “Join” the network;
  3. Tap on the network you wish the camera to connect to;
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi credentials;

How To Add Via Network Discovery

If you’ve chosen to add via network discovery, you will have to do the following:

  1. Allow the app to use your location;
  2. Click on “Go to settings”;
  3. Touch on “Settings”;
  4. Touch on “Wi-Fi”;
  5. Choose the network that has “NOIP” in its name;
  6. Go back to the Night Owl Protect app;
  7. Choose your Wi-Fi network and log into it;

How To Add Via QR Code

add via the qr code

On the screen where you see the “add via network discovery or “add via serial number,” you can also use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code.

Here it goes:

  1. Locate the QR code on the camera’s back;
  2. Position the phone’s camera in a way it can scan the code;
  3. A screen will show up displaying your camera model;
  4. Tap on it if the camera displayed is correct;
  5. Allow permission to join the network;
  6. Select your Wi-Fi 
  7. Enter the password

Step #4: Finish The Adjustments

After Step #3, the camera will announce that it is connecting to the Wi-Fi. After that, it will prompt when it is finished.

finish the adjustments

Following that, the camera will automatically start to check for firmware updates. 

Once all that is set up, you can choose to change the camera’s name on the app. 

Then, finally, you can go to the app’s home and tap on “live view” to start seeing the camera’s live footage.

What We Learned

How to set up Night Owl Camera? You can set up the Night Owl cameras in different arrangements.

Fortunately, nowadays, the Night Owl brand has an app that makes the setting up process swift and intuitive.

The guide above also has all the information you need to safely install your cameras.

Nicole B