how to set temperature on lasko heater

Can’t figure out how to set temperature on Lasko Heater? We’ve got you covered!

With the different types of Lasko Heaters, setting up the temperature options is different.

That’s why we’ve included instructions for any type of Lasko Heater you could have and how to set up its temperature in quick and easy steps.

Let’s go!

To set up the temperature on a Lasko Heater, plug the device and press the Power Button. Use the Plus and the Minus buttons to select a temperature of preference and wait for your device to start emitting heat. Finally, you could select a Heating Feature.

To learn more about the different models of Lasko Heaters, keep reading our guide!

More About the Types of Lasko Heaters…

about the lasko heater

Lasko Heaters are divided into three groups – Digital Display Heaters, Manual Heaters, and the older, yet still effective Fully Manual Heaters.

All of the following devices share the same way of functionating, but have their different methods of setting up the desired temp!

Telling apart my Lasko Heater:

You could tell apart the three different types of heaters by the following signs:

  • The Digital Display Heaters are operated by a touch-screen display
  • The Manual Heaters also have a touch-screen, but they also have buttons
  • The Fully Manual Heaters are completely operated by a switch

Therefore these three major groups of heaters divide into Digital Heaters, Ceramic Heaters, and Space Heaters, respectively to their operational method.

Important: Based on your Lasko Heater, move on to the appropriate heading in our guide!

After having discussed your heater type and how to tell it apart from other models, let’s begin setting up the temperature from the Digital Display Heaters!

How to Set Temperature On Lasko Heater – Digital Display

how to set up the lasko heater

The first and easiest type of Lasko Heater to set the temperature on is the Digital Display Heater.

By far, the interface of the Digital Display Heater has the most approachable menu and settings configuration, through which you can establish a temperature profile.

Let’s go over the steps of choosing the appropriate temperature for your Digital Heater!

Step #1 Turn on the Digital Display Heater

Your first step is to Turn on the Digital Heater.

In order to achieve interaction with the heater’s menu, the device must be started first, either by plugging it into the power or pressing the Power Button.

Important: Make sure that your heater is Plugged In by the time you’re reading this!

If your heater is plugged in but hasn’t started yet all you have to do is locate the power button and press it.

Since it is a digital display heater, the power button is on the left side of the screen. Give it a press and your heater should start up.

Note: When your heater is started up, the display of the device must be lit.

Step #2 Establish the Temperature Profile

the temperature profile

Your next step is to Choose the Temperature Profile. By temperature profile, we mean selecting the correct temperature you want your heat to work.

Setting up the temperature profile can be done with the “+ and “ Buttons on the digital screen of the device.

  • Press the plus or minus buttons until the display shows the desired temperature!

Once the heating mode has been selected, the display of your heater will blink three times and start displaying the room’s temperature.

However, there’s an in-built heating mode of the heater that works in a specific way. Let’s learn more about this setting in the upcoming step!

Note: Make sure to use a common heating setting or your heater may overheat!

Step #3 Choose a Heating Feature

choose the heating feature

Although selecting an add-on feature to your heater’s functionality is optional, it surely makes the usage of the device ten times easier.

Let’s first learn about the common heating features of the heater:

Heating Strength 

You could select the strength and speed at which your heater reaches the desired temperature setting.

Selecting the heating strength is done by pressing either the Double-Speed or Regular-Speed Buttons.

The buttons are labeled on the display with a wind icon, and the double-feature has two wind icons, while the regular speed has one icon.

Lasko Digital Heater Temperature Mode

a digital temperature mdoe

What’s so great about the digital Lasko Heater is that it will measure the temperature of the heat it emits, but will display the Room’s Temperature

Once the room temperature has reached +2 Celsius above your setting, the heater will automatically stop.

Once the room’s temperature drops below the setting, the heater will start up again, and so on.

Note: If setting up a 25-celsius heating setting, the heater will stop at 27 room temperature.

How to Set Temperature On Lasko Space Heater?

set the lasko temperature

Let’s learn how to set the temperature on your Lasko Ceramic Heater now!

Step #1 Start the Lasko Ceramic Heater

Your first and most important task is to start up the Ceramic Heater!

The ceramic heater (also known as Lasko Manual Heater) is a 5-degree-temperature device and you’ll see all of the settings on the display of the device.

It is semi-manual since it both has hardware (panel) buttons and also a display with a touch-screen.

  • To start up the Lasko Ceramic Heater, you have to press the button “POWER

Once the power button has been pressed, your Ceramic Heater will start shortly and either the “LOW” or “HIGH” settings will have a lit-up green indicator.

Tip: Now is the moment to choose a comfortable position for your heater.

Step #2 Set the Desired Temperature

set desired temperature

You could choose a temperature from 7 available options on your Lasko Ceramic Heater.

Selections are to be made from 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, and MAX on the heater. Those are Fahrenheit temperatures, so don’t get confused by the big values.

Here’s how to set the desired temperature on your Ceramic Heater:

  1. Make sure that the heater is turned on.
  2. Locate the “TEMP” button on the hardware of the device.
  3. Press the temperature button and look at the LED indicator above the options.

Wherever the green LED indicator stops, this is your current selected temperature.

Tip: Your heater will continue heating until a specific heating mode has been enabled.

Step #3 Turn on a Heating Mode

turn on the heat mode

Unlike the digital heater, with the Ceramic Lasko Heater, you could enable a Timer Feature

This is how long will your heating keep working, before shutting down for a break.

Once pressing the “Timer” button on your heater, you’ll be able to set how long your heater will keep working.

The temperature options will be replaced by a certain time interval, which you can select by pressing the “OSCButton.

Once done selecting the time interval of the heater, finalize with the OSC Button.

Alert: Rebooting or restarting your heater will cancel the timer feature.

How to Set Temperature On Lasko Ceramic Heater?

It’s simple, only follow the steps below!

Step #1 Plug the Lasko Ceramic Heater

plug the ceramic heater

You should first Secure the Heater into an outlet before proceeding.

The power supply of the heater must be intact, in order for the device’s temperature to be selected and for it to start emitting heat.

  • Check the connection of the heater’s power cord and verify it is secured

Once you have the heater plugged in, locate the switch that controls the power and push it to the “2option printed above the switch.

This way you’ll turn the heater’s power.

Tip: The power switch has a little “Power Icon” printed below it on the surface.

Step #2 Enable the Thermostat

Unlike the other thermostats, setting up the temperature here is really simple.

All you have to do is turn on the thermostat all the way and let your Ceramic Lasko Thermostat heat.

You’ll know that the thermostat of the heater has been triggered after the device starts emitting heat throughout its opening.

You could feel the heat coming through, by listening to the heater’s change in sound or placing your hand in front of the device.

Note: Lasko Ceramic heaters are known to make loud noises when running.

Step #3 Wait Out the Comfortable Temperature

wait for comfortable temp

With the Lasko Ceramic Heater, there is no time setting or preferred temperature configuration.

You’ll have to turn on the heater whenever you’re feeling most comfortable with the room’s temperature.

To turn off the heater, simply spin the thermostat switch to the “OFFSide wherever it is printed on the hardware.

This will cause the thermostat to stop making noises and prevent it from emitting heat.

Tip: Turn on the thermostat of the heater again, once your room starts feeling chilly again.

Quick Recap:

Hence, to set the temperature on your Lasko Heater, make sure that the device is plugged in and turn it on with the power button. Next, press the “+” or “-” icon to browse through available temperature settings. Finally, enable a Heating Mode.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that you’ve been able to understand how to set temperature on Lasko Heater, regardless of the model you have.

It is true that setting up the temperature varies on the heater, but as we’ve already mentioned, the functionality remains the same!

Nicole B