how to reset toshiba tv remote control

Wondering how to reset Toshiba TV remote control in a couple of steps? Look no further, because we have got you covered!

By the end of our guide, you will know all ways to reset your Toshiba remote as well as other essentials that will help you during the process!

To reset a Toshiba TV remote control easily, press and hold down the D-PAD left button, the back button, and the menu button simultaneously. Hold them down in an interval of 2 minutes and release them to start the pairing process.

There are quite a few things that could go wrong so let’s start reviewing the step-by-step guide so you can be confident.

How To Reset Toshiba Smart TV Remote Control?

reset toshiba tv remote control

Resetting a Toshiba remote is relatively easy.

The only thing you should be aware of is that by resetting your Toshiba TV remote, you will make it forget your original Toshiba TV.

This means that you will have to reprogram the remote once the factory reset of the remote is done.

Down below we have explained the reset in a detailed step-by-step guide at your disposal:

Step #1 Check The Remote’s Functionality

First of all, it is good to make sure that the remote is functional and its batteries are intact. If not, replace the batteries with brand new ones.

Because otherwise, you won’t be able to either factory reset the remote, or pair it back to your TV once the reset is done.

To replace the batteries, disassemble the battery compartment and eject the current battery units from their beds.

Test if the remote is working and proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Execute Reset Sequence

Once ensuring your remote’s functionality, it is now time to execute the factory reset sequence your Toshiba TV remote control has built-in.

To start resetting your remote, follow the steps down below:

  1. Grab your remote and point it towards the TV.
  2. Locate the BACK button, the MENU button and the D-PAD left button.
  3. Press these three buttons and hold them.

Note: This reset combination remains the same for all Toshiba units, so you won’t have to worry about what your Toshiba remote type is.

Step #3 Hold The Buttons For ~2 Minutes

Once you start holding the BACK, the Menu and the D-PAD left button, hold them down for 2 straight minutes.

After holding the buttons for that interval of time, release them and wait for the remote to flicker.

The flicker will indicate that the remote got successfully unpaired from the TV and is now in a programmable state.

Next, we’re going to discharge the remote which will add up to the overall reset.

Step #4 Discharge Remote

To discharge the remote, you’ll have to take the batteries out and press EACH button at least twice.

That will drain all remaining electricity and provide a hard reset before you continue with the pairing process. You can now put the batteries back in.

Proceed with the steps we have provided down below to learn how to reprogram your Toshiba TV remote control unit.

How To Reprogram Toshiba Remote Control After Reset?

toshiba tv remote control reset

Once the remote has been discharged you can start the pairing process to our Toshiba TV.

The previous steps made the remote forget the connection that it had previously with your TV, so you will have to reprogram the remote.

Note: Toshiba remote controls usually have a pairing button or a home button which will let you easily reprogram it to the TV as long as it is pointed towards it.

If it doesn’t have one at all, there is another specific sequence you must execute.

Now that you have learned how to reset Toshiba TV remote control it’s time to learn how to pair it back to the TV.

Method #1 Programming With A Setup Button

Newer Toshiba remotes tend to have a specific button meant for programming purposes.

This could be either a specific pairing button that has a “P” label on it or just the home button.

If you could find a button specifically designed for the programming purpose, check out the guide down below to learn how to program your remote control to the TV:

  1. Grab your Toshiba remote and aim it towards the TV.
  2. Press the Home/Pairing button for 25 seconds and wait for the flicker.
  3. Insert the 4-digit TV code and complete the programming.

Here are some of the 4-digit TV codes in case you’re pairing the remote with other brands:

  • Toshiba: 1045, 1058, 1073
  • Element – 1431
  • Emerson – 1468
  • Insignia – 1437
  • Philips – 1126
  • LG – 1343
  • Samsung TVs, it could either be 1019 or 1171

Note: In case you don’t find your TV brand here, you can search the web for 4-digit codes for the Toshiba remote and your TV brand.

Method #2 Programming Without A Setup Button

If you happen not to have a specific setup button to complete the programming with, don’t worry, since there is another combination of keys that will allow you to do that.

On your Toshiba remote, there should be a DEVICE and a POWER button that will do the programming for you.

Follow the steps down below to program your Toshiba TV remote control to a TV without using the assistance of a built-in programming button.

Step #1 Get In Line Of Sight

The first task is to be in the line of sight of your TV. Make sure you’re standing close enough to your TV with the remote in hand to complete the programming.

Step #2 Execute The Programming

The next step is to execute the programming itself. Now that you know where the power and the device buttons are on your remote area, follow these steps:

  1. Grab the remote and aim it towards your TV.
  2. Press and hold the DEVICE and POWER buttons on your remote.
  3. Hold them down for 25-30 seconds.

After holding the buttons for the appointed time interval, it is time to finish the programming without using an initial setup button.

This will be done by a 4-digit code as you read about above.

Step #3 Enter The TV

Having the TV codes we’ve mentioned above in mind, insert the 4-digit TV code corresponding to your TV brand.

Make sure to press the buttons in consecutive order as we’ve provided them to you in the previous steps.

Once done, your Toshiba TV remote should now be programmed back to your TV and you should be ready to go.

To factory reset Toshiba TV remote, press and hold the BACK button, the MENU button and the D-PAD left button at the same time. Hold the buttons down for 25 seconds and release them once your remote blinks.

To program a Toshiba remote to the TV, use the pairing button and hold it down for 30 seconds. Enter the 4-digit code to finish the programming with your TV.

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Bottom Line:

After getting to know how to reset Toshiba TV remote control, you should be fully capable of dealing with the programming afterward.

The factory reset is a pretty effective approach against a wide variety of problems so now when you know how to reset and reprogram the remote you can always use this guide to help you.

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