how to reset sharp roku tv

In case you’re interested to know about the process of how to reset Sharp Roku TV, you’re just in the right guide!

Unlike all the other tutorials you can find online, we won’t give you general instructions on how you can do it, we will be discussing the process with you in full detail, so you don’t have to search for alternatives!

You can reset your Sharp Roku TV in two (2) ways: by doing the recommended method where you have to use the remote or by doing the classic process of pressing and holding the reset button at the back of the TV.

Factory resetting your Roku TV is not something you should be regularly doing.

But, what reasons do users have that make them think that factory resetting is the best option they could go for? Why learn the process of how to factory reset a Sharp Roku TV?

What’s Deleted When I Reset My Sharp Roku TV?

Resetting your Sharp Roku TV will be like deleting every saved data or information on it. This would include all the apps, recordings, as well as saved shows and titles.

It’s like starting off on a clean slate and this is mostly done when you are served with problems and dilemmas that aren’t resolvable by a simple power cycle or restart.

Reasons Why You Should Reset Your Sharp Roku TV

Over the years, factory resetting has been key to solving some of the most critical and complex tech problems there are.

And there are several reasons why it’s recommended to do a factory reset of your Sharp Roku TV.

Among these reasons include:

  • The TV crashes and freezes constantly
  • A few programs and apps are inaccessible
  • Some commands are constantly unresponsive
  • You’re having trouble signing into several apps

Just like any other TV, the Sharp Roku TV is not a simple device. It requires expertise in toggling its settings, let alone resetting them.

But, in this guide, we did our best to give you the process in the easiest, simplest, and fastest ways possible!

How to Reset Sharp Roku TV – Complete Steps

Other guides and tutorials would not give you in-depth information as to how you can perform a factory reset of your TV because it’s just too tedious.

Not on our guide, because we will not only give you one (1) method to do it, but we will also give you two! Without further ado, let’s head right to it!

Method 1: Resetting Sharp Roku TV With the Remote

reset sharp roku tv with remote

This first method of resetting your Sharp Roku TV will require a remote control. Here’s the process of how you can reset it:

Factory Resetting Sharp Roku TV

Here’s the process of how you can factory reset your Sharp Roku TV:

  1. Unplug the Sharp Roku television from power.
  2. Press and hold [CH -] and [INPUT] on the TV’s panel.
  3. While holding, plug and power the TV back on.
  4. Remove the buttons from your hold when it boots back up.
  5. Using your remote, navigate to Settings > System.
  6. From there, select Service Mode > Factory Reset.

Once done, your Sharp Roku TV will then undergo an automatic reboot.

The process could take up to a total of five minutes. Wait for the entire process to finish before you try to start using it again.

You simply have to set it up like you did the first time; you have to set the language, choose between a wired or a wireless connection, and so on!

NOTE: In doing this process, you might be asked to enter your PIN to confirm the reset. You can access your PIN by signing into Roku Website > My Account > PIN Preferences.

After you do these steps, you simply have to wait for the TV to turn back up again and it will be fresh as if it was just gotten from the factory!

Method 2: Resetting Sharp Roku TV Without the Remote

reset sharp roku tv without remote

In the event that you don’t have the remote, you can actually perform the factory reset via the reset button found at the back of your Sharp Roku TV!

This hard reset won’t require you to press anything on the remote or to navigate inside your TV’s settings, it’s all there is!

Step #1: Turn Your Sharp Roku TV On

In doing this process, you need to keep your Sharp Roku TV turned on. It wouldn’t work if the TV is turned off, so make sure that it’s turned on or activated.

Step #2: Locate the Reset Button on the TV

After turning it on, locate the reset button at the back of the TV.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re on the home screen, the settings, or if your TV is currently on a program – you just have to turn it on.

The reset button is usually a button that’s underneath a small, thin, and narrow hole.

It’s positioned like this in order to avoid accidental presses on the button, which would cause unwanted resets to take place.

Step #3: Press and Hold the Button

When you find it, you need to press and hold it. But, because it’s hidden and it’s not easily accessible, you would have to use a ballpoint pen, a SIM card pin, or a paper clip to reach it.

Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds to a full minute or until the display of the TV goes off. It shall reboot by itself after it shuts down.

That’s when you know that the reset has taken place successfully.

Step #4: Proceed With the Guided Steps

Just like how you did it the first time, you’ll need to set your Sharp Roku TV up!

And after you do these steps, your TV will now be reset back to its default settings! It will be like how you first purchased it from Sharp or Roku!

That’s just about it! You can do any of these two methods and you’ll successfully be able to reset your Sharp Roku TV!

To reset your Sharp Roku TV, you can press and hold the reset button and proceed with the guided setup or you can reset it via the television’s settings and navigate to this function using your remote!

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Final Verdict

There’s no other better guide on how to reset Sharp Roku TV than our tutorial here!

Where else would you be able to find a guide that is as complete, comprehensive, and detailed as this?

The next time you find yourself in need of the right information, you know where to go!

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