how to reset seiki tv without remote

Asking how to reset Seiki TV without remote? It’s pretty easy!

There are multiple methods of performing a factory reset on your Seiki TV without the assistance of a hardware remote!

In this post, we will guide you through all of these methods in easy-to-follow steps!

To reset a Seiki TV without a remote, you could either use the hardware button to navigate through the menu or install the digital remote application. To reset with buttons, you can use the channel up/down to navigate to the factory reset button in your system settings.

If you’ve never done a factory reset without a remote before, we highly recommend reading along to find out what’s important and what to pay most attention to!

How To Factory Reset Seiki TV Without Remote Easily?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are two general ways of performing a factory reset.

The first one is to use the in-built buttons on your TV’s hardware and the other one is to install and set up the mobile Seiki application.

We will explain both of these methods in complete detail, so you could understand how the factory reset is done on your Seik TV without a remote.

How To Factory My Reset Seiki TV Without Remote? (With TV Buttons)

reset seiki tv without remote

This is by far the easiest way to navigate through your Seiki TV system without needing the actual remote that comes with the unit.

You could pretty much do anything using these buttons, including changing channels, adjusting the volume, and switching between sources on your Seiki TV.

In the steps below, we’ve explained the complete process of performing a factory reset on your Seiki TV using the in-built hardware buttons.

Step #1 Prepare Your Seiki TV

The very first step is to make sure that your Seiki TV is functional.

After all the factory reset requires a functional operating system so turn on your TV and proceed further.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your TV is not going through any updates by looking at the home screen’s usage prompt.

Once you’re certain that your Seiki TV is free of any use, let’s move on to examining the buttons.

Step #2 Examine The Buttons Of Your TV

check buttons of seiki tv

It is important to determine which buttons you’re going to need for the process.

For that purpose, we’ve listed the available buttons on your Seiki TV along with their functionality.

Important: You will find the buttons we’re about to list on the bottom part of your Seiki TV’s front panel.

1. Source Button: By pressing the source button on your Seiki TV, you will open up the menu.

2. Channel “+” and “-”: By clicking on the channel +/- buttons, you’re able to scroll through the menu up and down respectively.

3. Volume Buttons: With the volume buttons, you will be able to select the currently highlighted option in your settings.

Keep in mind that these statements might not be the same with every Seiki TV, so you might have to test and understand how the hardware buttons work.

Having that said, let’s proceed with performing the actual reset.

Step #3 Initiate A Factory Reset

Now that you’re well aware of what your Seiki TV’s buttons are doing, let’s navigate to the factory reset settings and start the process.

Follow the instructions below to start a factory reset on your TV:

  1. Make sure your TV is turned ON.
  2. Press the Source button once until you’re at the settings.
  3. From there, use channel +/- to navigate to the “Device Preferences” tab.
  4. Enter the “Device Preferences” tab by using the volume/up button.
  5. In the following tab, highlight “Reset” and select with volume/up.
  6. Finally, choose “Factory data reset”.
  7. Choose “Factory Reset” again using the volume/up button.
  8. Wait.
Now your TV is going to be sent into a reset sequence, which should not last longer than 10-15 minutes. 

If you’re not interested in resetting your Seiki TV using the hardware buttons, let’s review the other workaround.

How to Factory Reset Seiki TV Using App

reset seiki tv using app

There is an application you can acquire from your Google Play/App Store that works as a real remote but on your smartphone.

It makes it much easier than having to look for the remote every time since it would always stay on your phone.

Having that remote on your phone, you can do anything with your TV including a factory reset so let’s find out how to download and install the app first.

Step #1 Download & Install The Seiki Remote App

First, you have to download and install the application on your smartphone.

Simply go to the app store of your Android or iPhone and search exactly for “Seiki Remote Control”.

You will want to acquire the first result, which should have above 10,000 downloads. Once the application is downloaded and installed, let’s connect it to your TV.

Step #2 Connect App To Seiki TV

connect seiko app to tv

The pairing is relatively easy. Once you’ve opened up the app on your phone, follow the steps below to connect it to your Seiki TV:

  1. On the first screen, choose “Seiki TV”.
  2. Point your phone towards the TV and press the green button.
  3. If you see any output, press the “Working” green button on the next screen.
  4. If everything worked, the digital remote should appear on your phone screen.

If it didn’t work, you have to repeat points #1 and #2 until it works.

If you’ve managed to connect the application and your phone to your Seiki TV, let’s proceed to step #3 and learn how to exactly trigger a factory reset.

Step #3 Factory Reset Seiki TV With App

Resetting your Seiki TV remains the same, regardless of whether you’re using the buttons or the mobile application.

Note: The digital remote’s buttons are exactly the same as the ones on your original hardware unit.

However, there might be a minor inconvenience so let’s review the process all over again in the steps below:

  1. Go to the settings using the buttons on your phone.
  2. Go to “Device preferences” and then choose “Reset”.
  3. Select “Factory Reset” and confirm.
  4. Wait.

As we’ve mentioned above, the process shouldn’t take longer than several minutes, and afterward, your TV will be reset.

To reset your Seiki TV without a remote, you can use the in-built hardware buttons or the app. Using the app or the hardware buttons, go to Settings > “Device Preferences” > “Reset” > “Factory Reset”. Wait for the TV to reset.

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Bottom Line:

After finding out how to reset Seiki TV without remote, we hope you were able to learn something from this guide!

After all, replacing your remote isn’t the toughest job in the world and if you’re missing your original one, you can always consider getting a universal remote.

Nicole B