how to reset onn tablet without google account

Wondering how to reset Onn Tablet without Google Account? It’s really, really easy!

We all know that to perform a factory reset on an Onn Tablet, we need to have access to the Google Account which serves as a protection against device theft.

However, in this guide, we’ll discuss how we can reset an Onn Tablet with no access to the connected Google Account.

To reset an Onn Tablet with no access to Google Account you’ll need to start the device into a Safe Mode (Developer Menu) and start the Factory Reset from there. The device will restore and the passcode, as well as the previously signed-in Google Account, will be gone.

Let’s next learn more about whether resetting without any account information is possible!

Can You Reset Onn Device With No Google Account?

can rest onn device

In practice, yes we can easily reset an Onn Tablet with no access to the connected Google Account for cases when you’ve forgotten your password.

What’s concerning is that your account is connected to a cloud breaching privacy regulations.

The Onn Device Tablet might remain locked even after the factory reset…

Even when you enter the Recovery Menu and perform the factory reset an Onn Tablet would still ask for PIN confirmation and Verification of the associated Google Account.

This should not discourage you just yet, because an Onn Tablet runs Android software.

Bypass Google Account?

To bypass Google Account on Onn Tablet, users need to take precise steps during the initial setup (after the reset) which will allow us to disable (kill) the service asking for verification. 

The process is quite complex, but users managed to successfully use an Onn Tablet with no access to the Google Account.

We’ll get into details later after we learn how to perform a reset.

Let’s next jump into the steps of performing a factory reset without a Google Account:

How To Reset Onn Tablet Without Google Account?

how to reset onn tablet

As we’ve already discussed, we’re now learning how to perform the actual Factory Reset, and later attempt to bypass the Google Account.

In case you’ve already attempted to perform a reset but were greeted with a “Google Account Password” prompt, our method is different!

We’re going to perform the Factory Reset from the Android Recovery Menu:

1. Plug an Onn Tablet To Power

The very first step is to plug an Onn Tablet into a power source, therefore making the device charge while the factory reset process.

It does not matter whether you’ve got access to the Home Screen of the device or not, we’re entering the Android Recover Manu soon!

It’s important that the device is turned OFF before proceeding!

Note: You should turn OFF an Onn Tablet by holding the Power Button for 2-3 seconds.

2. Enter The Recovery Menu

enter recovery menu

When the device is OFF and at reset, we can boot the operating system into a Recovery Mode which brings us to really sweet developer options. From there we can reset an Onn Tablet.

To enter the Recovery Menu, users need to hold the Volume Up + Power Button!

You will then see a “Select Boot Mode:” on the screen with three different options.

You should select [Recovery Mode], even though users can also choose Fastboot and Normal Boot.

In other words, the device is simply asking you how you would like to proceed.

Tip: Use the Volume Up button to navigate and the Volume Down button to select.

3. Solve “No Command” Screen (Optional)

Once you’ve selected to boot from the [Recovery Mode] you will either be taken to the Recovery Menu or a screen with a “No Command” message.

In case you land on the “No Command” screen with a dead Android art this is easily solvable so let’s learn how…

  • Hold the Volume Up button and tap the Power Button once!

This will immediately take from the “No Command” screen to the Recovery Menu.

4. Factory Reset an Onn Tablet

factory reset the onn tablet

You can recognize the Recovery Menu by the black background and the blue list of options including the Wipe Data/Factory Reset settings.

Once you’re there, feel free to use the Volume Up/Down buttons to navigate and highlight different settings from the Recovery Menu.

Use the Power button to select, highlighted Wipe Data/Factory Reset option!

Use the Volume Up/Down buttons to highlight Yes and confirm by pressing the Power button, which will make an Onn tablet screen go black.

The reset is now at hand and all you have to do is wait for the Recovery Menu to come back on screen.

Tip: When you see Wiping Data Completed, select to restart an Onn Tablet.

How To Bypass a Google Account on Onn Tablet?

how to bypass the google account

Now when an Onn Tablet is reset, you might get stuck at the “Verify Your Google Account” prompt which will not allow you to use the tablet without signing in.

When you don’t have access to the Google Account, Forgot Main, or Password, we need to use the bypass technique.

The process is quite long, so buckle up and let’s bypass the Google Account…

Step #1 Connect To WiFi

The “Connect To WiFi” screen comes before the Account Verification so go back by tapping the back arrow and make sure that an Onn Tablet is connected to the internet.

That happens by selecting your WiFi Network and inserting the password.

Tip: On the Verify Pin screen choose “Use My Google Account”.

Step #2 Enter The App Info

enter the app info

This step would be quite challenging.

We need to enter the App Info Menu, and we can only do that by going back into the “Connect To WiFi” screen, selecting a random network for the keyboard to appear, and tapping the Microphone Icon on the top-right of the keyboard.

What we need to do is press on the Microphone Icon and then choose Deny

Repeat this process 3 x times until the Gboard asks you to enable voice typing and provide an “Allow Button” which sends us directly to the App Info Menu.

Tap on the “Allow” Button once!

Step #3 Open The Settings App

From The App Info Page, tap on Permissions and use the search field to find and select Chrome App, and press the Open button.

You will be greeted with a Welcome To Chrome message where you have to check the box and press Accept & Continue.

Press Next, and when asked to Turn On Sync, select No Thanks.

Once the Chrome Browser opens, type and select APK FRP & APK Files. Scroll down and select Open Settings App. Once there proceed further.

Step #4 Stop Verification Processes

stop the verification process

The next step is to locate the process which does not allow you to use an Onn Tablet with no access to the Google Account and bypass the verification.

From the Settings go to Apps & Notifications tab and tap on See All “N” Apps

Next, tap on the three dots on the top-right and select “Show System”.

We can now start killing processes by selecting the process, choosing Force Stop > OK > Disable App > Disable App.

Here are the processes that you should Force Stop and Disable:

  • Android Setup
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Play Services
Note: In addition, you’ll need to go to Storage & Cache > Clear Storage on each process!

Step #5 Complete The Initial Setup

complete initial set up

When the aforementioned processes are disabled with cleared cache, you should tap the back arrow as many times as necessary to go back to the “Connect To WiFi” screen.

From there you only need to complete the setup as normal but this time the Verification prompt won’t appear.

You’ll now be able to complete the setup and finally, see an Onn Tablet Home Screen.

Tip: Don’t forget to re-enable the Google Play Store to be able to download apps!

Quick Recap:

Hence, in this guide, we’ve learned that the factory reset does not remove the Google Account from an Onn Tablet but there is a way to bypass the verification process after the reset. By following the steps above, you won’t go wrong so this is how it’s done!

Final Thoughts:

Now that we’ve learned how to reset Onn Tablet without Google Account and how to bypass the verification after the reset, we’re ready to use our device.

It’s important to remember that the Google Play process has to be enabled in order for the device to be able to reach the service.

We hope that this guide was helpful and easy to follow. More relevant topics in our blog!

Nicole B