how to reset magnavox tv without remote

Could you be thinking about how to reset Magnavox TV without remote but do not know where and how to start?

A remote is a fundamental part of your TV, and when it malfunctions, or you misplace it, you may not enjoy any experience with your TV.

Below are several methods you can use to reset your Magnavox TV when you cannot reach your remote.

You can reset your Magnavox TV using the TV buttons. Access the menu button beneath the screen, then press it. The screen will display the TV’s main menu; scroll through the list using the channel button until you reach the reset to standard option, then select it and Press OK.

To know the process step by step read the guide below:

How to Reset Magnavox TV Without Remote

how to reset magnavox tv without remote

As your Magnavox television ages, it may not lack some quirks and glitches once in a while.

The issues may include picture or sound problems. You may try various ways to fix it, but none works, so the only solution remains to reset it.

What if you cannot reach your remote and you want to perform this activity on your device?

Can you do it without a remote? Yes, you can. Below are several methods you can use to reset your Magnavox TV without a remote.

Method 1: Use the TV Buttons

I know you are used to your Magnavox remote control, and you often find it difficult to operate your TV using its buttons.

Probably you do not even know where the buttons are on your TV. It is now time to understand where they are and how you can use them to reset your TV.

If you own the larger Magnavox television, access the menu button on its left lower side. For smaller TVs, access the button beneath the screen of the TV.

Press this button, and your screen will display the main menu. Use the channel up and down buttons to scroll through the list until you reach reset to standard and press OK.

Your TV will then reset to default settings.

Method 2: Use The Magnavox App On Your Phone

If you have lost your remote and have your phone, you have all you need to reset your TV.

You can turn your smartphone into a remote and control everything you wish on your TV.

All you need is to download the Magnavox app from the google play store for Android and App Store for iOS phones. Remember, the app has all your TV remote buttons and will work exactly as your TV’s remote does.

As you install this app, your phone must have an IR blaster feature for the app to control the TV. Without it, nothing will help your TV note that the phone is controlling it as a remote.

So, once you install it, this is how you can use it to reset your Magnavox TV.

  1. Click the menu key on your Magnavox phone app to go to the main menu.
  2. Select TV menu, then click Enter.
  3. Choose the option, ‘Reset to standard,’ then Enter.
  4. Click OK to confirm the resetting action.

Your TV will reset after the above procedure. Give it a few seconds, and then it will turn on.

What if you cannot access the app or your phone does not have the IR blaster feature? Would you still reset your TV without a remote? Let us see the next method.

Method 3: Use A Mouse And A Keyboard

Another simple way to reset your TV if you cannot access your remote is using a mouse and a keyboard.

I hope that if you are a computer person, you may not lack these devices in your house.

So, first, inspect if your Magnavox TV has a USB port. I believe it will not lack since most TVs have these ports installed to enable users to access content from other media devices such as flash discs.

Get your USB mouse and keyboard and insert them into the USB port on the TV. If the TV detects the presence of these external devices, you should see a mouse cursor on your TV screen.

Use the mouse to navigate to the TV menu, then scroll through to the main menu.

When you see Reset to standard option, kindly click it, followed by OK. Remember to press the Enter key on your keyboard once you select an option.

If you have a wireless mouse, plug a Bluetooth receiver into the USB port at the back or side of your TV. Use it to navigate through your TV until you reset it.

Method 4: Reset The Television Power

how to reset magnavox tv

Magnavox television may at times have issues caused by static build-up. Often, you can resolve the problem by power resetting the tv.

Here is the way to do it.

  1. Locate the power button on your TV’s display
  2. Press it until the screen goes blank.
  3. Release the button.
  4. Unplug the TV from the power outlet or the wall
  5. Allow the TV to rest for around five minutes.
  6. Power on the television using its power button.

Any issue on your TV should resolve after these steps. If not, you can try the next method.

Method 5: Force Factory Reset

Another way to reset your Magnavox television is to perform a forced factory reset.

Unlike the former method that only does a soft resetting, this erases everything, including TV channels, settings, etc, from your device.

So, you will need to set it up again.

Step #1. Remove the TV’s power cord from the power source.

Step #2. Hold the volume down and the power button simultaneously, then plug back the power cord. Do not release the buttons until the screen goes blank; it may take around 30 seconds.

If the screen fails to go blank after a minute, repeat the procedure from step one.

Step #3. Allow the TV some time to factory reset. It will reboot or turn on, then off. If it turns off and fails to turn on automatically, press the power button to turn it on.

Step #4. The welcome screen should appear and allow you to set up the TV. If not, plug out the power cord, then plug it in again.

If the TV had an issue, the procedure should resolve it. If not, kindly repeat the steps. That is how to reset a Magnavox TV without a remote. I hope the steps help you through.

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To reset your Magnavox television, you will need to unplug the TV’s power cord from the power outlet. Plugin the power cord again, then hold the power button and the volume up button at the same time and release them once the screen goes blank.

Leave the TV to rest for seconds as it resets, and then it will turn on automatically.

The methods above on how to reset Magnavox TV without remote are quite reliable. Using either should help you through if your Magnavox TV has an issue.

I hope you have noted that you do not need a remote to maneuver through this process. Whether a phone, a mouse and keyboard, or TV buttons, you will be good to go.

Nicole B