how to reset lifx bulb to new wifi

How to reset LIFX bulb to new WiFi? When you take your LIFX bulb to a new wireless environment or simply change your router settings, you need to reset it.

First, you must find out what model you have and what the resetting method is. After that, erase all network data from the bulb to set it up again.

You don’t have to worry about anything. If anything described above sounds like too much work, we have you covered at each step.

Simply follow the guide below to learn how to reconnect LIFX lights to Wi-Fi.

How To Reset Lifx Bulb To New WiFi – Guide

how to reset lifx bulb

It is very easy to reset a Lifx bulb to install it into a new wireless environment.

There are only a few caveats to it, which we will discuss later.

Now, if you want to reset your Lifx bulb, you need to know whether it is one of the newer models or a Lifx Original.

It happens that each one gets reset differently.

Step #1: Determining If Your Model Is Lifx Original

It is important to determine if your Lifx Model is one of the first gen bulbs.

That is because the first models have a different method for resetting. 

Perhaps you didn’t pay attention to names when buying your Lifx bulbs. In that case, you can differentiate them in many ways. 

First off, if you still have its box, simply check it. Does the bulb have subtitles such as “Color,” “White,” etc.?

If not, then it is probably one of the original models. It looks like this:

determine if lifx is original

If you don’t have the box, you can still compare the bulb to the one depicted in the box above.

Perhaps you compared, and your bulbs don’t resemble the one shown above.

In that case, you can rest assured that your bulb is a newer model, meaning its resetting method is different.

Step #2: Resetting Your Lifx Bulb

Now that you know which model your LIFX Bulb is, choose one of the methods below.

To perform a reset on a LIFX Bulb Original, do the following:

  1. Flick the switch on the side of the bulb
  2. Turn your phone’s Wi-Fi off and on again
  3. After two minutes, check again

On other LIFX Bulb models, resetting works like this:

  1. Turn the light on and off five times
  2. Wait up to 30 seconds
  3. Check again if the network shows up

The current LIFX bulbs sold by the brand all can be reset as shown above. That includes LIFX White, Color and Candle.

Note: If resetting makes the light go out, wait a bit and reset again. Doing this process should not make the light go out for good.

Step #3: Configure Your Network Settings

configure the network settings

Now that your LIFX bulb has been reset, you must ensure the network settings of the new Wi-Fi network are correct. 

For example, LIFX bulbs can only connect to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection.

So, if your router only displays a 5GHz network, you must also work around it to enable the 2.4GHz. How to do that?

Sometimes the 2.4GHz network is down because of problems with your router.

In that case, simply reset the router:

  1. Turn the router off 
  2. Wait a minute
  3. Turn the device again

Moreover, if your router has a VPN service built-in, you must deactivate it. Go to the router’s settings webpage and turn VPN off. 

Note: If you use a VPN service on your phone, disable it too before you try to set up the LIFX bulb.

Step #4: Enable Location Access

So that the LIFX app can create a Wi-Fi connection in your home, your location is necessary.

You must activate location services on your smartphone and provide the LIFX bulb access to utilize them. Here is how:

Smartphones and Tablets Using Android

using your android phone

Search the home screen of your smartphone for the LIFX app’s icon. Then, maintain the icon’s selection by holding down the button. Then:

  1. Choose “App Info
  2. Click “Location” and “Permissions.”
  3. Select Only when using the app.

Smartphones and Tablets Using Ios

To enable Location Services, visit the Privacy Settings page. Next:

  1. Locate the LIFX app
  2. Click on it.
  3. Choose While Using as the next step.
Tip: Allowing an application to access your location only while the application is active is less intrusive.

Step #5: Connect The LIFX Bulb

connect the lifx bulb

Now that you have already reset the LIFX bulb and prepared the network parameters, it is time to integrate everything.

The first thing is to put the LIFX bulb in your chosen room and turn it on. Next, open the LIFX app on your phone and enter your credentials.

You will have to set the bulb up again, just like how you did in the old Wi-Fi.

But, of course, if you got a bulb already used by another person, the following might be new to you.

Setting Up The Bulb

On the screen showing up, tap Add Bulbs.

You must go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect to the LIFX Bulb Network for a while now.

Usually, the network is called simply LIFX Bulb, and its password is lifx1234. Next:

set up the bulb
  1. Go back to the LIFX app
  2. It will prompt you to choose a network to connect to. 
  3. Ensure you connect to a 2.4GHz network.
  4. Wait a while.

It might take time before the app tells you the process is done. Be patient!

When all is done, you can see your LIFX bulb in the app and configure it however you like.

You can even rename it if that makes the experience better.

Note: Latest firmware bulbs don't require a password to access their network.

Bonus: Resetting Many Bulbs At Once

resetting bulb at once

As mentioned in the steps above, you can simply reset most LIFX models by turning them on and off five times.

However, a great feature of the LIFX bulbs is that you can reset many of them simultaneously! 

How does that work? The feature will only work when all bulbs are connected to the same switch/wall.

So, for example, in a given room with only one switch to control many different bulbs, the same switch will work to reset all of them together.

Note: This won't work with Original LIFX, as you need to flicker the bulb's button.

Solving Issues

solve the issue

In case you were successful resetting the LIFX bulb but not installing it into the new network, you can try resetting it again. 

If the problem persists, try setting it up in any other available network to see if the problem is with your network parameters or the bulb itself.

Finally, if you just disconnected the LIFX bulb from an old network and now it doesn’t connect to any network at all, it is time to call LIFX support.

What We Learned

How to reset LIFX bulb to new Wi-Fi? Once you need to set up your LIFX bulb into a new wireless network, you will have to reset it.

Doing that will depend on the model of your LIFX bulb. The original LIFX works differently than the models that came after. 

After ensuring all previous data is erased, you are ready to install your LIFX bulb(s) into the new environment.

Nicole B