how to reset element tv without remote

How to reset Element TV without remote?” remains a frequently discussed inquiry in many technical forums and fortunately there is a solution. In this post, we will reveal the solution as simple as possible and try to provide you with everything you need to consider beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are several occasions in which resetting your TV without a remote could be challenging so keep reading to avoid them.

Luckily for everybody, there are ways to perform a restart on Element TV without a remote but establishing a connection without a remote is still not possible.

You can do a simple restart by unplugging the TV from the power outlet and if necessary, you can also factory reset Element TV by holding a dedicated button.

We will reveal everything that you need to consider beforehand and provide you with alternatives in case a certain step does not succeed.

Keep reading to learn how to do everything properly and you will be able to restart your TV without a remote in no time.

How To Reset Element TV Without Remote Easily?

how to reset element smart tv without remote

Whether you’re looking to factory reset or simple restart, we got you covered regardless. All the solutions in this post are proven to work by people trying to accomplish the same thing so you cannot go wrong with them.

Here we have prepared some methods to control your TV without a remote just enough to perform a restart.

As we already mentioned, establishing a connection for example, with your smartphone cannot be accomplished without some sort of other input.

On the other hand, simple operations such as simple restart and even factory reset are possible and easy.

Without further ado let’s start with the fastest methods first.

Method #1 Disconnect from Power Outlet

If you are in a situation where your remote is either gone or not responding, you can always perform a simple restart on your Element TV, to identify where the issue is coming from.

To do a proper restart follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the power cable from the power outlet
  • Wait for about 30-40 seconds
  • Connect the power cable back to the power outlet

The point of this simple restart is to reboot all services in case of any glitches, which are a common occasion for people to search “how to reset Element TV without a remote”.

Method #2 Use the Reset Button (Factory Reset)

Factory reset will restore the TV as it was when purchased. All personal settings and configurations will be permanently lost.

To factory reset your Element TV without a remote, navigate a little hole on the left side of your TV.

Inside the little hole is a reset button that has to be held for about 15-20 seconds when TV is ON.

To reach the button inside the little gap, you can use an object with a small and sharp edge such as a pencil.

Your Element TV screen should go black upon 3-4 seconds of holding the button and once your model logo appears, you can release the button.

At this point, your Element TV should be restored to factory default settings without a remote.

Note: This is a universal method that works on all models of Element TV.

Method #3 Use Universal Remote App

use element tv app

Still asking “How to reset Element smart TV without remote?” this step might be for you. If you are still not aware of all universal remote applications in both Android and iOS stores, you’re missing out!

Simply type “Element remote” in your application store and download the first app. Most likely you will be able to establish a connection via your network to interact with your TV.

If you don’t have a remote at all, you might not be able as you will need to locate your TV code without the settings menu.

You can try multiple apps until you successfully establish a connection to restart your TV.

But if you are willing to spend time and effort to connect your smartphone, you can use it as a remote, which brings you to the next method.

Method #4 Get Universal Remote

It is well-known that there are a lot of really cheap universal remotes that can get the job done.

If the dedicated element TV remote does not work, you can always buy a temporary replacement from the nearest tech store.

If any of the methods below somehow were unable to restart your TV, maybe you should get a new remote, but we highly recommend applying the methods above all over again.

Restarting or even resetting a TV is a really simple task taking 15 minutes upmost.

Method #5 Google Assistant (Input Required)

If you haven’t read your Element TV user manual, we highly recommend taking a look at what Google Assistant can do.

To simplify we can say that you can link your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) to your Element TV and use your voice to interact with the software.

It takes a while to set up and you will definitely need another way to interact with your TV beforehand.

But once everything is settled, you will definitely be able to perform basic commands as restart, power on, and power off, using only voice.

During the process, you might need to provide your email address and create a registration, which is understandable when considering that you will use your smartphone.

If you want to leave this for later, now we are going to introduce an alternative method to power ON your Element TV without using a remote.

How to Turn ON Element TV Without Remote?

If suddenly your remote does not work and you cannot even turn ON your TV, here we will discuss how to do it without the remote.

Here we will apply one of the methods above, specifically by disconnecting the power.

You probably started to realize by now that when the TV is unplugged from the power outlet it shuts down hard, and when plugged it is turning on and staying on standby.

So, if you have any concerns do not hesitate to scroll up and read method #1 and then apply it.

This will open a window for about 1 minute in which you can perform a factory reset using method #2.


If you are wondering how to turn off Element TV without remote, it is simple. Wait and the Element TV will turn on itself due to the power saving features.

It might take up to 30 minutes of inactivity, to turn off and sometimes even more (depending on the setting).

Bottom Line

We can conclude that if your remote suddenly stopped working and you had no way to interact with your Element TV, it might be a really frustrating experience.

Universal remotes are still as helpful as always, especially for such cases. If your goal was just to restart or reset your TV, well done, it cannot get any simpler.

We hope our post was able to answer, “how to reset Element TV without remote?”, which remains a hot inquiry to this day.

Wish you a successful operation and if you are interested in more technical solution content feel free to take a peek at other articles, you might find something really useful.

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