how to reset element tv without remote

Wondering how to reset Element TV without remote? It’s very simple, in fact, there is more than one way to reset the TV without a remote and we’re about to explore everything here!

To reset the Element TV with no remote, first, check if the TV is equipped with a control panel set of buttons that you can use to navigate the menus.

If there are no buttons on the TV panel, check for a reset pinhole with a very little reset button on the inside!

This is not every way of resetting Element TV without a remote so keep reading!

Can You Reset Element TV Without Remote?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to perform a hard reset or a factory reset on Element TV without the need for a remote at all.

There are four different ways to reset an Element TV but not all of the methods work on all models of Element TV.

can you reset element tv without remote

Here are the different ways to reset an Element TV without a remote:

  • Hard-Reset – reset Element TV from the power supply.
  • Factory Reset reset Element TV with the panel buttons.
  • Factory Reset – reset Element TV with the reset button.
  • Factory Reset – reset Element TV using a universal remote.

Hard-Reset Vs. Factory Reset?

The Element TV is the host of many settings, possible downloaded data files, and configurations and they will be removed after a factory reset.

In contrast, the hard reset or also known as a power cycle only refreshes the power income and doesn’t erase, delete or remove any TV files.

How to Reset Element TV Without Remote?

We’ve found four ways to reset the Element TV with no remote and they cover all possible situations.

Hence, at least one of these methods will be applicable to the Element TV so you would definitely be able to hard reset or factory reset the television!

1. Reset Element TV from the Power

reset element tv from the power

The first and easiest type of reset that you should begin with is the power cycle.

Believe it or not, the hard reset resolves 90% of the possible issues with the Element so it’s worth attempting before the actual factory reset.

  • First, identify whether the Element TV has a physical power button!

With or without a power button proceed with the power cycle by directly unplugging the Element TV from the power supply.

If there is a power button, hold it for 35 seconds and reconnect the TV’s power supply, otherwise (without a power button) wait a full minute before reconnecting.

Reminder: This method will only discharge the Element TV and will not perform a factory restoration nor delete any of the files.

2. Reset Element TV via HW Buttons!

reset element tv via hw buttons

In case you didn’t know most Element TV models are equipped with a set of physical buttons which are typically located on the back, side, or down TV panel.

These buttons include a Ch+, and Ch- as well as a Power button, Return/Back, Menu, and an OK/Select button.

Note: On some Element TVs, there is also a navigational arrow!
  1. Ensure that the Element TV is powered on.
  2. Press the Power button to turn on the TV.
  3. Press the “Menu” control panel TV button!
  4. Then rind the “Settings” or “Setup” menu option.
  5. Tip: Use the OK/Select button to enter.
  6. Highlight and select the “Factory Reset”.

Again, keep in mind that some of the physical buttons or TV menu options might not align perfectly with the actual settings on your TV.

Try to identify with buttons that serve the purpose of menu navigation and use them to reset the Element TV through the settings!

Note: the Channel Up and Channel Down buttons usually go up and down in the menu!

3. Reset Element TV via Reset Button!

reset element tv via reset button

In case the Element TV is not equipped with control panel buttons, then you need to check whether there is a reset pinhole.

This is a small hole, sometimes a small button, typically labeled “RESET” from where you can factory reset the Element TV without using a remote.

  • To reset the Element TV hold the reset button for 10 seconds!

Sometimes the reset button can be easily pressed and held with the tip of your fingernail but on some Element TV models, you need a tool.

To reach in you can use a needle or a paperclip, that will allow pressing and holding the little reset button located inside the pinhole.

Note: In case the Element TV is not resetting, restart the device and ensure that it’s turned on!

4. Reset the TV with Universal Remote!

reset tv with universal remote

The final possible way to reset the Element TV without the original remote is to use a universal unit, which can easily be paired with your TV.

Once the universal remote is paired, you can easily navigate through the menus and perform a factory restoration without the original remote!

Pair Universal Remote to Element TV?

  1. Insert e fresh pair of batteries into the universal remote.
  2. Turn on the Element TV using the panel power button.
  3. Press the “Setup” or “Program” button on the remote.
  4. Locate the “Pairing Code” for Element TV in the manual.
  5. Insert the code with the numbers on the universal remote.
  6. Press the Power on the remote to turn OFF/ON the TV.
Note: You can acquire a universal remote really cheaply by ordering online or purchasing from any local tech shop.

How to Reset Element Smart TV Without Remote?

how to reset element smart tv without remote

In case the Element TV is “smart”, and thus can connect to the internet and download apps from a content store, well, there are more solutions without a remote.

Next, we’ll unwrap one of the most popular ways to control your smart TV without a remote, hence being able to reset.

Use a Digital Remote Application

There are many digital remote apps that support Element TV and can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

The only requirement for the Element TV is to be connected to the home WiFi, prior to losing your remote control.

How Does This Work?

The way this works is by connecting both your smartphone and TV to the same WiFi and then connecting to the TV from the digital remote app.

use a digital remote application

Then you will be provided with a fully-fledged digital remote with all buttons and functionalities to control and reset the Element TV.

Here are some digital remote apps with proven support for Element TV:

For Android – Available in Google Play:

  • “Element TV Remote”4.1
  • “Remote Control Element”2.9
  • “Remote for Element TV”2.8
  • “Element Smart TV remote”3.0

For Apple (iOS) – Available in App Store:

Note: There is no dedicated Element TV digital remote, they are all universal.

  • “Universal TV Remote”4.4
  • “TV Remote Control”4.4
  • “All TV WiFi Remote”3.5
  • “Universal Remote TV”4.1
Tip: If the Element TV is smart and also has a set of physical control buttons, use them to connect the TV to the home WiFi network.

Use a Phone + IR Blaster Combo

use a phone ir blaster combo

In case the Element TV is not smart, cannot be connected to WiFi, and does not have control panel buttons, then this is the very last alternative.

The phone + IR blaster combo is an efficient way to regain control over your TV, without any remote, WiFi, or other requirements.

IR Blaster – Explained:

The IR blaster is an accessory that can be connected to your phone via the charging port, or in the 3.5 mm aux input (based on model).

The secondary unit, the IR transmitter should be placed in front of the TV IR “eye” receiver to successfully transmit the commands from the phone.

Here’s how the phone + IR blaster combo setup goes:

  1. Ensure that the Element TV is connected to the power.
  2. Connect the IR blaster device to your smartphone.
  3. Install the secondary unit in front of the TV IR receiver!
  4. Download an IR-supported app on your smartphone.
  5. Note: These apps are free and available for Android and iOS.
  6. Open the app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. When prompted, find and select “Element” for the TV brand.
  8. When the digital remote appears, the test turns on and off.
Note: Some apps that are proven to work with an IR blaster are “Peel Smart Remote” and “Sure Universal Remote”.

Quick Recap:

Now we know how to reset Element TV without remote and that it’s possible via the panel buttons or by the inbuild reset button.

In addition, smart Element TVs can be reset from a digital application remote, which only requires the TV to be connected to the WiFi.

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