how to remove vivint doorbell camera

If you wonder how to remove Vivint doorbell camera, then keep reading this guide!

Removing your Vivint doorbell camera is easy as long as you’re aware of what you’re doing.

Don’t forget that exposing any wires or unscrewing before you cut off all electricity is dangerous, so make sure to read our guide before attempting anything!

To remove your Vivint doorbell camera you need to first erase it from the application. You can easily remove the camera from the panel by reaching into the settings and hitting the “Remove” button. The next step would be to disengage it from the wall by removing the front cover, disconnecting all wires, and removing the mounting bracket.

Even if the approach appears to be easy, you strongly recommend reading the rest of the guide!

How To Remove A Vivint Doorbell Camera In Easy Steps?

Removing your Vivint doorbell camera involves 2 steps.

The first one is to remove the camera from the Vivint application and your security system. The second step is to physically disengage the camera unit.

Let’s begin by removing the Vivint camera from the application first:

How To Remove Doorbell Vivint Camera From The Vivint App?

remove vivint doorbell camera

To remove the Vivint camera from the entire system we’ll be using the smart security panel.

Step #1 Access The Vivint Panel Settings

The removal of your Vivint doorbell camera the software-way will happen through the Vivint smart security panel.

From there, you will be able to configure the settings of the camera and also remove it from the entire system.

In that regard, the first step is to access the device settings on the Vivint panel of your security system.

Since we don’t know where exactly your panel is located, go next to the panel and tap on the settings icon.

Note: That will provide you with access to the device settings.

Step #2 Open Device Settings

open device settings

Once accessing the settings, the next step is easy. All you have to do is find where the device settings of your camera are located.

With different panels and firmware of Vivint, the device settings within the security smart panel are situated at different places.

Browse the settings of your panel and attempt to locate where the “Device Settings” or the “Vivint Device Settings” tab is located.

Note: Once found, tap on it once and this will send you to the device settings.

Step #3 Remove The Vivint Camera From The System

Lastly, it’s time to remove the Vivint doorbell camera from your Vivint security system.

Once you’ve accessed the device settings, all of your Vivint devices will be displayed.

Here’s how to remove your Vivint camera from the system:

  1. Once in the device settings, browse all of your Vivint devices.
  2. Locate the Vivint doorbell camera you wish to remove.
  3. Tap on the camera.
  4. Go to “Camera settings”.
  5. Scroll down and locate the “Remove” button.
  6. Uninstall the camera from the system.

With this, the Vivint doorbell camera has been successfully removed from your system. For a physical take-off, proceed with our next guide.

IMPORTANT: If you do not own a panel for your Vivint security system, removing the camera can also happen in the Vivint app, through Settings > Devices > Vivint camera > Remove.

How To Remove Vivint Doorbell Camera From Wall?

doorbell remove from wall

Now that you’re done with removing your Vivint camera from the system software, it’s time to physically disengage the camera from the wall.

To perform the operation, follow the steps below for a 100% success rate!

Step #1 Acquire Required Tools

Although tools are not such a great necessity, they would definitely make the job easier than you can expect.

In that regard, there are some recommended tools and the ones that you will require for removing the Vivint doorbell.

Here’s generally what tools you will need to remove the Vivint doorbell camera:

  • Screwdriver – A Phillips-head screwdriver is a necessary instrument that you will need.
  • Gloves – Although not essentially required, you should take gloves to protect your hands while taking the device off.
  • Electricity tester – It’s recommended to have a tester notify you on which wires and components there is active electricity.

Move on to the next step to start taking the doorbell off your wall.

Step #2 Disconnect Vivint From The Power Source

Since we’ve already removed your doorbell from the system, it won’t beep upon touching it.

Instead, you will be directly cutting off the electricity of your Vivint doorbell camera in this step.

disconnect from power source

Go to your circuit breaker and flip off the electricity for your doorbell. Now, there will be no power reaching the device and the electricity will be stopped halfway.

Note: Look for a switch on the circuit breaker, labeled with “Vivint” by the technicians.

Step #3 Remove The Vivint Cover

In this step, you will first want to use your tester. Press the tester on the screws of the camera to determine if the sensor on the tester will blink.

It shouldn’t blink in any case, but just to be safe, do that before disengaging the screws.

If no electricity flows, grab your Philips screwdriver and undo all of the screws. With this, the cover of the doorbell should come loose and you will be able to remove it.

Step #4 Disconnect All Wires

After taking out the cover all of the wires will be exposed. Now is the time to double-check whether you’ve completely stopped the power and we suggest using your electrical teaser again.

If the wires are clear of electricity, you can proceed further. Now you need to start disconnecting all wires one by one.

For better clarity when installing a new doorbell later, take a picture of the wire’s configuration so you won’t have to ponder where the wires were connected to.

Step #5 Take Off The Holder Bracket

The last step is to take off the entire mounting bracket of your Vivint doorbell camera.

To remove the bracket, you should simply undo all of the internal screws that were exposed along with the wires after removing the front cover.

With this, the base and the holder bracket of your Vivint doorbell camera will become loose and you will be able to take it out.

IMPORTANT: During the time when you will have no doorbell installed, secure the wires by tying them up and pushing them into the wall.

Tip: Make sure to leave a room so you can later take them out and use them again.

Thus, to remove your Vivint camera from the application, use the smart security panel settings to find your device and remove it from the system. To dismount it from the wall, you would need to stop the power, undo the screws, disconnect the wires and remove the mounting bracket.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you’re aware of how to remove Vivint doorbell camera both, from the smart panel and from the wall, the rest is up to you.

Remember to always disconnect the power before interacting with the screws and the wires, since the chance of getting shocked is high.

In case you hesitate at any of the operations described above, make sure to call a Vivint technician to perform this task for you. It’s always safer!

Nicole B