how to mute frigidaire microwave

Wondering how to mute Frigidaire Microwave? We use microwaves daily, which is convenient, but sometimes their beeping sounds are too loud and annoying.

Muting your Frigidaire microwave involves pressing a few buttons according to the control panel’s layout. Standard models have a cog button that lets you access all the appliance’s settings. 

However, other models are configured differently. Fortunately, we did the job for you.

We deeply investigated all you must do to shut all beeping sounds in your Frigidaire microwave.

The guide below will help you mute your appliance easily.

How To Mute Frigidaire Microwave – Methods

how to mute frigidaire microwave

These days, no kitchen is complete without a microwave. Unfortunately, while they serve a useful purpose, they may be a nuisance sometimes.

Some types produce an annoyingly high-pitched hum while in operation. Thankfully, there are a few options for dampening or getting rid of that annoying sound.

How to Silence Frigidaire Microwave 

Silencing your Frigidaire microwave will depend on its model. Suppose you don’t have its manual anymore and cannot identify the model.

In that case, you must attempt different methods until you get it right.

Below you can check all the methods you can employ to eliminate your Frigidaire microwave sounds.

Method #1: Choose The “Off” Option On Standard Models

Here is the easiest method you can apply when you want to disable the sound on your Frigidaire microwave.

choose the off option

Considering that your Frigidaire microwave follows the most standard pattern, its panel allows you to set the sounds to your preference.

Frigidaire microwave panels usually allow you to set the sound through four different configurations: low, normal, high, and off. 

Perhaps you don’t want to mute completely. Then you must choose low. People with certain degrees of deafness (but not full deafness) benefit from the high setting.

Normal is the factory setting, and off is most likely what you are looking for.

If you want to change the sound setting to off, here is what you must do:

  1. Touch the button with a cog symbol (this is the settings button)
  2. Ensure Op-1 shows up.
  3. Press the Start button
  4. You will see the following words scrolling every two seconds: Lo/nor/hi/off
  5. Press Start when the “off” option displays

After the steps above, your microwave should have its sound disabled. For testing’s sake, try to heat food for a few seconds. 

Tip: If the microwave still has beeping sounds, you must try setting it up again.

Method #2: Disable Sound On The “Sound” Button

disable in the sound button

We would love Frigidaire microwaves to be all equal in their control panels. However, we know that brands tweak settings across the years.

The same will be true when you want to change a simple setting, such as beeping sounds.

Perhaps your microwave doesn’t have the sound settings through a clog symbol but directly on a sound/mute button.

In that case, the process becomes simpler. Some models will work like this:

  1. Press the sound/mute button
  2. Wait for any prompt
  3. Confirm you want to disable sound
Note: Other models will not prompt you for anything. Instead, they will disable sound immediately. You can test that by attempting to heat food.

Method #3: Disable Sound On The Numeric Pad

The volume of several microwaves, Frigidaire included, may be adjusted by selecting numbers on the pad. Usually, the numbers are 0, 1, and 2. 

While “1” represents the standard volume of the microwave, “2” makes it louder, and “0” mutes it entirely.

disable the sound in numeric pad

Suppose the first two methods in this guide don’t work on your Frigidaire microwave. In that case, it is time to try out the numbers on the pad.

Here is how to mute your microwave using the numeric pad:

  1. Close the microwave door
  2. Press and hold the “0” button for 5 seconds 

Retrying the button presses and hearing nothing indicates success.

Method #4: Mute With The “Start Time” Button

According to the brand, a few applicable models (although not specified) will mute when you press the Start Time button for a certain amount of time.

Since the brand uses this exact wording, Start Time, you first must check if the panel on your microwave has the button.

Usually, microwaves will vary on how they present the timer button. For example, sometimes the button says only “start,” “time,” or something similar.

Alright, after you located the button, do this:

  1. Press and hold Start Time for 6 seconds;
  2. Wait for a beep
  3. Release the button
  4. Check if the buttons are no longer beeping
Tip: Returning the beeping sound to your microwave follows the same process.

Method #5: Press The “Stop/Clear” Button

press the stop button

To mute a Frigidaire microwave using the “Stop/Clear” button, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the “Stop/Clear” button on the microwave’s control panel.
  2. Press the “Stop/Clear” button once to mute the beeping sound.

If the “Stop/Clear” button does not mute the beeping sound, try pressing and holding it for a few seconds.

If this still does not work, check the next method for specific instructions on muting the beeping sound.

Method #6: Identify Your Microwave Model

How to turn off the Frigidaire microwave sound? Suppose none of the methods above work for your microwave model.

That is very odd, which means your Frigidaire microwave is very different from the norm!

However, you need not feel hopeless. As long as you can identify the exact model you have, you can find its manual in an online library. 

Find The Serial Number

find the serial number

So, the first step is learning what model you have, right? Model identification numbers (also known as serial numbers) are in any of the following places:

  • The oven’s inside side trim is exposed when the door is opened.
  • Upon opening the door, you’ll see it on the left panel.

Note down the serial number or model name. It doesn’t matter if there is only one or the other available.

Once you have one, the other will be easy to find too.

Download The Manual

Next, head to Manuals Lib. It is a site where you can find almost any manual for electronic devices.

It is especially useful for old devices or situations where standard procedures don’t help.

Once on the site, you must type the model number/name of your Frigidaire microwave. After a few instants, the exact manual will show up. 

You can either check the manual online or download it for further necessities.

We recommend downloading it!

Check How To Mute Your Appliance

check how to mute appliance

Next, the easiest way of finding what you need in the manual is by pressing Ctrl+F/Command+F on your keyboard.

That will enable you to search for keywords. The keywords you must look for are sound, silent, and mute.

Finding instructions telling you how to mute your Frigidaire microwave will take only a few seconds.

Note: If even this method doesn't result in fruitful results, your microwave most likely can't be muted. 

What We Learned

How To Mute Frigidaire Microwave? Frigidaire microwaves can be easily muted if you know which buttons to press.

Many standard models will mute once you press the cog button to access settings. However, other models have different tricks that allow you to mute them. 

Nicole B