how to move modem and router to another room

How to move modem and router to another room?” remains a question where there is no specific answer to it. We know how frustrating it is to change the location of your ethernet devices and in that regard, we have created this post to help you out.

Here we will describe the easiest methods to change your modem and router location regardless of your circumstances.

To relocate your modem or router to another room, first, you should get familiar with where all inputs go and how everything is connected (you can take an image, if necessary). Once ready you should trace the ethernet cable and other inputs you have to the new room.

Finally, you will re-connect everything as it was and complete your transfer with minimal downtime.

How to Move Modem and Router to Another Room – Steps

As mentioned in the introduction, we are here to show you how to move modem and router to another room easily.

So we have prepared several things to take a look at before you start disconnecting everything.

how to move a modem and router to another room

STEP 1: Familiarize with The Installation

Before you can start disconnecting your router and modem from all inputs it is important to familiarize yourself with the installation.

If the ethernet cable goes through a supplier-specific modem, make sure to memorize or capture how all cables are connected together so you can re-install them easier.

If you, however, already disconnected it without capturing the installation beforehand, you can always contact your internet supplier for guidance.

STEP 2: Prepare Your New Cable Route

First, make sure to locate the ethernet entrance and prepare a route for it leading to the new location.

If you are using any other cable inputs, it is recommended to prepare a route for them as well in order to save yourself a lot of time later.

Try to visualize where all cables go and try to predict anything that could go wrong. Doing that will save you a lot of downtime and frustration.

STEP 3: Power-Off Your Modem and Router

Now when you know exactly where all cables will embed leading to the new location, it is time to power off the router and any modem connected to it as well.

Both the router and the modem have a significantly noticeable power button on the back, where just one click is enough to shut the device off.

Once both devices are off, you can safely unplug all cables connecting them and sort everything to clear the mess.

Relocate All Cable Inputs

Once you have everything disconnected, feel free to untie all cables and embed them in their new route leading to the new location.

We recommend using a cable organizer so you can alight your cables right where the router and modem will stand.

It is important to ensure that when leading the cables around your house, there is no place where the cables will be exposed to water, damage, or pressure (especially on the door’s corners).

Take your time routing the cables as this is something that will last a long time and you wouldn’t want to fix it every day.

Reconnect Your Router and Modem

Once everything is settled, you can freely connect your inputs to the modem and then to your router.

After that, you can safely power the devices on, (first the modem then the router) and wait until an internet connection is established.

When plugging everything in its place, ensure that the ethernet cable is connected to the leftmost (usually blue-colored) slot. 

modem router reconnect

If there is a modem it should be connected to one of the other four (usually yellow) sockets.

We mentioned this because we have found that people struggle to reconnect their modem to their router via ethernet cable the right way after disconnecting it.

If you have followed our guide step by step, at this point you should know how to move a modem and router to another room and you will be certain at each step from now on.

But if you have any difficulties, in the next paragraph we will review possible issues that you might have and how to resolve them.

Common Issues

Sometimes operations like this do not go as flawless as expected and there are a few scenarios in which your installation might not work as intended after the transfer.

If you don’t have access to your network after moving the router to another room, here are some possible solutions:

Disconnect & Reconnect Everything

It is highly possible that you’ve connected something where it does not belong. Make sure to re-watch your backup and reconnect everything from scratch.

If you still experience issues and you are certain everything is connected rightfully move on to the next solution.

Ensure Your Router Is Actually Receiving Input

Each router is different but we will try to illustrate how to check if the device is actually receiving an input.

On the face of your router, there should be several icons, one of which is a globe (internet receiver indicator).

If the device is connected properly to the network, even if there is no traffic the icon should be lit. The light might be flickering, which is nothing you should worry about.

If the globe icon is not lit, it is a clear indicator that the router is not connected to your local network.

At this point, the problem might be in your modem, which we will discuss in our next solution.

Troubleshoot the Modem

If your router cannot connect to the local network, you can quickly identify if the issue is related to your modem.

Simply take the ethernet cable, connected to the modem and plug it directly into your router, and check if the globe icon will lit.


This method might not work on all modem users, as some internet suppliers lock the ethernet route and you cannot use it unless it goes through the modem.

Another way to identify issues with the modem is to disconnect and reconnect everything to identify possible misconfiguration.

As a last resort, you can call your internet supplier to check for alerted issues and guide you on how to connect it.

Trace Your New Route

It is a rare occasion, but your ethernet cable might be disconnected somewhere on the route.

It is common for cables to get damaged due to inappropriate installation, so it is worthy to trace the cable and ensure that there is nothing wrong with it.

Bottom Line:

We hope our post was able to answer the question “how to move a modem and router to another room?”, and most importantly how to do it easily.

If you are facing any complications, you can always start all over again from step one and give it another shot.

In case your issues are not described in our post, contacting your internet supplier for help would save you a lot of unnecessary troubleshooting.

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