how to make alexa flash lights to music

Wondering how to make Alexa flash lights to music? Keep reading!

Smart lights are becoming more and more common in smart homes and people often wonder whether they can connect them to their voice assistants.

By connecting your smart lights to an Alexa device, you will be able to make light patterns that will dance to the rhythm of the music.

For Alexa to flash the lights according to the music rhythm, you will need to have an Alexa-compatible smart lighting system. You’ll need to connect Alexa with the application of the smart lights to make the lights dance to your music.

Now when we’ve got a basic idea of how things work, let’s proceed with reviewing some of the most frequently used lights for this purpose.

Can Alexa Flash Lights To Music?

Standalone Alexa devices such as Echo dot will not be able to flash lights to the music rhythm on their own. You will be able to change the pattern of the lights and colors but the “music flash” feature always comes with smart light systems.

However, connecting such a lightning system to your Amazon Echo device will enable you to use Alexa and make your lights flash to the music with a voice command.

You’ll also be able to interact with the smart–lights and Alexa feature combined, only by using your voice.

Knowing that we can proceed to check smart-lights devices that have guaranteed support to Alexa and the “lights-dance” feature.

Note: To use an Alexa-enabled device to control smart lights, you need to have the device connected to Alexa.

Alexa “Lights & Music” Compatible Smart Lights

alexa compatible smart light

Unfortunately, not ALL smart lights are compatible with Alexa. Some devices simply can’t connect to your Alexa application and dancing to music won’t be possible via voice commands.

There are several platforms that will allow you to operate the lights via voice commands and therefore make your lights flashes according to the current music. 

Let’s take a look at some of these smart lights systems:

1. Philips Hue Lights

One of the most advanced, Alexa-compatible smart-light systems that can dance to music, operated by voice assistants.

2. Govee LED Lights Strip

An exceptionally durable LED strip can connect to Alexa devices and accept voice commands regarding light patterns and music.

3. Lutron Caseta

Sensational and minimalistic smart lights system that supports Alexa and flashing lights according to the music rhythm.

4. Lifx LED Bulbs

Another lightning system that delivers exceptional integration with smart-home systems and voice assistants.

You’re in luck if you’ve got any of the above-listed smart lights. However, there is a wide variety of other smart lights that work with Alexa so don’t get discouraged.

Note: Standalone Echo devices cannot flashlights to music since the feature always comes with the smart-lightning system.

How To Make Alexa Flash Lights To Music?

make alexa flash lights to music

Since you can utilize the flash dancing feature on many smart lights, here we’ll unwrap a universal guide to connect them to Alexa.

Keep in mind that you can connect your smart lights to the Alexa app even on your smartphone, so you won’t actually need an Echo.

Let’s get started with your smart lights:

1. Setup Smart Lights

Whenever lights are “smart” that often means that they have a dedicated application that allows many control features and of course to flash lights to music.

To connect your lightning system to Alexa open the app store, download the app and connect your smart lights via WiFi.

When ready you can check the lights dance feature in the options.

It will probably be grayed out since there is no Alexa-enabled device to play the music.

2. Connect Lights To Alexa

connect alexa to lights

To connect your lightning system to Alexa, you would need to open the Alexa app and tap the “+” icon> Add Device> and choose “Lights”.

Scroll down to find your smart lights and make sure that they are connected to the WiFi.

Once the device has been selected, Alexa will help you set up your device with personalized steps designed for your exact smart-lightning system.

3. Make Your Lights Flash To Music

You can now check whether things worked. Go to your smart-lights application and enable the lights dance feature.

The option could be labeled differently and located in different tabs, contrasting on your exact device model, and here are some examples:

  • Flash to music
  • Entertaining Area
  • Personalize the experience
  • Music Mode and more…

In case you’re finding the feature, check online for how the options are called on your smart-lights application and where to look.

When you’re ready with turning the flash-to-music feature, tell Alexa to play your favorite song and watch your lights dance to the music.

Tip: The features can be enabled/disabled via Alexa voice commands.

How To Make Alexa Lights Disco?

make alexa light disco

With every smart-light system, there are different features and colors. To achieve the Disco event you would need a higher flashing frequency and higher brightness.

You can adjust such settings from the smart-lights system application to achieve the effect manually.

There are also pre-made dance-music modes and settings. You would need to explore them and achieve the desired effect.

They sometimes include modes like romantic, reggae, gaming, disco, rock, and more.

Tip: For more intensive light flashing you should explore the STROBE feature, allowing exceptionally fast flashes for a disco environment.

Sync Lights To The Music

The best alignment comes when the music and the mode are paired.

For example, if you’re having a party you need to choose the disco mode and for more relaxing music you can use a chill mode.

There is also an “adaptive mode”, allowing the lights to automatically sync to the music. It works like magic and it’s one of the most preferable options.

Sync Color To The Music

For color sync, you need to look into the Mood Theme menus and even create your own music-flash mode.

You can choose any color supported by your smart lights and customize modes to choose from later.

sync music color

Again, depending on the music and lights mode, choose a suitable color or a couple of colors and tell your lights how to flicker.

Then you can tell Alexa which song you want and which lights mode preset to use.

The best part is that you would be able to control all this with a voice command through your Alexa-enabled device. Feel free to explore the settings and customize them as per your mood.

Note: You can choose from many pre-made color themes and music-flashing modes.

Quick Recap:

You can make Alexa flash lights to music only if you have a smart-lightning system or a smart LED strip. The core feature that makes your lights flash to music, comes with the smart-lights application and standalone Alexa-enabled devices lack this option.

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Bottom Line – Hear & See The Music!

Now when you know how to make Alexa flash lights to music you will not only hear but also see the music in your home.

Feel free to explore the countless features both on your smart-lightning system and on Alexa, to get the most out of your devices.

For more helpful guides such as this one, make sure to check our online blog to discover many tips and solutions for your smart-home devices.

Nicole B