how to get siri to talk when plugging in charger

If you have no idea how to get Siri to talk when plugging in charger keep reading to see how easy it is to set up.

Siri is a widely popular voice assistant and iOS devices deliver the environment necessary to fulfill all functionalities.

If you want Siri to narrate a message chosen by you, whenever the device is plugged into the charger, this guide is for you!

You can make Siri pronounce any message when your Apple device is charging by creating a new Automation. Then by using the Charger Trigger option, you can add a message and form a rule that will trigger the line each time your device is charging.

Let’s now get familiar with the essential requirements that your device has to meet for Siri to talk when plugged into a charger.

Requirements For Siri Charging Announcement

Quite frankly, there are certain requirements that you must be aware of before actually getting your Siri to announce charging sessions.

In a straightforward answer, there are only two requirements for getting Siri to announce when the device is charging.

Here are both of the requirements:

1. Having iOS 14 and Above

The automation feature that will make Siri announce your phone’s charging is available with iOS 14 and above. So, if you’re using iOS 14 or 15, you’re good to go!

2. Have Access to the Shortcuts App

The shortcuts app first appeared in iOS 13 but is available all the way to iOS 15. This is another software requirement that your Apple device must meet to get the Siri charging announcement.

In a quick overview, those are the requirements that your iPhone must meet in order to enable the automation and make Siri announce the charging.

Note: Keep in mind that the charging automation both works with wired and wireless charging.

How To Get Siri To Talk When Connecting Charger?

get siri to talk when plugging in charger

If you haven’t created an Automation before, we strongly suggest not skipping any of the steps so you can understand how they work.

Let’s start with the application that we’ll be using to create an Automation:

Step #1 Get The Shortcuts App

With iOS 13 and above, the shortcuts app will be installed on your phone by default.

This is the instance that you will be used to make Siri announce whenever you’re connecting your iPhone to the charger.

However, if you’ve accidentally removed the app (since it can be uninstalled), you must download it back to your phone to configure the settings.

get shortcuts app

As we’ve mentioned already, the Shortcuts app is where you can add an Automation which is essentially what will make Siri announce a charging session.

The Shortcuts app is available in your iPhone’s App Store and can be downloaded in a matter of seconds, considering its lightweight size.

It will take you 1 minute at most to get it installed and then you will be able to access the application.

Note: If you already have the shortcuts app installed on your phone, check if it is updated to the latest version.

Step #2 Start A New Automation

To make Siri announce whenever your phone is getting plugged with a charger (wireless or wired) you must start new automation within the shortcuts app.

That new automation will be specifically designed for charging announcements only.

There are two different automation that you can create within the shortcuts app:

  • Personal automation – This automation is for personal matters and the charging announcements also fall in this category.
  • Home hub – The home hub option, below the personal automation, is supposed to wire up all of your smart home devices into one home hub.
You will want to choose the personal automation option, which essentially has the Charger Trigger setting that you’re looking for.

Step #3 Select “Charger” Trigger

select charger trigger

Once your new automation has been started, your next step is to select the actual feature of the automation.

Personal automation can be “App”, “Airplane Mode”, “Low Power Mode”, “Battery Level”, and much more, including the Charger Trigger.

In this step, you need to choose the “Charger” trigger, which is the setting that you can later configure Siri to announce.

It will basically trigger whenever your phone is being charged and later you can select what happens after the automation is triggered.

The “Charger” trigger is located as the 5th option from top to bottom and is situated beneath the “battery level” automation, within the tab. Press on it once, to make your new automation trigger charging.

Tip: The tab also has some very useful automation features within, so make sure to familiarize yourself, since they can be useful.

Step #4 Add “Speak Text” Action In The Settings

test action speak

Once your automation is configured, it’s now time to add the “Speak Text” action, which will essentially make Siri announce whenever the phone is connected with a charger.

This setting is found with the options of the automation and you can easily find it by pressing the “Info” button on the new automation you’ve created.

Once you’ve added the speak text action, proceed with the next step to choose what would you want Siri to say whenever you’re plugging your iPhone into the charger.

Note: All automation created within the shortcuts app can be found on the home screen of the application.

Step #5 Write Text For “Speak Text” Function

Now to finally time to learn how to get Siri to talk when plugging in charger. For this to work you must add text to the “Speak Text” function.

That can be done under the settings of the “Speak Text” automation you’ve already added, by tapping on the settings icon.

You will find the “Speak Text” action there with a field under it.

Tap on the field and enter any text you want Siri to pronounce whenever you’re plugging your phone into the charger.

Once done, tap on the “Save” button, and the feature should now be successfully enabled.

Note: You can use any language supported by iOS for the “Speak Text” function.

Step #6 Test The “Speak Text” Action

test action speak

Finally, it’s time to test the feature you were setting up till now. For this purpose, you will need your charger and it must also be attached to a power source.

Note that Siri will not narrate your Speak Text if the Apple device does not start charging.

To test the function, attach your phone to your wired or wireless charger and wait for Siri to announce the message you’ve written under the “Speak Text” feature.

Alert: Make sure that you haven’t pressed the notifications mute button on the side of your iPhone.

To make Siri talk when plugged into a charger you need to create a new Automation using the Shortcuts application on your Apple device. Then you need to activate the Charger Trigger and write down the “Speak Text” message you want to be narrated upon charging.

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Bottom Line:

There you go everything about how to get Siri to talk when plugging in charger.

In case something does not work, check if your Apple device is actually charging whenever it is being plugged into the charger.

If yes, but Siri still does not narrate the message you’ve added, make sure that the device is not muted by the side button.

Nicole B