how to fix black screen on element tv

When we wonder how to fix black screen on Element TV, the answer could be in plain sight, considering the possibilities.

Let’s explore the most essential about black screens first!

The black screen on Element TV can be fixed by troubleshooting the cable configuration and inspecting the backlight.

The next step is to verify that the power income of your TV is intact, after which all third-party devices must be disconnected from the Element TV.

Let’s next unwrap all causes of the black Element TV screen:

Element TV Screen Goes Black Randomly – Reasons!

element tv goes black randomly
  1. Fault in the cable configuration
  2. An issue with the backlight
  3. Improper power supply/source
  4. Incorrect input source selected
  5. Interference from outer devices
  6. Software blunder with the TV
Info: There are two types of a black screen that you can get on your Element TV. 

It’s based on whether you can interact with the TV (access the menu) or you cannot (the TV is shut down).

How to Fix Element TV Black Screen?

Tip: For the best troubleshooting effects, follow our solutions in chronological order!

1. Reset the Power Supply

reset the power supply

The first method is simple. A temporal power outage with your Element TV may cause its screen to go black, making it look like a hardware/software problem.

The best way to approach this is to reset the power supply/equipment of the television (power cycle).

Here’s how to reset the power supply of your Element TV:

  1. Press and hold the power button of the TV.
  2. Keep holding the button for 60 seconds.
  3. Disconnect the adapter on both sides.
  4. Wait for another 60 seconds.
  5. Plug the power cable tightly on both sides.
Note: Verify that the TV is directly connected to the source, without a power divider!

2. Select the Correct Input Source

select the correct input source

When a source is selected on your Element TV, the screen will display a payout that is connected to that particular source.

All sources on your TV reflect the outer input ports on your TV and work with the devices that are connected to those very ports.

  • Selecting a source without playout will make the screen black!

Here’s how to adjust the source on your Element TV:

  1. Press the “Source” button on your TV remote.
  2. Navigate through the available sources.
  3. If a menu appears, select “Watch TV” from the menu.
Tip: Test using an app on your Element TV, and not an HDMI source!

3. Check the TV Backlight

check the tv backlight

An easy Element TV black screen fix is to verify whether the backlight is working.

Your TV’ screen may become distinguishably darker or completely pitch black if the backlight feature has been disabled or lowered.

  • The backlight is the light source situated on the LCD panel of your TV

Here’s how to inspect the backlight of your Element TV:

  1. Get a flashlight or use your phone’s flashlight.
  2. Shine the flashlight on the surface of the screen.
  3. Determine if there’s a picture on your TV screen.
Info: When disabled, the backlight may make your TV’ screen so dark that you’ll be unable to notice it if there’s any light in the room. 

How to Adjust Backlight On Element TV:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab.
  3. Enter the “Display Settings” panel.
  4. Go to “Backlight” or “Brightness”.
  5. Increase the backlight to the maximum.
Tip: You should darken your room to navigate through the menu quickly when adjusting the backlight/brightness of your Element TV.

4. Inspect the TV Wiring

inspect the wiring

Improper cables and wiring may be causing the black screen on your Element TV.

If a portion of the cable configuration is working incorrectly, the functionality factors such as video and audio will be impacted, hence stopping working.

Here’s how to inspect the cables in your TV configuration:

  1. Turn off and unplug all cables from your Element TV.
  2. Ensure that the cables are not twisted or under pressure.
  3. Inspect the input power port on the TV for obstructions.
  4. Notice any rips, cuts, or exposed wirings on the cables.
  5. Check for melted plastic around the head of the adapter.
Info: The thing that gives away cable problems the most is the curving at the end of the cables, where the connectors are. 

5. Use a Different Power Source

use a different power source

A major factor that you should consider is the electrical outlet of your Element TV and whether it is reliable.

Any outages or fluctuations in the power will immediately cause your TV to shut down and display a black, inactive screen.

Simply select another outlet, (if possible) from another room and carry an extender or relocate your TV to the testing spot. This will help you identify the problem further, before moving on.

Tip: To know whether the electrical outlet is reliable for your TV, try charging your phone!

6. Unplug All Input Devices

Interference caused by associated third-party devices may be causing the black screen on your Element TV.

unplug all input devices

For now and until the end of the guide, we recommend disconnecting any audio systems, consoles, or streaming boxes connected to your Element TV.

  • Unplug all devices connected via HDMI, RCA, or Coaxial cables to your TV

Any faults with the periphery devices will also transfer to your Element TV and are likely to be causing the black screen.

This is why with the now, standalone Element TV test the screen!

7. Prevent TV Overheating!

It’s entirely possible that your Element TV is currently overheating, which makes the TV turn off to preserve the hardware components.

Hence, this will make the TV black and you might be unable to turn on the TV until it cools down (3 minutes).

prevent tv overheating

Here are some helpful tips to apply when your TV is overheating:

  • Vacuum the Element TV vents on the panel
  • Ventilate the TV’s room and environment
  • Remove heat conductors near the television
  • Lower the streaming resolution to reduce heat

It’s completely normal for your Element TV to turn off and the screen to go black when the heat exceeds the thermal margin.

However, applying the tips above will definitely decrease the temp!

Note: You can tell if your TV is overheating when the panel feels hot to the touch!

8. Factory Reset the Element TV

factory reset the element tv

There is a way to factory reset your Element TV without having a visual of the settings.

In fact, there is a panel button that will reinstall the software on your TV and save you the trouble of going into the settings and verifying the reset.

Here’s how to fix black screen on Element TV via reset:

  1. Inspect the left side panel of your TV.
  2. Locate the small reset button pinhole.
  3. Insert a sharp object into the reset hole.
  4. Hold the button inside for 15 seconds.

Once the reset on your Element TV goes off, it may last for about 2-3 minutes.

Try to notice any changes in the light of the display as this will indicate that there is no hardware fault with the TV.

9. Replace the Power Adapter

Hence, if nothing else worked, you’ll need to replace or at least test your Element TV with a proven to-work power cable.

To justify this theory quickly, you can take a look at the front panel of your Element TV to identify whether the front LED is blinking or lit up.

replace the power adapter

In case the LEDs on your Element TV are permanently off, even when the television is plugged into the power the final step is to replace the power adapter.

We strongly recommend getting the UpBright 12 V AC/DC Adapter, which is compatible with Element TVs.

However, we again, recommend checking the existing adapter first and making sure to purchase one that matches your Element TV model power equipment.

Still Here?

If you’re still having issues with your Element TV screen, it’s time to forward this problem to Element Customer Care.

They’ll be able to appropriately address the cause of the issue, after providing them with some required basic information.

Tip: Contact Element TV’s support team at (888) 842-3577 only during their working hours!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned how to fix black screen on Element TV and now we know that the solution involves an inspection of the entire TV equipment.

In addition, we need to make sure that the TV is no overheating and conclude by performing a factory restoration.

Nicole B